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How to Watch Terrestrial TV on Samsung Smart TV? [Step by Step Guide]

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Terrestrial TV on Samsung Smart TV: At present every one of us has been shifting towards smart TVs and online streaming services. Certainly, they provide some of the best streaming channels and certain cool features. In this article, we will be looking at the methods to watch Terrestrial TV on Samsung Smart TV. Many people will be wondering that what is terrestrial tv? Well, it is a method of broadcasting in which the signals are transmitted using radio waves.

To receive the signals, a TV user should connect an antenna to the receiving port of the smart TV. Certainly, the terrestrial method of streaming channels allows us to watch some free channels from all genres. If you are expecting to stream some best and free channels on your Smart TV, then read the below-given article completely.

How to Watch Terrestrial TV on Samsung Smart TV?

Terrestrial TV on Samsung Smart TV

How to Watch Terrestrial TV on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, of course, the terrestrial mode of streaming channels may seem old. But it offers some free channels that would be best when you are out of a subscription. Without paying more subscription fees to particular channels, Terrestrial TV on Samsung TV helps you to watch channels for free.

Especially for a Samsung TV user, it serves very helpfully when they are not ready to watch paid channels. Certainly, users can set up the Terrestrial TV antenna either during the television set up process or at any time they wish. The following steps will serve as the guide to set up your Samsung TV for antenna-based streaming.

Step 1:

Initially, Turn On your Samsung TV and go to the home screen.

Step 2:

Open the ‘Sources’ Menu and select ‘TV’ as your choice.

Step 3:

If the following page displays, ‘No Signal’, it means that no antenna is connected to your smart TV.

Step 4:

Followingly, connect an antenna to the backside of your Samsung Smart TV.

Step 5:

Then, click on the Channel Scan option to search for the source.

Step 6:

Now, as an antenna user choose the ‘Air’ streaming option from the displayed list.

Step 7:

Simultaneously, click on the Start Channel Scan button. Your TV will automatically scan for the available channels.

Step 8:

Once the process is completed, click on the Complete Setup button.

Step 9:

You can use the channel guide on your Samsung TV to stream specific channels in your particular category.

Step 10: 

Now, you can start streaming your favorite channels through an antenna-connected Samsung Smart TV.


This is all about the methods of watching Terrestrial TV on Samsung Smart TV. Of course, it is one of the old methods of streaming channels. Many people have been shifted towards cord-less online streaming services.

Indeed that, cable and terrestrial TV provides some of the best free channels that serve as a lifesaver at times. Make use of the above-given article to connect and watch Terrestrial TV on Samsung TV without any hassle.

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