My Vizio TV Won’t Turn ON [How to Fix Vizio TV Not Turning ON]

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How to Fix My Vizio TV Won’t Turn ON issue: In today’s world, every one of us is rushing to complete our daily tasks. Entertainment has become a must-needed boon for us. Watching some movies or web series on a fine day can relieve us from such pressure.

In such a condition what would be your reaction if you find that your Vizio TV won’t turn on. Do you search for a technician to fix it? Wait a minute. I have some working methods on how to fix Vizio TV won’t turn on?

Actually, you can do it by yourself within a few minutes. There may be several reasons for the issue, but this content could be the single solution to it. Come, let’s get into the content.

How to Fix Vizio TV Won’t Turn ON Issue?

Smart devices are smart but not flexible to your needs for a long time. They may require troubleshooting at times to fix some technical glitches related to it. Some of the reasons could be a black screen, white light fades, won’t turn on after lightning or storm, and many more. If this happens, don’t worry. I’m here with some simple methods to get rid of this frustrating issue.

Fix Vizio TV Won't Turn ON
Fix Vizio TV Won’t Turn ON

How to Fix Vizio TV won’t Turn On -Black Screen

What to do if your Vizio TV stares at you with a black screen? Well, it can be due to some power issues. You can verify that by pressing the MENU button on your remote control. If the menu box appears on the screen by your action there are no screen issues on your TV.

Some of you may have the problem that your device won’t turn on but has power. This is also due to some technical errors caused by storms or lightning in your area. Try the following methods to resolve this issue.

How to Fix Vizio TV wont Turn On – Remote Control Issues

Sometimes your Vizio TV won’t turn on due to some issues with the remote control. Try turning on the TV with your remote. If your TV won’t respond check whether the remote control batteries are dead. Replace the batteries and try again. If still it won’t works, power on the TV using the Power button given at the bottom-right or bottom-left of your Vizio TV. This may work at times.

How to Fix Vizio TV won’t Turn On – Reset Power Cord

You can notice a power cord connected to your Vizo TV from the power socket. These power cords are detachable in most Vizio TVs. It could get disconnected accidentally by you or because of your pets. If it happens so you can’t turn on your TV even though it has power. Unplug the power cord and seat it in the apt position and try turning on the TV.

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How to Fix Vizio TV wont Turn On – Power Cycle

When you turn on your TV, if the power light (ie) white light fades off, is normal. But if the same white light turns off instead of fading it is abnormal. You could have come across some issues like your device won’t turn on after firmware update, after storm or lightning, but white light is on. These issues occur due to some technical errors. You don’t need a technician to rectify it. Follow the below given simple steps to resolve the issue-oriented to your device.


Unplug the Power cable from the power outlet.


Leave it disconnected and press the power button on the remote for 8 to 10 seconds.


Plug the power cable into the socket and try turning on your Vizio TV.

This power cycle method will resolve most of the issues and technical errors associated with your device. This is how you can fix your Vizio TV if it won’t turn on within minutes.


That’s all. This is all you need to know about the methods to fix Vizio TV won’t turn on. I hope this content will be useful and satisfactory. I hope that your device will be working now.

By using the above-given methods you can easily rectify the issue within a few minutes. If the issue still persists try contacting Vizio customer support. The team of final hope can resolve the issues with more clarity.


Do Vizio TVs have a reset button?

Press the Menu button on the remote and navigate to Settings –> System –> Reset&Admin –> Press OK. This will reset your device.

What to do if white light is blinking on Vizio TV?

Try power cycling your device. This will solve a lot of problems associated with the software. Unplug the power cable, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, power your TV again.