What is yourphone.exe? Know the Yourphone.exe process in Windows 10?

This article is only for Windows 10 users. Are you buy a new Windows 10 System for your use? And, are you not aware of any other features of Windows 10? This article should provide all your questions. And then, Windows 10 has some interesting features of yourphone.exe option. The users of Windows 10 should know about what is your phone.exe and the features of this software. This content is going to explain all the notes on yourphone.exe in Windows 10. Don’t skip the article and read it for your reference.

What is Yourphone.exe?

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YourPhone.Exe is one of the software of Windows 10. It’s especially working for Windows 10 systems. You can easily get synced all the functions from your Android and iOS to your Windows 10 desktop. And this is a background running service. With this software, you can get notifications on the mobile to desktop, and you can connect the call from your system.

You can use this with the Microsoft apps and then you can use the same account on your mobile as well as your system. This process is visible on your background of the screen of the task manager. From this software, you can send messages from your phone to your desktop. It enables you to sync images, videos, SMS, and all the essential things across Windows 10 from Android and Apple devices.

How to Disable yourphone.exe process in Windows 10?

Here, your phone is an application which leads to getting all the process to Windows 10 from Android and Apple devices. The disadvantage of this software is, it will destroy the small amount of RAM of users who is not use the YourPhone app. If you want to disable or turn off this software, do follow the steps.

What is yourphone.exe
What is yourphone.exe

STEP1: Initially, you have to enter the Windows Key + S which is a search box on your Windows 10 system.

STEP2: On the search option, you have to type “Background Apps”.

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STEP3: Now, you can open the Background Apps and then open the Settings option which is shown on the snapshot directly.

STEP4: Then, swipe down to the YourPhone.exe app.

STEP5: Now, switch the Your phone option to “Off“.

STEP6: Here, Close the “Settings” option.

STEP7: Finally, Reboot your Windows.

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How to remove yourphone.exe permanently?

The user feels uncomfortable in any stage of using this software in your Windows 10, you can uninstall this app as per your wish. You have to follow certain steps to remove Your phone app. For that, you have to use the source of the PowerShell option. Do follow the steps.

STEP1: The first step is, you have to open the search box of Cortana.

STEP2: You have to type “PowerShell” on your search option.

STEP3: Now, open the PowerShell by pressing the right-click option and enter the “Run as Administrator” function.

STEP4: Then, enter Get-AppxPackage Microsoft. your phone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage in PowerShell and select the Return key.

STEP5: After the uninstallation of the Yourphone.exe app, you have to restart it.

At last, Your Phone. Exe is to remove or uninstall from your Windows 10 with the above steps. Then, the users can also off the UWP application process and start using your System resources.

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YourPhone.Exe is a Virus?

No, it’s not a virus. This is a software application that helps you to connect all the functions to Windows 10 from Android and Apple devices.

How to delete yourphone.Exe?

To delete your phone. Exe, you have to use the process of PowerShell. Use this process, you can remove yourphone.exe software from Windows 10. To get more information, just read the above steps.


We are in the concluding part. Here, you can combine all the essential parts of yourphone.Exe. This article clearly portrays the basic necessities and usage of this software. And it’s only applicable with Windows 10. You can also read the steps of how to disable and delete the Yourphone.exe from your windows 10. So, Dear Windows 10 user, you can make use of this article when you are in need.

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