How to Track SBI ATM Card? Check SBI ATM Card Dispatch Details Online

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Hello readers! ATM turned into one of the significant advancements in the banking sector. It safeguards the amount, and anyone can withdraw the cash at any time. ATM withdrawal saves time from waiting too long to take the amount directly from the concerned bank. Whatever bank you belong to, you need the ATM card of a concerned bank to access the ATM service. The security of the ATM card utterly depends on the account holder. Do you know how long it will take to get the SBI ATM card? Whether you are an SBI user or any bank user, you can find out the status by tracking them. And, this article is going to help you in all possible ways to track the SBI ATM card status.

SBI ATM card

The State Bank of India (SBI) is a reputed bank that serves the people to safeguard their money. When you fill-up the application for opening your new account, you can specifically tick out the services like ATM cards, debit/credit cards, check leaf, and so on. As per your specific request, the SBI branch will push a request to issue the ATM card. After printing your ATM card, it will dispatch to your address as soon as possible. While everything goes under the knowledge of SBI, they will intimate you with a reference number. You will receive the number via SMS service with the phone number you have registered with your account.

Ways to track the SBI ATM card status

The account holder can able to track the SBI debit card status before dispatching. They can track either through the Indian postal service or the relevant courier websites. Once your card is ready to dispatch from the bank, they will send you a unique tracking id. With the id, you can able to track the status via the India Postal website.

SBI ATM Card status
How to track SBI ATM Card status

From here, you can track your shipping details. Usually, it takes 8-10 business days to dispatch the card after the Printing vendor accepts the request. In a few cases, your card is not dispatched within the frame time. At that time, you can directly contact the bank to find out the SBI card status.

How do I track the SBI ATM card status?

The bank staff will send a request to print a debit card through internet banking. And then, a message will notify you that the request was successfully accepted. Along with that, it displays that the card will dispatch within 7-9 working days.  Once the card is dispatched from the bank, you will receive an SMS to your phone number.

The message says, “Your SBI ATM Card ending with XXXX dispatched on DD-MM-YY through Speed Post No. XXXXXXXXXXXX. Kindly follow the instructions on the welcome letter to generate your PIN”.

Steps to track the SBI ATM card status via India post


First of all, open up the web browser and visit the official website of India post. Or else, click here


Now, scroll down to reach the Track & trace section. Then, it will prompt the consignment number and Captcha code.


Next, Fill up the field properly and hit the Search button. It will take a few seconds to verify the tracking number.

Note: You would have received the consignment number via SMS. Note down the number from your mobile SMS app. Answer the security questions if it asks you.


On the next screen, you can view the ATM card status. Along with that, you can find out the current location of your ATM package and the estimated delivery time.

Steps to track the SBI ATM card status through the online SBI portal

If you have an SBI account with an active net banking service, you can check out the ATM card status through the online SBI portal.


With the use of hand-in devices, log in with your SBI net banking account. On the home page of SBI online, look at the e-services Menu. Click on it and then go into the ATM card services.


Here, choose the Request ATM/Debit card option. It will take you to the Apply & Enquiry section. Pick the Enquiry tab and then select the Account number. And also, select the month of ATM card application from the list.


Hit the submit button. Now, you will redirect to see the status of your SBI card application.

Note: The inquiry time limit for the SBI card application is 6 months from the current date.


If it doesn’t show the application status, you have to apply again. Now, click the Account Number and choose the card category. After that, enter the name on the card.


If you do, the applicant will receive the new ATM card within 14 days via speed post. Once again, ensure that you have given the correct address.


To check out the address, click the Profile menu. Below that, click on My Profile. Here, you can make changes to your profile.

What to do when I haven’t received any message from SBI?

Sometimes, you will fail to get the SMS of your tracking number. At this moment, you can contact the SBI Customer care number. The number is 1800 425 3800. They will give you the tracking id number. If it does not work well, meet the home branch of SBI to collect the ATM card delivery status. And also, get the tracking number from the bank itself.


To wind up, tracking SBI ATM cards become too easy with your smartphone. All you need to note down is the tracking id. If the number is not given to you, contact the SBI branch. Sitting at your home, you can view the overall status of the SBI ATM card. However, you will get the debit/credit card in nearly 14 days or 7-8 working days. But also, it is better to track the card to avoid unwanted issues. To do that, our article will help you with simple steps.

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