How to Install YouTube TV on Firestick?

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YouTube TV on Firestick: Everything is possible with the help of technology and our guide. We have to update ourselves with the advancements of this world. I hope most of you have started using smart TVs.

With a smart TV and internet connection at your home, you can stream a lot of things. Seemingly, an internet-connected smart TV allows you to download and install various online apps in multi categories.

Similarly, this article helps you to install YouTube TV on Firestick. Yes, most of you will be familiar with this live streaming service, YouTube TV.

It provides you access to live and on-demand content in a diverse range. As it is an online-based app, subscribers can enjoy the service anywhere with a compatible streaming device like a smartphone.

But if you want a theater streaming experience, it is possible by getting the service on your Firestick. Continue with the following guide to install YouTube TV on Firestick. 

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is an American online-based video streaming service. The primary purpose of the YouTube TV app is to give you a cable-free live TV streaming experience.

Basically, it is a cord-cutter alternative to your cable TV services. Opting for online streaming services also paves the way for reducing your monthly subscription cost.

Of course, YouTube TV is a premium service that is available only in the U.S. Indeed, the respective service is also accessible only inside America.

With the YouTube TV app on your streaming device, you can access 85+ live channels. Regarding the app availability, YouTube TV is compatible with Android, iOS, Roku, Firestick, and much more. 

How to Install YouTube TV on Firestick?

Fortunately, the respective streaming service is available on the Amazon AppStore. So, if you are satisfied with the above-given info and fixed to install YouTube, then continue with the below-given steps to accomplish the process successfully. 

YouTube TV on Firestick
How to Install YouTube TV on Firestick?

Step 1:

First, Power On your Firestick and make sure it has an active internet connection.

Internet connection to your device
Internet connection to your device

Step 2:

Then, click on the Find option on the home screen.

Firestick home page
Firestick home page

Step 3:

With the available searching options, search for the YouTube TV app.

Search for the needed app on your device
Search for the needed app on your device

Step 4:

Now, choose the official app and click on the Get button.

Step 5:

Once after installing the respective application, open it and sign in with your YouTube TV account info.

Step 6:

Simultaneously, copy the activation code and visit the official activation page of YouTube TV. 

Step 7:

Enter the copied Activation Code and continue finishing the process.

Step 8:

Upon successful activation, you will be able to stream the YouTube TV content on your Amazon Firestick. 

Why is YouTube TV Not Working on Firestick?

YouTube TV is an online app that works with the help of the internet. However, while streaming, the app may load and store additional data on your Firestick.

Seemingly, those additional data may cause technical errors and glitches at times. However, you can easily resolve that YouTube TV not working issue by following the below guide.

Step 1:

Close the YouTube TV app, clear the app from the recent files, and restart the app.

Step 2:

Try restarting your Amazon Firestick device. Indeed, it will close all the programs running in the background.

Step 3:

Clear the app cache on your device by navigating to Settings –> Apps –> Manage Installed Apps –> YouTube TV –> Clear App Cache.

Step 4:

As a final fix, factory reset your Amazon Firestick device. This will reset your streaming device to the factory settings. 

Is the YouTube TV app available on Amazon Firestick?

Yes, the official YouTube TV app is natively available on the Amazon AppStore. Seemingly, the desired service is entirely free to install. But make sure you have a subscription with YouTube TV to avail of the app benefits on your device.


I hope you have got the best methods for installing the YouTube TV app on your Amazon Firestick. YouTube is different from the YouTube TV service.

If you are looking for the best cord-cutter service, you can consider opting for YouTube TV without any second thought. Remember that YouTube TV is one of the premium pay-TV services. But the desired streaming service will give you high-quality streaming with additional features. 

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