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What is Configapk on Android? Is Virus? Is it Spyware? How to Remove it?

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Hello Android users! If you ever rinse out the system apps available on your Android device, you might have noticed the config app application. Is this looking weird? Without navigating to the residence of this app, you cannot notice this app frequently everywhere on your device. It raises its head only while installing or uninstalling any app on the Android smartphone.

Many users assume that configapk is a kind of spyware. Really? Not at all. So, what it does at the time of installation? If you don’t have any idea about this system app, take a glance at this article. After reading this article, you will get an in-depth knowledge of the config apk app.


Basically, the application format of Android OS is apk, which stands for Android Package. Whatever you wish to run on the Android platform, you must have apk package of the particular application for installation and distribution. Commonly, all Android smartphone devices are compiled with a list of system applications. If you take Android 5.0 and above to that version, you can notice the in-built system app of Config apk.

The purpose of Configapk is, It has the responsibility for the automatic installation of the app at the time of initializing device setup. Along with the installation, Configapk handles the uninstallation tasks automatically. The user can see the Configapk in the running background application list. For the sake of identification, all system apps and third-party apps assign a unique package name. Likewise, the identity of Configapk seems on your device to be android.autoinstall.config.

When does the Configapk works?

Hence, it is clear that the config apk app is utterly related to the automatic installation or uninstallation process. It especially works the very first time you have purchased the devices and attempt to do the initial setup on it. You need not worry about the storage of this app, as it occupies only 20KB. Moreover, It is a major part of the Android application bundle. It has a set of instructions and procedures, whichever require for successful installing and uninstalling purposes.

What permissions that ConfigApk ask for?

Config apk does not prompt you for any access permission. As it acts as a system app, you will not need to grant any permission to run this app. Whenever the user attempts to install or uninstall any Android apps, the Configapk will automatically execute properly. Still, if you have doubts, you can directly open the app and look at the permission section. To do that,

  • First, Take your Android smartphone.
  • Next, visit the Settings
  • Then, scroll a bit to reach the Apps
  • Within that, you can find out the Go ahead with it.
  • Now, tap the permission tab to view. See if there is any permission that should grant to run this app on the Android platform.

Does Configapk harm my Android device?

No, never. Configapk is a completely secure app. If it does harm, why it comes as an inbuilt system app that manufacturers kept in all Android devices? Even though it seems robust, people reported that running this app cause defects and errors. Let’s see some alleged issues by Android users.

What is Configapk
What is Configapk on Android?

Next, Apps > After that, click on the three dots placed on the top corner > Choose the System apps > scroll to reach the Configapk  > Within that, click on the Disable button.

  • Once you disable the Configapk, immediately restart your Android phone.
  • Now, the Configapk stops running in the background.


How to clear the cache on Configapk?

Not only Configapk but also all the android packages tend to crash your system. It is due to the cache suspect or corrupted file that occurs while the installation process. Once you clear the cache storage, you can fix this issue instantly. To do so,

  • Visit the apps area under the Settings section on your Android device.
  • Go into Configapk and click on the Storage category.
  • Now, hit the clear cache option to wipe out the cache storage.


In the end, we have clearly stated that configapk is not spyware or malware. Keeping the config app or uninstalling the app from your device is up to you. If you felt some issues with your device, don’t merely assume that configapk is the major cause of the issues. There is some unknown reason that might be the cause of battery drainage. Anyhow, After reading this entire write-up, you will undergo the right decision. Furthermore, we suggest the 20-kb sized apk package will not be malicious to your Android device.

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