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What is a KLMS Agent? How to Remove it? Is KLMS Agent Spyware?

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Hey Samsung users! Have you dug out the application section on your phone? If yes, you might have gone through the security settings. There, you could scroll the option called Klms agent. Without knowing the intention of this feature, you might have been confused with so many queries about the Klms. So, what it does on your phone? Why the manufacturer kept this feature under the security section? Some users think the Klms agent may be a virus. Don’t assume. Do explore. From this article, surely you will clear out the doubts. Don’t omit any section given in this article.

Klms agent – Overview

Klms is also known as KNOX, which is a crucial part of the Samsung security platform. It aims to give privacy, protection, and security for the files located on your Samsung mobile. Basically, Klms is an in-built software that allows only authorized access. Especially, it prevents unauthorized activities on the business file that you stored on the Android system. Through the Klms, you will get security and productivity on the email service and any other business-related apps on the phone. In case you lost your phone, the agent will automatically lock the confidential matters. It leads to do not show your personalized information to third-hand users.

KNOX app compiles the functions like finding data, locking data, and wiping data if they are lost. Knox itself holds the work-related data separately on your device. It does not mix up your business data into private data. Klms will create a separate environment on the Samsung mobile and keeps the business files securely inside the environment. KNOX ensures that all the apps inside the KNOX are not allowed to access the outside data. Likewise, external apps are not allowed to access the data inside the productive space.

Highlights of KLMS

KNOX will encrypt all the files and data inside the secured environment. The unique features of KLMS are:

Integration of Software

All the devices are loaded with a variety of software. That software is said to be secure only if installed from trusted websites. A huge chance is there that hackers aim to bypass the software security. At that time, KNOX-loaded devices immediately detect the bypass changes or modifications attempted. If any malicious happen to security, Klms will block the software to safeguard your files. Hence, KNOX proves the software’s integrity.

Productive workspace

Klms agents not only protect the data but also creates a productive working space. Thus, the workspace differentiates the business works from personal or private works.

Personal data protection

KLMS agent protects the personal data as well. It includes contacts, images, videos, emails, and much more. As it encrypts all kinds of data, the hackers cannot make any modifications to it.

Least Privilege

To maintain the full-fledged work, KNOX devises the resources. It means Klms divides the resources at the minimum level to give extreme service at every source. The least Privilege favors the users to prevent any attacks.

Network Productivity

Commonly, network hacking is undertaken by hackers to steal the user’s data via the Internet. Once you start to access all the data under the internet, possibilities are there to hack the data from networks. Such as mobile data, Wifi networks, even the data passed over Bluetooth were also intercepted. In such cases, KNOX uses network encryption that gives you safety eventhough you send the data on the network medium.

What does the KLMS agent do?

As we discussed above, KLMS Agent is premade app installed on your Android device at the time of manufacturing. Moreover, this app makes automatic updates itself. Indeed, all the KLMS enabled devices to aim to give an extreme level of productivity to secure the business files and data stored on the device. Almost all Samsung Android devices come up with this application. Generally, the mobile user can install the KLMS app from the Play Store.

How do I uninstall the KNOX Agent?

Many people reported that they found battery drainage, due to enabling the KNOX Agent. And, some of them think that it consumes System Resources as it always runs in the background. Remember that KNOX acts as Bloatware that comes along with other in-built apps. But, if you feel trouble having this app, you can proceed with the uninstallation.

What is KLMS Agent

What is KLMS Agent? How to Remove it?


First of all, Visit the KNOX app on your device. And then, click the Settings.


Next, tap on the Knox Settings section.


Now, hit the Uninstall Knox option.


At this time, you will be prompt to back up the data stored under KNOX. Tap the Backup Now button. Finally, click the OK button to uninstall the Knox.


Is KLMS a Spyware or virus?

KLMS is not Spyware nor a virus. It is a kind of security application that pre-installed on your Android device. KNOX is widely considered as Bloatware, which runs in the background of your device. And also, it uses CPU and RAM memory.

What happens when I uninstall the KLMS agent?

In fact, KLMS or KNOX is the major part of the Samsung productivity framework. When you accomplish the uninstallation of the KLMS or disabling the software, most of the features are stops their functioning. Keep this in your mind before going to disable the KNOX.

Bottom Line

On the whole, the KLMS agent is utterly useful for the users to keep their data safe. Hopefully, It maintains the balance between private data and business data. It offers the Specialized user experience feature to hide the notification of important files, prevents sleep mode in case you have plugged your device with any externals devices. If you do not prefer this app for security purposes on your device, you can uninstall it too. I hope this article explains much stuff regarding KLMS agents.

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