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What is G Shift & how to set up G Shift function?

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What is G Shift: Hello readers! We are all familiar with the mouse handling methods and customized keyboard settings. When it comes to advanced technology in those input devices, there is something that seems weird. Gadgets like customized mice &  keyboards are useful for handling different motions on gaming surfaces.

By the way, G Shift is such a customized mouse button that ultimately works on Logitech Gaming Hub. So, what is G Shift? Sometimes, we are not much aware of the upgrades and advanced options in G series mouses. If you want to dig out the specifications, and customizations of G Shift, this is the right place. Here we go!

What is G Shift?

As we know, a mouse usually comes up with the left and right side buttons with the scroller in middle. Basically, the mouse was invented for performing indications in the display monitors in X-Y (Horizontal – Vertical axis) positions.

As of now, we have come across tons of upgrades in mice for different purposes. When talking about the brands, Logitech is famously used on peripheral devices and computers. In that, the Logitech team discovered a new customization feature in the G series mouse called the G shift button.

What is G Shift and how to set up G Shift function?

What is G Shift and how to set up the G Shift function?

What does G Shift do?                                                          

  • G Series mouses are highly recommending to play games in Logitech Gaming Hub. Adding a new update on G series mouses, we have a stunning feature called G Shift.
  • In such gaming interfaces, the Shift function (button) acts as a keyboard. Yes! It runs as a keyboard indicator instead of performing the default mouse operations.
  • In addition to that, the mouse button setups or modifies its functionality as a sequence of macro keys in the actual keyboard.
  • These advancements mainly focussed to admire the users (gamers) in a gaming environment. The users are accessing its features quite less due to a lack of knowledge in enabling G shift functions.
  • Even though the users fail to enable the configuration, the mouse is automatically set to default itself.  Most of the time, the default settings are sufficient for ordinary users. As the review says, an average user rarely configures the G Shift feature.

Highlights of G- Shift

As we mentioned above, G Shift is specially made for doing customization in gaming. Obviously, the Logitech gamers get benefited a lot. Let us discusses the specialization and benefits below.

Once the gamers configure the G-Shift,

  • They can change the weapons, reload their weapons, ammo loading, triggering, and much more modifications while playing FPS games.
  • Effective personalizations of G Shift’s are concentrates to improve the peripherals effectively.
  • G-shift helps to delete the settings of unwanted mouse buttons. Since they are not required frequently. So, it removes the settings and analyzes the overall priority and gaming functionality.
  • The users can able to customize the colors and keys using the G Shift configured gaming Logitec Mouse.
  • Based on your requirements, you can assign the G Shift functionality on any of the mouse buttons. (Right side button is the most preferable choice among many users.)

How to Set up the G Shift function?

In the Logitech mouse, you can see different mouse buttons. The gamers are assigned the function on the mouse button located at the topmost right. In fact, you can assign the functionality on any one of the available mouse buttons. To assign the G Shift option on your own choice, follow up on the upcoming criteria.

STEP 1: Initially, land on the Logitech Gaming Software. To do so, hit the Start button > All programs tab > Logitech category > Logitech Gaming Software 8. x.

STEP 2: Here, click on the Customization option placed at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 3: And then, right-click on the mouse button that you want to assign the option. In the list of options, choose Edit.

STEP 4: Now, choose the Mouse Function from the left side pane. Next, you can assign the G-Shift function on the right pane placed under the Button function.

STEP 5: Finally, click the OK button to finalize the desired function.

Well done! You have successfully assigned the function on the Logitech mouse without any trouble.


Can I enable the G shift function on any other Logitech Mouse?

Not, all Logitech mouses are compatible with this particular feature. It is to mention that the G Hub Software is available only on the G Series Logitech Mouses. Apart from G Series mouses, you cannot configure the option on all the Logitech Mouses.

What are the Logitech mouses compiles with the G-Shift function?

Some of the expensive mouses used on gaming interfaces such as Logitech G502, G402, G203 are coming up with the function.


On the whole, the more you access G Shift, the more you can customize easily to make your gaming environment even more interesting. You can refer to this article for configuring the function on all the supportive G Series mouses. With this, you can easily customize each command on the mouse just like the keyboard. All you need is the Logitech G series mouses. I hope, now you can boost up your game field with specialized features.

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