How to Get VLC on Roku Streaming Device? [2022]

We have always seen the no entry cone-like image in our windows video player. It is the basic and go-to choice option to view videos and media files. Yes, it is the VLC Media Player. It is the most basic media player in use. At present, Smart TVs are on hype. To stream extra on-demand content, Smart TV users rely on various streaming devices. Roku is one such device used popularly. Let us see How to get VLC on Roku Streaming Device?.

About VLC

VLC on Roku
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VLC Media player was known as VideoLan Client formerly. Now, people simply denote it as VLC. It came into the play in the year 2001. VLC is a media player software which is an open-source and free of cost to use cross-platform. Via VLC you can access media players on the system storage as well as from online. It is been loaded with 48 languages. You have the feature of adding subtitles while watching the media files. Not only videos but also you can enjoy watching movies and shows with subtitles.

One can avail of VLC Media Player on Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Tizen, Xbox One. To get the VLC Media Player App, you can get it on Google PlayStore, AppStore, and Microsoft Store as well.

Features of VLC

The list gives the features you would not like to miss from VLC Media Player:

  • Can play almost all video content
  • Free and open source
  • 360° videos
  • YouTube video downloader
  • Video conversion – any format
  • Music graphic equalizer
  • Audio settings
  • Access Internet radio and Podcast
  • Looping the part you wish
  • Add-on and extensions services
  • Audio and Video settings

And more features available to make you awestruck.

Is VLC Media Player available on Roku?

The VLC Media Player is not an official app of Roku. This is the drawback of the VLC Media Player. Being an acclaimed Media Player, it is not available on the Roku channel store. Here is the solution for you to get VLC Media Player on your Roku, you have to do screen mirroring or casting to get VLC on Roku TV.

How to get VLC on Roku?


Step1: Connect your Roku to your TV’s HDMI port.

Step2: Ensure safe and same Wi-Fi connection on both your Android and Roku.

Step3: Open the Settings option on your Roku.

VLC on Roku

Step4: Then, select the System option and followed by choose the Screen Mirroring.

VLC on Roku

Step5: Enable screen mirroring mode and choose the Prompt option.

VLC on Roku

Get VLC on Roku using Android

Step1: Install the VLC Media Player app on your Android.

VLC on Roku

Step2: Go to your Android device Settings and tap on the Sharing & connection option.

Step3: Tap on Cast option.

Step4: Your Roku device name appears after scanning.

Step5: Now, it is ready to cast your Android screen. Then, open the VLC Media Player, choose what you want to watch and enjoy it on the big screen.

Get VLC on Roku using iPhone

Step1: After the Pre-Requisite, Go to the App store on your iPhone.

Step2: Install the Roku app on your iPhone.

VLC on Roku TV

Step3: Launch the Roku app on your iPhone. The Roku app will search for the nearby device.

VLC on Roku TV

Step4: Select your Roku device from the search result.

Step5: Once your iPhone gets connected to your Roku TV, Open the VLC Media Player.

Step6: Choose any one video that you like to watch.

Step7: The same video will be mirrored to your Roku TV.

Now, you can enjoy VLC on Roku TV.

Get VLC on Roku via Windows

Step1: Link your Roku with the HDMI port of your TV.

Step2: Ensure safe and same Wi-Fi connection on both your Windows and Roku device.

Step3: Go to your Roku device and enable screen mirroring and tap on the Prompt option.

Step4: Launch VLC App on your Windows.

Step5: Tap in the notification icon at the bottom of your Windows screen.

VLC on Roku

Step6: Click on the Connect icon on the list.

Step7: Scanning for your Roku device takes place.

Step8: Tap on your Roku device name on the list appearing.

VLC on Roku

Step9: Open the VLC Media Player on your Windows and you can now access it on your big screen.

The EndNote

To end, VLC Media Player is the most used and using media player in various devices. It is because of its free service and letting the users to access any format of media files irrespective of Audio and Video. You can get full access to the media files via VLC Media Player. If you have any other option to get VLC on Roku, please do let us know.

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