How to Watch Yahoo Sports on Firestick? [Updated 2022]

Install Yahoo Sports on Firestick: Are you a sports lover? and doesn’t want to miss out on live matches on your TV. Then, you would love to use the yahoo sports Application.

Yahoo Sports app allows you to watch all the live matches and even the highlights in it. Even though you have lots of sports applications on Firestick but Yahoo Sports standalone from it.

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If you are looking for an installation guide for yahoo sports then, you are in the right place. Here, you can get the yahoo sports app on firestick with step-by-step instructions.

About Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports application is a sports streaming app which provides sports news, highlights, live matches. It streams NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, MLB, MLS, horse racing, tennis, soccer, F1, boxing, cricket, motorsports, cycling, and much more.

The App just requires you to sign in using yahoo mail and no need for any subscriptions. Just you can watch all the sports matched in High Definition without any lack in the signal. The application is trustworthy to use because of the Name Yahoo and the most popular search engine in the World.

Can you get the yahoo Sports App on Firestick?

Yes, the Yahoo Sports app is available on the Amazon Firestick. you can install the application from the Amazon App store. In case if you are facing any issue with the application from the App Store. then, you can try sideloading the Yahoo sports App for Firestick.

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Can you watch live Sports on Yahoo Sports?

Yes, yahoo Sports allow the user to watch live sports on their application. The Users can watch NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, MLB, MLS, and much more sports on the Yahoo Application. Just install the application on your device and start using it.

How to Install Yahoo Sports App on Firestick?

Amazon Firestick is the most user-friendly device comparing to the other devices. In this installing an application is a piece of cake and can do in a minute. All you have to do is follow the steps below and start watching yahoo sports live on Firestick.

Turn ON Firestick

Connect your Firestick to the TV HDMI Port and check whether you have an active Internet connection. Then, Turn On the Amazon Firestick using the Firestick Remote.

Open Search

On the Home Screen, you can find the list of options at the Top. Just Toggle and select Search option at the top menu bar.

Type Yahoo Sports

On the Search, you have to type Yahoo sports app by toggling the Firestick remote.

Select Yahoo Sports App

After typing click on the Ok button. Below you can find the Yahoo Sports app and tap on it to select and Open it.

Install Yahoo Sports App

On the Yahoo Sports app dashboard, you can find the description of the app. In the bottom, you can find the Get option. tap on it. It will begin installing the Yahoo Sports App on firestick. Once it is done installing, you can find the app on your My Apps section in your firestick.

That’s it. You have successfully installed Yahoo Sports app on your firestick and by signing in you can start watching all your live matches.

How to Fix Yahoo Sports not Working on Firestick?

Actually, It is very sad news that an application is not working before an important match. However, it takes time to resolve the issue but it will resolve within some minutes. Below you can find some of the instructions which may help you to resolve the issues instantly.

Update Firestick

Most of the user forgets to update their firestick to the latest version. In case you have to Update the firestick and try opening the yahoo sports app. You can follow these steps to Update your Firestick.

Restart Firestick

Sometimes, your firestick will have some bugs and which stop the functioning of the applications. So, you have to restart your firestick which may resolve the issues. Check How to restart a Firestick.

Clear Cache on Firestick

After updating the Firestick or restarting the firestick, still facing the issue. Sometimes, that may be due to cache. So, you have to clear your cache& cookies from your firestick.

How to Sideload Yahoo Sports App on Firestick

Last and Perfect option to resolve Yahoo sports app not working on Fire TV. Actually, it is the best option to resolve the error. In this method, we are installing the application by using an APK file. If you are new to sideloading then check out the below procedure to know How to Sideload yahoo Sports on Firestick.

Sideloading is a simple process that involves APK files to install on Firestick. Amazon Firestick supports APK files and does not restrict any Application. All you need is a Working APK file. There are many procedures to Install any APK on your Firestick. But here we will discuss the easiest and used method.

Yahoo Sports on Firestick
How to Install Yahoo Sports on Firestick?
  1. Download Yahoo Sports App on Firestick Using Downloader App
  2. Install yahoo sports App on Firestick Using Es File Explorer


Before proceeding to the Installation. you have to make some changes to allow the third-party files on Firestick. Just follow the step to make the changes.

  1. On the home screen, Select Settings and Open it.
  2. Then, Select and Open My Fire TV.
  3. In My Fire TV, Select Developer Option and Open it.
  4. There, you can find ADB Debugging and Apps from the Unknown Sources option. Turn ON both the options.
  5. While Turning on Apps from Unknown Sources, you will get a notification. In that Select Turn ON again.

How to Download Yahoo Sports App on Firestick Using Downloader App?

Downloader App is a simple downloading app that downloads files automatically by entering the URL of the File. The application is already available on the Amazon App store. So, you can install it from there or follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Open Search Option on your Home Screen.

Step 2:

Type Downloader and search it.

Step 3:

Below you can find a list of applications. Just Select Downloader App and Open it.

Step 4:

In the Download App dashboard, Select the Get option. It will begin installing the app on your Firestick.

Step 5:

Once the Installation Completes opening the Downloader App.

Step 6:

In Downloader App, you have to Enter the URL of the Yahoo Sports APK for Firestick. or enter the URL as given below. URL:

Step 7:

After Entering the URL Click on Go.

Step 8:

Automatically, it will begin downloading the Yahoo Sports APK on Firestick. Once the download completes a Notification appears on the screen.

Step 9:

Click on Install.

Step 10:

Installation begins and completes in a minute. Then, Click on Done.

That’s it. You have successfully installed the yahoo sports app on Fire TV. Enjoy watching all your Sports matches on Firestick.

Step 11:

Another notification appears to Delete the APK file. If you don’t want the Yahoo sports APK file you can select the Delete option. After deleting the APK, it will not cause any problem with the App. It is to save space on your firestick.

How to Install YahooSports App on Fire TV Using Es File Explorer?

ES File Explorer is the Best file manager for Android and Firestick. But also can be used to install apps on Firestick by using the APK files.

  1. Open Search
  2. Type ES File Explorer
  3. Select Es File Explorer
  4. Click on the Get option in ES File Explorer Dashboard
  5. Once installation Completes Open ES File Explorer.
  6. Select Tools option
  7. At the bottom, you can find the “+” option. tap on it.
  8. A dialogue box Appears on the Screen. To Enter the Path and Name.
  9. Path:Ā  Name: Yahoo Sports
  10. Click on Download Now.
  11. Click on Open File
  12. Select Install option
  13. Once the installation completes, Click on Done.

Well Done!. Successfully installed Yahoo Sports App on Firestick using Es File Explorer.

Bottom Line

Installing an application is so simple and especially in Firestick is a lot easier. There are many different ways to install an application on Amazon Fire TV. However, you have installed the yahoo Sports App on Firestick and also a solution to fix if yahoo sports not working on Firestick. Enjoy watching all the sports matches using the application.

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