How to Turn ON Apple TV Without Remote Control?

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How to Turn ON Apple TV without Remote: Apple is the most famous brand worldwide. People are fond of this brand as it sets up a high impression among us. Apple produces various products as Apple phone, Tablet, Smart TV, Smartwatch, etc. Apple TV is a set-top box micro-console type. The latest version of the Apple TV has released on May 21, 2021. It is 4k (2nd generation). The price of the 4k AppleTV is $199.00.

Are you one of them who wants to access your AppleTV without the remote? On this website, people who are in doubt to operate the Apple TV without the remote can get the solution. The Apple TV can be accessed in two ways:

  • Replugging your apple TV.
  • Using iPhone as remote (home sharing)
  • By using iPhone as remote (without home-sharing)

How to Turn ON Apple TV Without a Remote?


1. By replugging your Apple TV

  • The Apple TV has to be plugged in the same HDMI portal as your TV is set up.
  • In order to make sure the power control plug just unplug the Apple TV from the portal.
  • Now replug the apple TV.
  • By this method, the screen shows the logo of apple without using the remote.

2. By using iPhone as TV remote (Home-sharing)

  • Install the Apple TV remote application from the AppStore.
  • In your TV, select the users and accounts option from settings.
  • There find the home-sharing, By clicking it enter the valid credentials like password and ID.
  • By this, you are all set to access your Apple TV with the iPhone.
How to Turn ON Apple TV without Remote

3. By using iPhone as TV remote (without home-sharing)

  • In your apple remote app, select the option Add apple TV.
  • Now the 4 digit code is shown on the Apple TV.
  • Enter the code in your remote app.
  • Now the pairing has been done. With a trackpad, you can turn on your Apple TV.
How to Turn ON Apple TV without Remote


People are fond of Apple and high technology. People love to access the TV by phone. On this website, we have shown the ways to turn on Apple TV without the remote. My recommendation is to use a remote app. These are three ways that are beneficial to use the Apple TV as it is way easy. I hope the information is useful for you.