What to play as a Student on the Xbox Series

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What to play as a Student on the Xbox Series: Xbox is a well-known way to relax, so many students love to play after a hard study day. In our collection, we have chosen the worthiest games that will help you relax after a heavy study load. The main thing is not to overplay in order not to lose grades. And if it still happened – we advise contacting the do my paper service.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The most successful installment of the near-historical saga in years. This time, the action takes place (mostly) in ninth-century England, and the protagonist and his entourage are real Vikings.

The theme is well played: much of the time will be spent looting various monasteries and enemy camps to improve their settlement, make alliances with local clans, and weave intrigues. You can even go to Asgard and participate in a separate scenario with the Scandinavian gods!

What to play as a Student on the Xbox Series
What to play as a Student on the Xbox Series

Grand Theft Auto 5

It is time to call it a modern classic: tens of millions of non-gamers have already heard of GTA, and the fifth part has become the most successful part of the series. For 7 years Rockstar has sold more than 135 million copies of the game and continues to get fabulous profits every year – mostly thanks to the online GTA Online included in the set.

While new parts of GTA used to come out every few years, we’re now waiting for the release of an updated (third time) GTA 5 on the Xbox Series in late 2021. It seems that if the studio does release GTA 6, it would have to be considered a gesture of goodwill.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Another megahit from Rockstar is newer and more cowboy-themed. RDR 2 is pointless to play from the jump, you need to come here to slowly explore the world and immerse yourself in the history of the gang that wants to pull off a large-scale affair and, perhaps, retire. Do a mission or two, fish or go hunting, get a haircut, and take a bath. For those who are used to rushing, the game will be uncomfortable.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is strikingly expensive. Even on last-generation consoles, the game looked like a real Nextgen – it is hard to compete even with linear projects, where it is easier for developers to achieve a cool picture. You will constantly discover new animations, mechanics, and little things that make you want to be aghast and admire the developers’ work.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone

The series of the most famous, expensive, and popular first-person shooters still holds these titles, so it makes no sense to ignore them. Black Ops Cold War is set during the Cold War, and yes, the main villain here is a crazy bad Russian.

Although I play “Cold” mainly for the multiplayer – here it is about the same as in previous parts, that is, very technological and dynamic, with constant updates and a large player base. Well, for extra scope go to the giant royal battle Call of Duty: Warzone – it can be downloaded on PC and consoles for free.


One of the key games of our time, and it’s completely free and multiplatform. Fortnite is a third-person battle royale with cartoonish graphics, unrealistic weapons, and a kiloton of cosmetic collectibles for characters. Unlike competitive games, there are unique mechanics for building and, conversely, destroying environments: you can make an improvised sniper tower or temporarily cover your rear for a retreat under enemy fire.

In addition, Fortnite is becoming an increasingly important setting for themed events. It showed an excerpt from “Star Wars: Skywalker. Rise” before its premiere, hosted a concert by Travis Scott and other musicians, and held dozens of game, comic book, and movie events.

Gears 5

This third-person shooter series once popularized the shooting from the cover and also became one of the most important series on the Xbox. It has a rather colorful setting: some distant planet on which humans have been at war for years, not only among themselves but also with a race of locusts – pale anthropomorphic monsters that came from underground or somewhere else. The series’ calling card was the almost homoerotic masculinity of the main characters and the ability to hack your enemies to pieces with a chainsaw built into a machine gun.

The fifth installment is a continuation of the new story arc, which feels reminiscent of the “Star Wars” trilogy of sequels. Familiar characters from the original series are still glimpsed in the story, but the epicenter is a new generation of warriors, and the conflict itself is presented from a slightly different angle. Overall there is a good and beautiful story campaign with the ability to play in co-op, but just as popular are the numerous multiplayer modes.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Practically a must-have for every Xbox owner, this collection includes all parts of the great space-opera Halo from Bungie, the people who know best how to create first-person shooters for consoles. The series has an elaborate world with many warring races, the legendary hero Master Chief (the guy in the green armor and opaque helmet), and the AI Cortana – the Windows voice assistant is named after her.

The compilation includes the best versions of each part, and the original 2001 Halo is completely remade from scratch. Again, even the over-saturated multiplayer mode, which includes maps from the whole series, is a separate interest.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light

MMORPG-like online first-person shooter for science fiction fans. The action takes place in the distant future: Earth’s population was almost exterminated during the interstellar war. The remaining humans and aliens became Guardians – powerful heroes fighting for the good. With each new addition, a new alien invasion attacks the solar system, you have to fly to different planets, perform missions, clear the strikes (dungeons) and even go on epic raids. Well, or to participate in battles against other players in multiple modes.

It’s not easy to understand the storyline and the world of Destiny, but everyone will be able to appreciate the beauty of the game. More importantly, it plays well: this first-person shooter was made by the creators of the legendary Halo series from Bungie.

Dark Souls series

The most fashionable of unfriendly games with a giant base of loyal fans. Here the player plunges into a depressing dark fantasy world, which is almost useless to try to save from evil, but you still have to try. Fighting even the most common enemies for inexperienced warriors turns into a test of cold-bloodedness, tactical thinking, and reflexes, and the bosses can make you throw your gamepad into the wall.

Dark Souls is loved because the game does not forgive even small mistakes, but is always honest to the player. If you learn the mechanics and gain experience, you will start to enjoy the game. And not even as masochistic as it may seem at first glance.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Probably the most beautiful of the 2D-drawn platformers in general. Ori is a magical white creature who has to save the magical forest from the forces of evil. To do this, the beast overcomes the intricacies of deadly obstacles and defeats enemies, advancing through the world and gaining new abilities. It all looks mesmerizingly beautiful, and the plot keeps bringing tears to your eyes. While all games can be considered art, Ori and the Will of the Wisps justifies that assessment more than any other.

Note that Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the second part of the series. If you are going to get acquainted with it, you may start with no less beautiful Ori and the Blind Forest. But keep in mind that the first part is much harder.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

So far, the last part of one of the main slasher games. An alternative version of the modern world is in danger of slavery by powerful demons, and only the protagonists Nero, Dante, Vi, and not only can change the balance of power. Each has his fighting style: one destroys the evil with a sword and gun, the other uses his demonic prosthetic arm, and the third just gives orders to combat familiars.

In Special Edition, there is a ton of content: the whole original storyline, besides the new playable hero, additional difficulty modifiers, and so on. I also tweaked the graphics, adding realistic reflections and lighting.

To learn how to compose combos for maximum score, you will have to sweat. Especially on high-difficulty levels.