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Read Receipts on Tinder | Does Tinder have Read Receipts?

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Tinder Read Receipts: I hope that everyone will be using social media and online communication platforms. As per our society nowadays social media is essential as to that of our family members. More than school friends and college friends nowadays we have more online friends.

One of the platforms to get those online friends and partners was the Tinder app. As we all know it’s an online dating platform that lets people meet and chat online.

Moreover, it serves as a platform to find our potential life partners. The most frustrating part of online communication is that we can’t find whether the message has read or not.

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Does Tinder have read receipts in 2021?

That might be your next question right? Well, the answer is a little paradoxical. Starting in June of 2019, Tinder began rolling out a “paid read receipt” function.  You can purchase read receipts in packs of 5, 10, and 20, and any time you activate the feature on a conversation, that counts as one use. How to turn on or activate the read receipt? Well, let’s answer all your questions in this content.

What are Tinder Read Receipts?

Minimally, Tinder read receipt is a paid feature that allows you to authenticate that your partner has read your message. The main thing to notice is that you have to pay to activate read receipt in a conversation.

Tinder Read Receipts
Tinder Read Receipts

After purchasing you can activate that in your conversations. The number of conversations you can apply depends on your quantity of pack purchases. But every time you apply read receipts to a conversation that counts as one use.


Everyone can turn the read receipt on/off in their settings menu. If one leaves the default settings(on), those who purchase the read receipts can apply those receipts to your conversation.

In that case every time they will get a notification that you have seen their messages. In contradiction, if you turn off that setting, then people can’t apply read receipt to your conversation. Even people with paid read receipts also can’t get notifications about your messages.


You may have a question that, what happens if one turns off their read receipt setting?

Well, the good news is that you won’t get charged for a bounced read receipt. If you get your read receipt “bounce“, you can use it for another conversation.

Once you apply read receipt to a Tinder match you will get notification until the conversation lasts.

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How can one get those valuable read receipts?

Well, the answer is initially you have to purchase the pack of reading receipts upon your requirement. It could be 5,10, or 20.

Open the Tinder app and tap on your profile photo. Click on the option, “to get read receipts”.

That’s it.

Now you can apply those receipts on your match and start getting notifications on your messages.

Initially, you have to check whether your recipient has accepted for sharing their information.

If they mute their setting for sharing information, your effort and money may get useless. And every time you visit their profile, your eagerness and happiness bounce.

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