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How to Update Firestick to a New Software version in 2021?

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Firestick is a handy device that keeps on updating its version to a new one. In order to fix the bugs in the old version and take the Firestick to an advanced level. Likewise, Most of the User has doubt in updating Firestick to New Software. So, we have made an ultimate guide on “How to update Firestick to New Version in 2020?”.

However, Amazon keeps on updating firestick to a new version. because it keeps on increasing the user compatibility and reducing the bug in the old version.

The software update for the fire stick depends on the Firestick Version you are using. however, If you are using Fire TV, Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, Firestick 1 & Firestick 2. then you will have separate software versions.

Likewise, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV 3, and Firestick 4k will have a different software versions.

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Also, Most of the user has a doubt on How to Update apps on firestick?. most probably, apps also will have an update so you have to keep updating the apps to get more features.

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How to Update Firestick 2021?

Time needed: 20 minutes.

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Follow the steps to Update your Amazon Firestick to a new software version. After updating the firestick you can find a lot of bugs fixed and new apps, settings added to your firestick.

  1. Turn on Firestick

    Turn on the Firestick and make sure that you are connected to the WiFi network.

  2. Open Settings

    On the top bar, you can find the menu option. Just Toggle to Settings and open it using the remote.

  3. Open My Fire TV

    In settings, you can find the My Fire TV option. Just select and click on the OK button.

  4. Open About

    In My Fire TV, you can find the Developer option and open it.

  5. Click on Check for Updates or Install the update.

    If you find the Check for Update option, then your device is at the latest version. However, If you found Install updates, then you have to install the latest version software. by click on Install.

  6. Click on Update

    Once you click on the update, it will turn off the TV and a message pops on the screen that the device installing software.

  7. Installation done.

    The installation will take around 5- 15 minutes depending on the Internet speed. Please hold your horses till it completes. Once the installation completes, it will take you to the Home Screen.

Once the installation completes, your device will restart. If your device is not restarting. hold the select button and Play/pause button for 5 seconds. it will restart your device. For more Methods, you can check the ultimate guide on How to Restart firestick?.

After updating the Firestick to the latest version you can find new features and lots of new apps available on the firestick. Also, the new update would have occupied some of the space on your firestick. So, it is best to Clear Cache on Firestick to improve the performance.

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Does Amazon Firestick need updating?

Yes, Amazon Firestick needs to be updated to the latest software version to safeguard your device. Also, the latest firmware helps to fix the bugs in the old version and increases user compatibility.

Does fire stick update automatically?

Most probably Firestick will automatically update the software version to the latest one. In Some cases, the user has to update your firestick manually by following the steps in this guide.

How long does it take to update Firestick?

Actually, installing an update on a fire stick takes around 5-15 minutes to complete. Also, it depends on the speed of your internet connection because it requires some files to download from the Amazon server.

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