The Best 6 Textsheet Alternatives For Students In 2022

Hi guys, today I’m here with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on the best Textsheet alternatives. Are you searching for the best alternatives for Textsheet? This content will satisfy your needs. Let’s get into the content.

Before getting into the content let’s see what is Textsheet. Textsheet was an online website which is very popular among students in finding answers to their questions. It has been a life savior for students in completing their assignments. I hope you would be familiar with this famous website.

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If not, let me give you a brief introduction to Textsheet. In simple terms, Textsheet is an online education based site. Here, students can get the answers to their ongoing assignments and homework. That too without a subscription. Interesting right? But a sad thing is Textsheet is no more active.

Yes, the site has been entirely washed out a few months ago. Users may have come across the error that Textsheet not working. The problem is, it provides answers from Chegg using a Chegg API. In simple terms, Textsheet has done copyright infringement. The website which served as a student’s life savior is no more active.

Really it’s a sad thing for the hardcore user of Textsheet. But don’t worry. I’m here to help you with it. After the shutdown of this website many people started asking, Is there any alternatives for Textsheet? In simple terms, Yes.

Well, that’s the sole purpose of this content. If you are ready let’s get into the content on finding the best alternatives for Textsheet. Continue reading with the following guide.

Why Textsheet Is No More?

As we discussed earlier is no more active. But why it is no more? This will be the common question of every user of the Textsheet. In clear words, it has been wiped out because of providing copyrighted content for its users.

The copyrighted contents were taken from In the account of that, Chegg has filed a complaint against Textsheet. So, with no other option, Textsheet has to close its entire site down.

Textsheet shutdown reflected as a disaster among students. It was not that easy to find a website like Textsheet. That too a site that provides content for free without any subscription. But no need to worry. The sole purpose of this content is to provide you with the best alternatives for Textsheet.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get into our content. Continue reading the below guide.

Best Textsheet Alternatives

Best Textsheet Alternatives

Don’t worry about the shutdown of the Textsheet website. Here I’m with a list of websites that will be very useful in finding answers for your assignments.

  • Sparknotes
  • Studylib
  • Course Hero
  • Chegg
  • Slader
  • Byju’s

Let’s get to know about the websites in detail in the following content. Continue reading.

1. Sparknotes – Best Textsheet Alternatives

Sparknotes one of Textsheet Alternatives

The Sparknotes is an excellent web-source that provides insightful guides for students. Sparknotes providing materials especially on English Literature. It also covers subjects such as Maths, Biology, etc. Sparknotes is really an excellent Textsheet alternative for the students of Literature.

This website was started by Harvard students in the year 1999. It initially provided materials for literature, history, poetry, and philosophy. Later it expanded to a vast number of subjects. Unlike reading bulky English books, this site gives detailed explanations for your prose and poetry.

A notable advantage of Sparknotes is they also provide preparation kits for various competitive exams. The main thing is that the materials you read on this site are completely free.

2. Studylib – Textsheet Alternatives

Studylib one of Textsheet Alternatives

As the name suggests, it’s like a library for students in completing their homework and assignments. This site also won’t require any subscription to access their material. Another feature is, it provides precise explanations for the questions which you are looking for.

Apart from searching for particular questions, you can also explore more under the categories they provide. You have to upload a document in order to download a document from their site. It is moreover like a give and takes the policy. They also provide FLASHCARDS to memorize certain things that are hard to get inside your mind.

3. Course Hero

Course Hero is an online learning platform for students to access specific study resources. The resources are contributed by a community of students and educators. It contains practice problems, study guides, class notes, and much more.

They have more than 25 million courses for students to learn. The best thing is they are completely free to register and acquire. Their 24/7 service helps you to complete your assignments at any time. What are you waiting for? Head to the Course Hero and get your questions answered.

4. Chegg

Chegg A Textsheet Alternatives

Chegg is one of the best Textsheet alternatives which I would suggest. They provide digital and physical textbook rentals, online tutoring, and other student services. It offers an extensive library of assignments and homework for both school and college students.

One of the key features of Chegg is that it’s a Maths solver. It’s a calculator to solve your complex algebra and calculus problems. As a free user you can only get solutions for 3 problems per day.

5. Slader

Slader is an apt alternative to the Textsheet. Because it looks and functions similar to that of Textsheet. You can get your solutions just by entering the ISBN number of the book. That’s all. You can get the exact answers to the book that you are searching for.

The answers to your assignments are contributed by various students across the world. In Slader, you have both free and paid versions. The only difference is that in the paid versions you don’t have any advertisements.

6. BYJU’s

The Byju’s is an online learning platform for students of all ages. Here you get a variety of study materials and guides for all your assignments and homework. Users can read the majority of content for free.

It also offers courses for specific exams such as IIT, GRE, SAT, and many more exams. Byju’s is notable for its free video lectures and live classes. Users can access it from their site and also through their app for smart devices.


That’s all guys. This is all you need to know about the best alternatives for Textsheet. I hope the content will be useful and satisfactory. I have given the description of the best alternatives for textsheet. From this choose accordingly upon your preferences. Stay on the track and update yourself with technology.

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