How to Install Zoom meeting on Roku connected TV | Cast zoom to TV from PC, Andriod?

Zoom meeting on Roku: This pandemic made our life virtual. People are now restricted to meet their friends, relatives and most importantly they couldn’t able to work without social distancing. This avoids these problems the virtual communications are the best way to follow. Nowadays the application zoom is becoming the most viral thing.

Zoom meeting allows us to communicate virtually and makes it easy to do their work. Zoom meeting is not only helping the people who are working, but it also helps students to have online classes in this pandemic situation. This site will help you to use Zoom meeting on Roku-connected TV.

Zoom meeting
Zoom meeting

Is Zoom meeting available on Roku?

Unfortunately, Zoom meeting is not available in the external streaming device Roku. As I already said Zoom is a virtual tool to communicate with people globally. This is a public site that is served worldwide. You can get the services like Video calling, online chat, Business meetings, etc. Roku is an external device connected to the HDMI portal of TV to stream various applications.  In this article, I will suggest the methods that will help you to use Zoom meeting on Roku-connected TV.

Cast Zoom to Roku
Cast Zoom to Roku

How to Install Zoom On Roku?

You cannot directly install the Zoom application on your Roku device. There are two methods to follow which will help you to use Zoom meeting on Roku.

  • Casting through Smartphones
  • Screen mirroring using PC

How to enable screen mirroring on your Roku-connected TV?

Before casting your mobile or PC screen you must enable the screen mirroring option on Roku

  • Plugin Roku on your TV and open the home screen of Roku.
  • Go to Settings.
  • There appears Screen mirroring Option. Select it.
  • Now turn on Screen mirroring.

After following this procedure you should start casting your mobile or PC screen on Roku.

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How to cast Zoom meeting on Roku using a Smartphone?

In order to cast, your mobile and TV must be connected. Follow the tutorial to cast your mobile screen on TV

  • Go to Settings On your smartphone
  • Search for the Screen mirroring option on your smartphone.
  • Screen mirroring settings may vary for different brands.
  • After turning on Screen mirroring select your Roku device in the list.
  • Now your Roku TV will ask for permission to allow casting of your smartphone.

Following this procedure will help you to use Zoom meeting on Roku-connected TV.

How to cast Zoom meeting on Roku using PC?

This process is very simple to do. Follow the tutorial to cast your PC screen on TV

  • All you have to do is the projection of your screen
  • So click Windows + P simultaneously.
  • Now the projection menu appears.
  • At the bottom of the menu, you can see the option Connect to a wireless display.
  • Select it.
  • Click Roku on the list of wireless networks.
  • Now your Roku TV will ask for permission to allow casting of your PC screen.
  • Select Zoom meeting on your PC and now you can make your meeting on the big screen.


Cast Zoom to Roku from iPhone?

There is no difference in zoom casting whether it is android or iPhone. All you do is Go to settings. Search for the casting option and now you are done. You have to turn on Zoom access on your Apple TV. To do this Select Accessibility and turn on Zoom. Now use Zoom on your Apple TV.

Can I use Zoom on my Smart TV?

Unfortunately, you cant. Zoom doesn’t provide any Smart TV application which helps you to use the zoom on your Smart TV. Use casting on your smartphone or PC.


Nowadays without virtual communication, it’s impossible to make your work. People prefer Zoom meetings, Google meets and etc for their virtual participation. It’s unfortunate that Zoom doesn’t provide any TV application to install.

Don’t worry as this problem can be solved by the methods I have mentioned earlier. Follow the tutorial and use Zoom meeting on Roku-connected TV from now on. Hope the article is useful for you.

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