How to Turn On Samsung TV without Remote Control? [Updated 2022]

At this instant, Samsung is one of the reliable platforms that build smart TVs in addition to smartphones. It is nonetheless a streaming device when it is in connection with the internet. This article will give you the best methods to turn on Samsung TV without a remote.

Like Roku and Firestick, Samsung smart TVs are more reliable and smart streaming devices in the market. If you are a smart TV user, you would have come across situations like losing your TV remote. Also, it would have got damaged, or the remote may be out of batteries.

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Especially, this situation occurs often if you have children in your home. Are you wondering how to get rid of this issue? Read the complete article to get the best methods to turn on your Samsung smart TV when your remote is out of control. 

Is it Possible to Turn on Samsung TV without a Remote?

Surprisingly, Yes. Like most smart TVs, you can turn on your Samsung smart TV without a remote. Yes, it is possible with the physical buttons that are present either in the middle or back portion of the TV. So it is not a big issue if you have damaged or lost the remote control.

Also, the joystick type control button allows you to access limited functionalities in your Samsung smart TV. I think most streaming device manufacturers are good predictors. As they are well known in advance that we will end up in situations like losing the remote or damaging it. 

Obviously, the remote control is the master device to access and navigate between the apps on your smart TV. But what happens when you lost that master control? Well, there are certain possible methods to turn on your Samsung smart TV that I have mentioned below. 

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How to Turn On Samsung TV without Remote?
How to Turn On Samsung TV without Remote?

Methods to Turn On Samsung TV without Remote

Certainly, every smart TV user would have faced this problem. Either the remote control may have been damaged or it may be missing the batteries. If you are a Samsung TV user and wondering to get a remedy for this issue, you are in the right place.

It is not that a hard task to turn on the TV without a remote. As the Samsung smart TVs come with built-in four to five physical buttons that give you limited access to your TV. Below given are some of the possible methods to turn on your Samsung smart TV in case you lost the remote control.

  • Using SmartThings app
  • Using Physical buttons

Turn On Samsung TV without Remote – Using SmartThings app

As with most of the smart TV brands, Samsung also has a smart app to control their smart TVs. And that is the SmartThings app. It is there to help the Samsung customers when they lose their remote control.

To speak about app compatibility, the SmartThings app can be installed on both Android and iOS devices. So the Samsung TV users don’t need to worry about device compatibility. Let’s get into the installing method without wasting any more time. 

Step 1:

Initially, download and install the SmartThings app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Step 2:

Simultaneously, connect your Samsung smart TV and smartphone to the same WIFI network.

Step 3:

Open the SmartThings app and click on the Add icon.

Step 4:

Then, click on the Add devices option from the list shown.

Step 5:

Now, choose the smart TV icon from the bunch of options displayed.

Step 6:

Click on the Start option and choose the name of your smart TV from the list.

Step 7:

On successful detection, your smart TV will display a unique code.

Step 8:

Enter the code on your SmartThings app.

Step 9:

If the code is correct, the app will easily connect to your Samsung smart TV.

Step 10:

Now, open the app and use the power button on the SmartThings app to turn on/turn off your smart TV. 

Hopefully, you would have done things right and completed the procedure successfully. Hence, you can start using the SmartThings app to control your Samsung TV instead of searching for your lost remote. 

Turn On Samsung TV without Remote – Using Physical buttons

Unlike Roku, Firestick, and the rest of the streaming devices, Samsung smart TV comes with built-in physical buttons to control the TV. The physical buttons on the Samsung TV are called Control Stick or Jog controller.

These buttons can be found on the middle or back portion of the TV. The center power button can be used as a joystick to move the cursor to all four directions. Apart from the jog controller, you get four more buttons to control volume, settings, menu, and smart hub.

The most important part is to find where the power button lies. If you have the device manual you can easily locate the power button with it. As I said earlier there are two places where the power button lies.

The backside of the Samsung smart TV

  • Most of the smart TVs will have a power button on the backside. 
  • Long press the power button to turn on/ turn off your smart TV.
  • Simultaneously, you can toggle between the apps by pressing the power button a single time.  

The Centre portion of the Samsung smart TV

  • The next possible place is the center portion of your smart TV.
  • You can find five buttons and by pressing the power button a single time you can turn on/ turn off the TV.
  • In some of the older models, you can notice only the presence of a single power button. You can make use of that to power on/ off the smart TV. 

This is how you can control the turn-on functionality on your Samsung smart TV using the physical buttons that come built-in with the TV.  


1. How to turn down Samsung TV without remote?

Well, you can use the power button on the backside or middle portion to turn down your Samsung TV.

2. How to reset Samsung TV without remote?

Unplug the TV cable from the socket. Press the power button and volume button at the same time and simultaneously plug in the TV cable to the socket. This will reset your Samsung TV without using the remote control.


To conclude, Samsung smart TVs are one of the best in class streaming devices where your product’s quality is assured. Every consumer has the problem of losing the remote or damaging it. At this point, make use of the above-given article to turn on your smart TV without a remote.

The only catchup is that you have to pre-configure the SmartThings app with your smart TV. You don’t need to complicate this much if you have the remote control. So my suggestion is to buy a new remote if it is possible. 

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