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Zoom App on Xbox | How to Get Zoom Meeting on Xbox/Xbox one?

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Most of the user is searching for zoom app on Xbox/ Xbox one to join or attend a meeting or to play a game. But Zoom app is not officially available on the Xbox. So, You have cast Zoom Meeting on Xbox/Xbox One. We have made all the possible way to cast Zoom on Xbox easily in a minute.

The internet browser is used mostly in this century. Everyone wants to use the network system. Because it helps and satisfies the needs of the users. With the use of the internet, we can also find many video and audio call facility applications. Many of them need to work from home with the help of the internet. Here, the application Zoom app helps to fulfill all your wishes. The following passages are given more information about the app.

Zoom app

Zoom app is also known as Zoom Rooms. The main function of the app is to provide the video call and audio call facility. It’s an online process.  The app is totally free and unlimited and friendly-user. The important thing is, it is used for making official meetings with their colleague and officers. Users can feel free when they are out of the station. We can complete our office work anytime and anyplace according to the network connection. It focuses on video conferences and discussing the projects and some of the professional communications. Zoom app is a well-known application to users for its video and audio features.

What is Xbox?

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Xbox is one of the excellent tools for playing games. It contains different games, games support an Xbox category. The inventor of this device is Microsoft.  It has some other versions and series. There are Xbox, Xbox One,  Xbox 360 and etc. The application is not only for playing games. It also can be used to work with some other applications. Xbox is an authorized tool for playing games.

Is Zoom App available on Xbox?

Zoom has launched an application named as Zoom Rooms. Actually, Zoom Rooms also a casting app that allows casting the meeting from the PC or MAC to Xbox. In recent times, The Application has been removed from the Xbox app store. So, the only way to use Zoom App on Xbox /Xbox one is to Screen Cast.

Features of Zoom app

  • The user can connect the video call by one touch. With the one-touch, you can connect your meeting.
  • It contains great audio and video quality.
  • The zoom app is suitable for all the HD screens. Every screen is very clear and effective.
  • It has a record option for both audio and video. We can record all the information from the audio and video conferences.
  • The app is also connected with some other android devices and other devices.
  • It also has a wireless screen sharing facility. This system is another important feature of this app.

How to Get Zoom App on Xbox/ Xbox one?

Zoom app is a famous application. It can be operated only when it has connected with the other devices. So we have to utilize the Android device. It has two methods for casting Zoom to Xbox

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  • Install Zoom meeting  on Xbox using the App store
  • Zoom app on Xbox using the Chromecast

How to Install the Zoom app on Xbox using the App store?

  • First, you can open the Xbox one.
  • Go to the Menu option to Click the Store option.
  • There is a Search option. You can search for “Zoom Rooms”.
  • Next, select the “Get it free” option.
  • Click Confirm to verify the transaction on the new screen.
  • Now, the installation process is started.
  • After the installation, you can see My Apps option.
  • Now, you can do Video conferences with the use of the Zoom application on Xbox.
  • You must have a Zoom account.
  • So you can create a free plan from the link

How to Setup Zoom Conference on Xbox?

  • First, you can install the Zoom Rooms on your android device, iPad, iPhone, MAC, and PC.
  • Open the Zoom app after the installation.
  • You can also Open Zoom Rooms on Xbox.
  • Now, click Connect to link your device and Xbox.
  • Next, Click “Meet Now” to initiate the meeting.

   Moreover, it’s like screencasting the Zoom application to Xbox. This is the way of casting the zoom app to Xbox without Chromecast. The following steps are classified as the Zoom app to Xbox with Chromecast.

How to Cast Zoom Meeting on Xbox using Chromecast?

  • First, connect the Chromecast to the Xbox HDMI port.
  • Then, open the Television app on the XBOX.
  • There are two options. One is connecting your cable and the other is the satellite box. You can choose any one of the options.
  • Now, you can click option A and click to Next and then select Skip.
  • Here, there are two options. There is an Open TV app or to move on the Home Screen.
  • There, Click Next.
  • Next, Go to your android device, PC, and MAC and then click Cast.
  • Now, you can select your Chromecast device in the option.
  • Finally, it casts your device to Xbox.
  • Now, you can open the Zoom app on your device.

Final Verdict

Zoom app on Xbox is a well-known process for users. The setup and Install method is quite easy and simple. The users can use this application with the help of the internet. The employees can find a great opportunity to complete their work through this application. The application is one of the finest choices for the people who work from their residences. Finally, you can attend any video conference meeting at any time and anywhere. This application helps to satisfy and fulfill all your needs. Also, If you are looking for another application for Xbox visit

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