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How to Check Traffic to Work from my Location? [Using Google Maps]

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Traffic to Work: Hello Everyone! In the modern world, everything happens in a hectic manner. No one is calm and quiet. The reason is to go to the workplace, educational institutions, and so on. From that time, the people are facing the main issue in the society is traffic.

It plays a significant role in everyone’s life. To know the traffic system, you can have the better option from your home. Do you want to know this? Let’s follow the article. The article is getting off to give the particulars of how to watch and check the traffic system at your home in an elaborate way.

Google Maps

To check the traffic systems at your home you can have the option of Google Maps. Everyone knows and has this application on their electronic devices. There are millions of members using this source, to find the addresses, to reach unknown places.

With the navigation of these Google maps, people are reaching the place safely. In the time of searching the places, you will be stuck with the traffic. At that time, you can use the Google Map reliable service to know the traffic system. So, Google Map is one of the authorized sources to know the traffic at your residence without any hurdles.

How to Check Traffic to Home or Work (Using Android and iOS)

Note: The most important thing is, before you are going to check the traffic at your home, you need to save the location option from your device.

Traffic to Work

Traffic to Work

To check the traffic in anywhere from your comfortable place, you can access it without any struggles. For that, you need to keep the Android or iOS devices with you. So, with the use of the device, you can easily check it out. Follow the steps.

Step 1

The initial step is, you have to open your Android or iOS device.

Step 2

In all the android devices, the Google Map is one of the in-built applications. But, you have to install the Google Map on your iOS device using the App Store.

Step 3

Here, you need to reassure that you are saving the location option.

Step 4

Now, you have to choose the Your Places menu after clicking the hamburger option.

Step 5

Here, you need to choose any of the options from Work or Home.

Step 6

This is time to choose the Directions to check the simple way for your location.

Step 7

Now, to check the traffic, you have to select the Stack option and then choose the “Traffic” option.

Step 8

Immediately, you are able to view the different colors with your location. Here you can identify where you are going to have the traffic-heavy, moderate, and no traffic according to the colors from your location map.

The identification colors are Red emphasizes heavy traffic, Orange gives a note of moderate traffic and the final Green is for no traffic.

How to Check Traffic to Home or Work (Using Browser)

The next option you have that to check the traffic, using the PC browser. This is a simple method to check your traffic. So, do follow the easy steps.

Step 1

Initially, you have to turn on your PC or laptop.

Step 2

Go to the Google Maps browser. From your left corner, Select the Menu option.

Step 3

Now, you need to mention your workplace or home and then choose the Directions option to view your proper way.

Step 4

Then, choose the menu option again, and then select the Traffic option.

Step 5

Now, you can view the same color identification of Red, Orange, Green which are mentioned in the above subject.

How to Save your Workplace or Home?

As you analyze the above subject, you can clearly know about this particular part. Because, I have mentioned that, you need to save your workplace or home in the time searching for the locations. It is a very necessary part to be done in all the methods. So, here you are going to see the simple steps to save your workplace or home.

Step 1

First of all, Open the Google Maps application and select the hamburger option from the top corner.

Step 2

Now, choose your destinations.

Step 3

Here, select any of the options of Home Or Work.

Step 4

Then, mention your address and choose the Save option.

Step 5

And finally, you need to choose the location option from the map. That’s all, your process is over.


What are identification colors to know the traffic?

There are three types of colors that emphasize the traffic system. Here, Red color is for High traffic, Orange is for Moderate traffic, and Green colors are for identification of no traffic.

Final Verdict

On the whole, the article comprises simple and easy methods to check your traffic at your convenient place. These are the most wonderful and easiest steps to analyze and identify the traffic system in one sitting.

If you are busy with your work and some other things, you can check the traffic and then plan according to that. Hope this article can be useful all the time. Be with your Google Maps application and then keep checking on your traffic to reach your destination without any struggles.

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