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How to Enable Wikipedia Dark mode on Website, Android, iOS, and MAC?

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Hi friends! Whenever you search for something on the Internet, you might suppose to land on the Wikipedia website. Right? In fact, Wikipedia is an information hub.

It contains plenty of information relevant to different streams. So it is cleared that Wikipedia helps you to any extent. If you need to surf the data from the Wikipedia platform day and night, you will get eye strains. The blue rays hit your retina and cause eye aches.

Along with that, your battery will dry soon due to the white background. In such cases, what will you do? To protect your eyes and phone battery, you should enable the dark mode.  


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Wikipedia is also known as an encyclopedia. You can surf anything at any time on this website for free of cost. As it works as an open-source platform, you will not get any annoying ads. It gives you complete A to Z information about what you search for.

In addition to the website version, it is also available in the application version too. All the android and iOS users feel pleasure to use the Wiki mobile application on their hand-in devices.

Darkmode on Wikipedia

When we want to talk about some inbuilt features of Wikipedia, Dark mode is the best feature for the users. If you are a night shift worker and want to surf data online, the light background will distract you more. Instead of working with a light mode, enable the dark mode.

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Once you do, you can do extra work within the estimated time. Yeah. Nowadays Dark mode becomes an essential feature on any platform. It is to mention that Wikipedia offers the native dark mode on Wikipedia applications.

As I said, the native dark mode is available only on the application version. You cannot find the dark theme on the website. It is yet to come on the web version. But, we have an alternative way for this. Some dark theme extensions are made for web browsers.

This article gives a complete guide to dim the background of your webpage. Do read the following without skipping any section.

How to enable Wikipedia Dark Mode?

Check out the below section to enable Wikipedia dark mode on Android, iOS, and Website as well.

Wikipedia Dark mode
Wikipedia Dark mode

Wikipedia dark mode on Android


At first, Install the official Wikipedia app on the Google play store. Launch the wiki app on your Android device.


Get started with the app and hit the three-line icon. You can see the icon at the top left corner of the screen.


Then, head into the settings. Under that, hit the App theme section. On the next screen, you can choose anyone from 4 different options.


The options include Light, Sepia, black and dark. To get a dark theme on the background, you can either choose black or dark.


In addition to that, you can able to adjust the font size. Through this, you can experience the dark theme on your Interface.

Wikipedia dark mode on iOS

Can you slide down your iPhone screen as dark? Of course. Not only in Play Store but also you can purchase the Wikipedia app for your iPhones too.


The foremost step is, visit the Apple App Store and install the Wikipedia application.


Secondly, launch the Wiki app on your iPhone and look at the settings icon. Tap on it.


Now, hover to the Reading preference section. As we saw in the Android device, this section displays the 4 different options for you.


Those options are named Default, Sepia, Dark, and finally black. As soon you set the preference as dark or black, your app will turn up the dark background.

All done. Now, search and read anything on Wikipedia. Meanwhile, get rid of eye strains too.

Wikipedia dark mode on the Website version

We have mentioned that there is no native access to enable dark mode on the Wiki website. But still, you can get the dark theme by using extensions. Night Eye is one of the best dark theme extensions. Let us see, how to use the Night Eye extension on your web browser.


Firstly, turn on your handheld device, and get started with any Web browser that you have.


Next, visit the official webpage of the night eye application. Or else, simply hit this link


The next screen prompts you to select your web browser. After you choose the browser, install the Night Eye extension.


After the successful installation, the extension will start its work. That is, your entire browser turned out as a dark mode.


Now, if you open the Wikipedia website, the extension will automatically work. It applies the dark theme background for the website.


How to disable the dark mode on the Wikipedia website?

As we discussed earlier, you can use extensions to get a dark theme on Wikipedia websites. If they feel unnecessary to use the Night eye extension in the daytime, you can easily turn off the dark mode. Once you turn off the extension, your website background appears in a light theme.


Once you admire the dark theme, you will never turn off the extension. Especially, this is favorable for the users who are all works at night time. Moreover, you will get two in one benefits by using the dark mode.

One is your vision protection, and the other one is your battery performance. I hope, this article clearly states the steps to enable the Wikipedia dark mode on most of the standardized platforms and smartphones.

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