How to Turn On TCL Smart TV without Remote? [All Possible Methods]

How to Turn On TCL Smart TV without Remote?: Welcome to know the interesting details about such an important source. Everyone watches Television in their free time. It’s for improving knowledge while watching news channels, relaxing in the time of listening to the music, for kids, it’s for full entertainment. In all aspects, television helps a lot.

But, if you are missing your TV remote or if your remote is broken, you need to turn on your TV without the remote. For that, this guide is going to provide the details of how to turn on your TCL TV without a remote. Here we go. 

TCL Smart TV

TCL Smart TV, the name itself Improving the interest and curiosity to know the particulars about it. However, TCL, it’s the world’s biggest and largest television in the world. It is also the most famous consumer brand. This offers the special features of 

QLED TV, Ultra HD Smart TV, Android TV, Roku TV. With this smart tv, you can also get a dedicated and professional remote for you better experience. 

This is a Television from China. The abbreviation of TCL is Today China Lion. It’s a Chinese multinational product. You can get all the essential features from this TCL television. The upcoming features are going to elucidate the methods to how to turn on your TCL Smart TV without a remote. 

How to Turn On TCL Smart TV without Remote?

This guide specially mentions the methods to turn on your TCL Smart TV without a remote. There are multiple methods to switch on your TCL Smart TV in an easy way. Let’s see the methods one after another.

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How to turn On TCL TV without remote
How to turn On TCL TV without remote

Method 1: Turn on TCL Smart TV Without Remote using Physical Button on TV

 The first method is, using the physical button. Sometimes, you can miss your remote or you may break it accidentally. That time you can use the physical button on your TCL Smart TV. Let’s see the steps. 

Step 1

Physical button situated on the backside of your TV. 

Step 2

There you can view the power button.

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Step 3

Select the power button when your want to “Power On” and “Power Off“. 

Step 4

That’s all. This is a simple process, if you lost your remote, you can use this physical button on your TCL Smart TV. 

Method 2: Turn on TCL Smart TV using the Remote App

In the TCL Smart TV, you are not able to get the dedicated Remote App application. So, you need to use third-party sources of Android devices or iOS. Then, you can easily turn on your TCL Smart TV. Here are the steps.

Step 1

First of all, you need to have an Android device. You have to connect the safe WiFi connection to your TCL Smart TV and Smartphone. 

Step 2

From your Smartphone, go to the Google Play Store, install the Remote App. 

Step 3

After the installation process is over, open the app. 

Step 4

You can easily control your TCL Smart TV functions, with the help of your Android device. 

Method 3: Turn on TCL Smart TV using PS4

The following method is, using the PlayStation 4. It’s a gaming console used as a third-party source. With the help of a PS4, you can turn on your TCL Smart TV. Here are the steps. 

Step 1

Initially, pair up your PS4 console to your TCL Smart TV. 

Step 2

Power On your PS4 console. 

Step 3

Select the Settings and System Settings from your Home Screen. 

Step 4

Now, select the Enable HDMI Device link.

Step 5

The last step is, you need to turn off and suddenly turn on your PS4. Your TCL Smart TV is connected with the PS4. So, your TCL Smart TV has turned on automatically. 

Method 4: Turn on TCL Smart TV using Nintendo Switch

The final method is, using the Nintendo Switch option. It’s an easy and simple process to use. With the help of Nintendo Switch, you can turn on your TCL Smart TV easily. Here are the simple steps. 

Step 1

Link your Nintendo Switch to your TCL Smart TV through the Dock. 

Step 2

Choose the “System Settings” option from the Home page. 

Step 3

Then, select the TV Settings. 

Step 4

Now, choose the Match Power State.

Step 5

Finally, turn off and turn on your Nintendo Switch, automatically your TCL Smart TV will connect to the Nintendo Switch and it will turn on. 

Is it possible to turn on TCL Smart TV without a remote? 

Yes, you can turn on your TCL Smart TV without a remote. For that, you can use the above methods. 

Final Verdict

In the end, the article provides lots of major and Interesting methods to you. The Initial method is very popular and so simple to use. Then, the last two methods only work, if you have the enabled settings option.

Hope the article is helpful when you want to use the TCL Smart TV without a remote. It will be very useful when your remote is lost. Make use of this content and it will provide a better experience to you. 

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