How to use Twitter on Roku? [2022]

Hello buddies… I have a question for you. Is it so so difficult to talk to celebrities and politicians nowadays!? If yes, it is not so. Because we have Twitter to help us in this case. Twitter is a social networking site through which one can express their views as “tweets”. Through Twitter, you get to interact with anyone in and around the world, inspite of their name and fame. And are you people in search of a way to use Twitter on Roku? Here you go, this article is for you!

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What is Twitter?

Twitter is an American based social networking site designed in order to help people to let out their views as “tweets”. There are around 2 billion twitterers all around the world. Twitter is a combination of all the occurrences in the whole world. It includes cinemas, entertainment, politics, sports, etc. In short, it can be defined as a news bulletin.

Twitter can be used even without a twitter account. But to get its full-fledged usage one should have a Twitter account. By having a Twitter account, one can text, express their views on any issue to a vast number of audiences.

Features of Twitter

The main feature of Twitter is to create social relationships among people and let their users express their minds and thoughts as “tweets”. With Twitter, you can follow popular people, get to interact with them directly via texts. You can see hashtags, images of everything in and around the world under the Sun. One can enlargen their business, research via Twitter, as it is one of the largest social networking sites. It is easy to promote by tweeting links and people may retweet it which is an unpaid promotion! One can have access to two types of accounts:

  • Twitter account
  • Twitter business account

And Twitter is to safe to use until the user takes care of using it. And it also has cyberbullying features and many many features to use the twitter without any hustle.

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Is Twitter is accessible on Roku?

For this question, the answer is a big NO. Twitter isn’t available on the Roku device. So it isn’t accessible on the Roku device. If you are so desperate to use Twitter on Roku, you can do by using screen mirroring. To do so, read this article and get used to it.

In what devices you can use Twitter?

One can handle their Twitter account via Android, Smartphones, iOS, and windows. Without the Twitter app in their device to one can handle their Twitter account on the web on

To download the twitter app,  just search for the Twitter app in the App Store or in the Play store and click Download option. After installation just Sign up or Sign in if you already have a Twitter account.

How to Sign up for Twitter?

It is a kind of easy process to Sign up for twitter via web.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select Sign Up option.

Twitter on Roku

Step 3: Enter the username you wish.

Step 4: Enter the fields required such as date of birth, mail id you own for yourself, password.

Twitter on Roku

Step 5: Then you will have two options either to keep this as your default login Twitter account or give you updates and notifications on the following people. It isn’t mandatory.

Step 6: Further select Create My Account option.

Step 7: If it asks for captcha, then do so.

Step 8: Then watch the tutorial to get along with the people you may know.

Step 9: For mail id confirmation open your mail and open the Twitter confirmation mail.

Step 10: Then, select the Confirm your Account Now option or just tap on the link in the confirmation mail.

 Now you are a Twitterer!!

How to use Twitter on Roku?

You can use twitter on Roku by screen mirroring. Follow the instructions given below to have fun by using Twitter on Roku.

Step 1: Turn on your TV which you wanted to use Twitter.

Step 2: Link your Roku device to your TV’s HDMI port.

Step 3: Ensure that your mobile phone and Roku device have Wi-Fi connection of same Wi-Fi.

Step 4: Using Roku remote get to the Roku home screen by clicking on the home button.

Twitter on Roku

Step 5: Click Settings.

Twitter on Roku

Step 6: Select the System option.

Twitter on Roku

Step 7: Now click Screen Mirroring.

Step 8: From that, click the Screen Mirroring Mode

Step 9: Then Select any one option from:

  • Prompt
  • Always show

You also have a third option Never allow. Don’t click it because it will not allow you to go ahead with screen mirroring.

Twitter on Roku

Step10: Go back to the smartphone.

Step11: Then, Go to settings-> Connections and Sharing-> Cast-> Turn on it.

Twitter on Roku

Step 12: Then it will scan for the devices to screen mirror.

Step 13: Now your device’s name will appear. Tap on your device’s name. Now your Roku is ready to screen mirror.

Step 14: Then, launch the Twitter app on your smartphone. Now you can screen mirror Twitter on Roku.

And that’s it dudes. Enjoy having fun by following people and expressing your views.

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The End Note

To end, if commentary and updates can be given on world events and occurrences through hashtags and pictures then it is Twitter. Twitter can be regarded as the voice of people of all types without any discrimination, unless and until they are inoffensive. The right to speech is being ensured on Twitter but without hurting others, this makes us humane and sensible. Happy tweeting folks!

#Thank you…

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