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What is Dos Attack Ack Scan? – Detailed Guide to Know Everything About it

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Hello Internet users! Have you ever checked your router’s log? Sometimes, it shows Dos Attack: Ack scan or Dos Attack: SYN/Ack scan. Along with that, your monitor displays lists of IP addresses. So, what is it? We usually get panic while seeing unfamiliar terms like Ack scan and attacks that too with plenty of random IPs.

If you utterly know none of these terms, we will help you to explain everything you need. We advise you to do not to skip any section on this write-up. Then only you will get a basic understanding of these technical terms. And also, you know why does the attack happen on your router?

Dos attack ack scan?

First off, let us get deep knowledge about these terms. Look at the below section to know about the Dos attack and ack scan.

Dos Attack:

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Denial of Service simplified as Dos. Usually, the technical hackers handle this service to make one’s computer network unavailable. It is a kind of cyber-attack by flooding the computer with heavy fake traffic. Those floods of traffic aim to crash the website by sending plenty of server requests at a time.

Even though the traffic is fake, it leads to a crash of the entire website. This is why we can call Dos as DDos. Namely, Distributed Denial of Service. The attack comes from or is distributed from multiple Internet resources. Thus, it is sometimes called a Botnet.

Ack Scan and SYN scan:

  • Ack scan means an Acknowledgement scan, and it’s useful for identifying the hosts and ports. In addition to that, Ack scans aim to gather relevant information about firewalls.
  • SYN scan used for identifying the communication port. Either it’s (open) listening or in rest (close) It is also a hacking technique handles by hackers.

What does Dos Attack Ack Scan?

It is not unusual to see plenty of attacks logs on your router. Almost every router displays these Dos attacks. These are kind of bots that is looking for open ports on your router to exploit its service. If you keep an eye on your firmware and update it properly, you need not worry about the attacks. Meanwhile, ensure that your router ports remain closed always. In few routers, you will get these logs from the webpage that you frequently visit.

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What is Dos Attack ACK Scan

What is Dos Attack ACK Scan

Once you look at the IP address deeply, you could see the IPs of Google, Facebook, and Amazon in the logs. It is not meant that they are attacking your site. Probably, your routers get confused that they are legit or not. In such cases, you need not panic while receiving these types of Dos attacks. As we know, some familiar platforms like Google and Amazon do not have any intention to send malicious links. So, don’t react when you see their log on your router.

When should I worry about Dos attacks?

Commonly, the bots are looking for any open ports on the Internet. Always, make sure your security settings are perfect. If so, the bots would be blocked from your network. Basically, the attack sequence is shown in your router logs minute by minute. Most of the time, it takes a gap for an hour to show the recent logs. Otherwise, if you could see nonstop multiple numbers of entries for every second, it must be a Dos attack. At this time, your internet speed may slow down rapidly. Sometimes, your Internet goes out of control and shuts itself for a short span of time.

Can I prevent my router from Dos Attack?

Yes. You can. Don’t ignore this section if you haven’t been attacked by Dos. These are the basic prevention measures and all Internet users have to aware of this at any time.

  • Keep your IP addresses always be confidential. Don’t share with anyone.
  • Whatever the Internet device you use, fix good antivirus software tools on them.
  • Always keep the Firmware up-to-date.
  • You can able to copy the IP addresses shown in your log. Add them to your Firewall’s block list.
  • Configure the router connection properly.


What should I do when Dos attacks my router?

Once you get to know your router attacked by DDos, restart the router immediately. In case you have dynamic public IP, it will get change after the rebooting session. By the way, your old IP will change to the new one. If nothing works, contact the Internet Service Provider and let them know what you have experienced.

Dos Attack Ack Scan-Why It happens?

There are many reasons that hackers intended to steal your data. For the sake of know your geolocation and other details, they might involve in data theft. It is one of the hacking methods to collect personal information. Or else, people fail to care about router security status comparing to any other device. But, actually, the routers are infected easily with malware.

Bottom Line

As the Internet and technology have grown up, we experience hacks and cyber-attacks day-by-day. You cannot predict the exact reason, why the attacks happening on your router. As we said before, you need not react to all the logs on your router. Once you are aware of Dos Attack, go ahead with the troubleshooting methods or change your IP by rebooting the device.

Don’t let anyone access your personal details in the way of cyber-hacking. Always be aware of the Internet device you use and set up the security reasons properly to avoid these attacks.

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