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How to Install & Watch Amazon Prime Video on Firestick? [Updated]

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Amazon Prime Video on Firestick: Hey peeps! Are you a lover of Amazon Products? Obviously, the Amazon products are amazing. Right? Amazon services are rolling out all over the globe. It not only focuses on streaming applications but also launches streaming devices too. As an Amazon admirer, you might have purchased the Firestick devices.

Do you have any trouble while connecting the Firestick with your TV? Don’t worry. In this article, we will cover the guidelines to set up Firestick on the smart TV. Luckily, the Amazon Prime app is compatible with the Fire TV Stick. That’s great to stream top shows at one sit. Let see the steps to watch Amazon Prime Video player on Firestick as well through this write-up.

What is Amazon Firestick?

Generally, Amazon Firestick is a streaming device that should be attached to your TV. It exactly seems like the USB drive. Therefore, FireStick is a portable device that you can carry anywhere. FireTV Stick is a lightweight device that carries 1000+ movies and TV shows. Along with the device, you will get a directional pad (remote). Excitingly, the Fire TV remote has premade microphone to get voice input. Additionally, you will get a power adaptor.

Hopefully, it offers all of the familiar streaming applications. It includes Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and many more. And also, Prime refreshes its content monthly once. It acts closely similar to any other streaming device like Roku. Once you plug in the Streaming Stick on your ordinary TV, this will turn yours into a streaming Smart TV. Thereafter, you can start to stream the viral videos on your household TVs.

How to set up the Firestick on TV?

Most probably, Smart TVs are come up with the HDMI port at the rear side of your TV. That is the right place where you have to insert the FireStick device. Let see the simple steps to set up the Stick.


First of all, take the Firestick adapter and plug it on the FireStick. After that, Insert the Fire TV stick into the HDMI (video input) port of your TV.


Next, switch on your TV and check that you have set up the device well. Take the Firestick remote and you will greet with a welcome message.


Move on from the page to get set with the instructions shown on the TV.  Here, you have to give the Wifi password, pair the remote, language settings.


And then, you can begin with the Firestick using the Amazon account. On the whole, you have successfully set up the Fire Stick with your TV.

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Firestick?

If you have Prime membership, you can access the Prime Video. In addition to that, you can add Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and much more.

Amazon Prime on Firestick

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Firestick

  1. The foremost step is you have to initialize your Amazon Prime account and finish up the login details.
  2. Once you accomplish the logging-in processes, you will take to the media section that you have already purchased on the Amazon account.
  3. However, Firestick includes the Prime Video application. Or else, download the app from your TV app store.
  4. Now, we have to register the firestick device into the Amazon account. Go inside the app and hit the sign-in and start watching the tab.
  5. Here, you can directly enter the details of your Amazon account on the device itself.
  6. Or else, press the register on the Amazon Website Open the website on a smartphone or PC. There, you have to enter the code that is displaying on the device.
  7. Great! Now, use the Firestick remote to simply click on the Start streaming to access the Amazon Originals.

Note: At this moment, It is preferable to ready with the Amazon account. You are a Prime or non-prime is a secondary thing. But you should have an Amazon account. That is easily created using the web browser.


Can I watch Amazon Prime for free on Firestick?

Amazon owns both the Prime Video application and Amazon Firestick. Undoubtedly, you will get the Prime Video application for free of cost on Firestick. It is to mention that you are totally free to purchase the respective app alone. But, Prime Video works well only you have made a subscription. Anyhow, you can examine the application with the option of 30-days free trials.

Firestick basic version Vs 4K version – which is better?

The answer to this question is both works comparatively the same. But, there is a key difference between them. The term 4K transparently implies the meaning. That is, 4K Fire TV Stick delivers all the media in 4K resolution. With the 4K version, you will get a full-fletched watching experience.

Bottom Line

So, now you are ready to connect the Firestick with your TV. Have you got an idea to watch Prime Video on Amazon Firestick? I hope, yes. If you ever find any glitch to see the content on screen, hold down the Play and Pause buttons simultaneously for 5-10 seconds. Or else, unplug the stick from the input port and fix it back again. The seamless Internet connection never lets you wait to stream the movies. Focus on every small thing to explore the streaming flawlessly. That’s all we thought to share with this write-up.

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