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How to Fix Yellow Light on Verizon Router? [Updated 2022]

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Yellow Light on Verizon Router: Hey, Verizon Router users! Do you ever face the yellow light trouble with your router? At the time, how can you overcome this issue? If you don’t know how to fix this issue on your router, no problem. 

Continue reading this article to the end to learn the easiest as well as effective methods to revoke your Verizon Router. Here we are going to see the fixing methods for the Yellow Light issue.

Apart from that, your router shows some different color lights, which indicate different matters. Such as, If your Router shows a white stable light, it indicates your Router performance. 

If your Router is ready to pair with any other external devices, it will show you the Blue blinking light. Once the Blue light is standard, then your device is successfully connected to the router.

You can easily find the traffic between your Router and external device with the green light. If it is blink, it indicates the traffic between your devices. Besides, it is normal when it comes to routers.

If your router shows the red light, you can recognize that there was a problem. In this article, we are going to discuss the resolving methods for Yellow Light trouble.

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How to Fix Yellow Light Issue on Verizon Router?

There are numerous reasons for the Yellow Light issue, but you need not worry about those factors when we are here. You can easily fix the Yellow Light issue on your Verizon Router with the upcoming guide. This portion will include the various methods with the step-by-step procedure which make your work easier.

Yellow Light on Verizon Router

How to Fix Yellow Light on Verizon Router?

Before going to the fixing method, kindly check the light on your router. If the Yellow light is blinking on your Verizon Router, it indicates no internet.

On the other hand, it is a solid yellow means it refers to the weak internet connection between your Router and external device.

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Check Internet Cable

The most important thing is a cable. In most cases, the cable is the main reason why you cannot get the internet from your router. So, kindly check the cable state before going to the resolving methods.

Due to the loose connection, you cannot access the internet, so kindly Unplug and replug the cable to your Router.

On the other hand, because of the damaged wire, you may face Yellow light trouble. So, make sure your Ethernet cable is good or not. If there is any damage on your cable, replace it as soon as possible.

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Reboot Router

On the other hand, you can use the Reboot method to resolve the Yellow light trouble. Here we are going to show you the step-by-step procedure to reboot your Verizon Router.

Step 1:

Firstly, turn off your Verizon router.

Note: In some cases, your router may have a backup battery. Without forgot to disconnect it.

Step 2:

Then, wait for some time.

Step 3:

After that, turn your router on and reconnect the backup battery if you disconnect it. 

Step 4:

Now, you can see the white light on your Verizon router, which indicates a good internet connection.

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Unplug and Replug Ethernet Cable

Unplugging and replugging the ethernet cable is also similar to rebooting method. So here we are going to disconnect and reconnect the cable to your device.

The upcoming guide will explain to you the procedure to unplug and replug the Ethernet cable.

Step 1:

Firstly, unplug or disconnect the ethernet cable from your device.

Step 2:

Now, unplug the router from the power source.

Step 3:

Wait for two minutes.

Step 4:

Then, plug it back into the router, and it will show you the green light.

Step 5:

After some time, it will become orange from green.

Step 6:

Also, connect your Ethernet cable back to your device.

Step 7:

Finally, you can resolve the Yellow light issue on your router.

Overheat of Router

Overheating is one of the reasons why your router is not working. If your router is hot, there is one and only solution to resolve the issue that is you have to let your router cool. 

You can easily tackle this issue by turning off your Verizon router. Remember, you have to disconnect the backup battery to cool your router.

On the other hand, you can change the location of your router to avoid overheating. Because sometimes, your router may get heat because of any other electronic device. So, kindly keep your router isolated and allow it to cool. 

Reset Router

Resetting your Verizon router is one of the perfect choices to resolve the Yellow light issue on your Router. In this case, mostly every device has a respective reset pin to reset it. In this case,

Step 1:

Find the Reset pin from the back of your Verizon router.

Step 2:

Then, hit the reset button for 20 seconds to reset your router.

Step 3:

After some time, your router will reset and restore the connection.

With the resetting method, you will get back the default router settings. Also, it will clear all caches from your router and stops ongoing hacks and malicious attacks on the hardware. 

Extender- Yellow Light

If your Router shows a blinking Yellow light, it indicates the poor network connection between the router and extender. The main reason for the yellow light is the distance between the router and the extender. 

So, you have to keep your extensor near the router to get the solid yellow light. Then wait for some time until the yellow light turns into white. 

Once the light is turned into White, you successfully fix the Yellow Light issue on your Verizon router.

Contact Customer Service

If you fail to resolve the yellow light issue on your Verizon router using the methods mentioned above, kindly contact Verizon customer service to get the best and quick solution to get your router normal. 

Sometimes, due to the maintenance work, you may face a yellow light issue with your router. So, contacting customer service will help you to resolve the issue.


The article mentioned above will show you the simplest techniques to revoke your Verizon Router from the Yellow Light issue. Here we include seven different types of methods to fix the Yellow Light issue on your Verizon Router, so make use of each method until resolving the issue.

We hope this write-up will share common as well as effective methods to get back your Verizon Router as normal. If you want to learn more techy information, kindly check out our website under the How to category.

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