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Hey guys, it’s a new beginning of your beautiful life with Vizio Smart TV using  Xbox. There are amazing inexpensive models for television in the universe. Here, the Vizio TV makes your eyes colorful, feel happy with your friends, family, and loved ones. In this Xbox on Vizio Smart TV gives you a different aspect of your enjoyment. 

About Vizio Smart TV

     Smart TV is the usual one. But Vizio is such a brand of smart tv. It considers a fairly fresh model in the industry of electronics. The model is known for manufacturing affordable flat-screen TVs. It’s a home entertainment equipment with amazing sound systems and ultimate HD quality. The device has some main features of having an excellent picture view, sound quality, and a large screen. These models are much more affordable than some other models as Sony, Samsung, or LG. Moreover, it’s a smart platform for everyone. And it’s quite easy and simple to handle. 

The user wants to make any program through this Vizio, you can easily make a WiFi connection within a minute. Vizio offers some viewing experience of smart TV remote with a full neat keyboard and TV video camera. You can make video conferences through this camera and to enjoy yourself with your friends and family. This television offers great interactivity, TV remote, smooth motion feature, web browser, and smart tv apps. Vizio smart TV has many amazing Technological processes to make the users happy and entertained.

About Xbox

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     Xbox is one of the greatest tools for playing games. It carries various types of games, game support, and the Xbox community. Microsoft is the inventor of this device. This device has some versions. The versions are Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and many others. In this device, Xbox is not only used for playing games. This app can help with work and some other major applications. Xbox is an authorized app to play games and to work with other applications. 

     We have to use Xbox’s another Verizon of Xbox 360 to stream on Vizio Smart TV. The user can use this Xbox 360 to stream your tv device with a WiFi connection.

How to Setup Xbox on Vizio Smart TV?

Xbox on Vizio Smart TV

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     This Xbox 360 has a standard audio-video cable as a set of component cables. To stream on Vizio smart tv, you have the two options. Component or HDMI. HDMI refers to High-Definition Multimedia Interface. This HDMI has an excellent display quality. So the user can get a specific and separate HDMI cable to stream with Vizio Smart TV. The component choice is very easy to connect and it’s very nice to look. 

Step1: First you can get a separate HDMI cable and Your Xbox 360. 

Step2: You can turn off the Xbox and turn on your Vizio HD TV.

xbox on vizio smart tv

Xbox 360 Power Button

Step3: There are some thrice colors of red, blue, and green of an Xbox 360 component cable to correspond with HD TV.

Step4: You have to set the selection to “HDTV” on the component table.

Step5: The user can select any kind of video mode.

Step6: Now you turn on the Xbox 360.

Step7: Go to the “My Xbox” option and then scroll. 

Step8: There you can find “System Settings“, and choose the display options that join your television. 

xbox on vizio smart tv

HDTV Settings

Step9: Now turn off the Xbox and turn on Vision HDTV.

Step10: You can connect one end of the Xbox 360 HDMI cable to the other HDMI slit of Xbox 360. 

xbox on vizio smart tv

HDMI Cable Connection

Step11: Then, connect another end to an available HDMI cable on your TV.

Step12: Through using the remote you have to set your television to HDMI video mode.

xbox on vizio smart tv


Step13: Now you can watch your favorite shows on your large screen of Vizio Smart TV.

Final Verdict

The Xbox 360 has some separate features. A user can get a specific and exact HDMI cable to stream the Vizio smart tv. This method is possible for everyone. But you have to connect all the processes minutely. Then you get a fulfilled feature on your large screen. Xbox on Vizio Smart TV allows you to entertain with your family and friends in an amazing HD view and perfect sound systems. 


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