What Channel is Super Bowl on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]

Super Bowl on DirecTV: Hello Friends! Are you waiting for the most famous Super Bowl event? Then your wait is almost over because today we will be discussing the date and time of the live stream event of the Super Bowl and in what channel you can view this event on your DirecTV. First, however, to know more details delve deeper into this article to know the channel number in which you can view the Super Bowl event.

What Channel is Super Bowl on DirecTV?

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Moreover, Super Bowl is an event played between the National Football League [NFL]and American Football Conference [AFC] to finalize the winners, and they will be awarded Vince Lombardi Trophy

It has a massive fan following of 90 million viewers as it streams once a year since 1966. In the beginning, this game was named as AHL-NFL Championship game, and later it was renamed as Super Bowl.

Super Bowl on DirecTV
What Channel is Super Bowl on DirecTV?

Incredibly, by this year 2022, the most famous Super Bowl game will be conducting on Feb 13 on Sunday evening at SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California. So wait before TV at 6:30 pm.ET and 3:30 pm.PT

In case you own a DirecTV, then don’t worry. You can view this event by sitting at home by tunning to the NBC channel. Because the Super Bowl game will stream on this channel number given in the upcoming part at the various cities, but remember the channel number may vary from one state to the other.

City NameChannel Number
Little Rock – Pine Bluff4
Los Angeles4
Hartford – New Haven30 (HD)
Jacksonville12 (HD)
Boise7 (HD)
Des Moines13
Wichita – Hutchinson3
New Orleans6
Portland – Auburn6
Minneapolis – St. Paul11
Kansas City41
Billings8 (HD)
Las Vegas3 (HD)
Albuquerque – Santa Fe4
New York4
Fargo – Valley City11
Oklahoma City4
Providence10 (HD)
Charleston2 (HD)
Sioux Falls48 (HD)
Salt Lake City5
Virginia Beach10
Seattle – Tacoma5
Charleston – Huntington3

Bottom Line

Finally, you can stream this game on the NBC channel. Moreover, this channel streams various sports events, and Super Bowl is one among them. Therefore, you need not search for the channel number as we have enclosed a list of channel numbers in various cities. Also, make sure to refer to our website to find more helpful information.

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In what channel do we stream the Super Bowl game?

This most famous game will be streaming on the NBC channel. You can view this channel number in the article.

What Channel is NBC on DirecTV in Atlanta?

You can view the NBC channel by navigating to channel number 11 if you are a person living in Atlanta city.

What channel streams Super Bowl on Chicago?

If you live in Chicago, you can view the Super Bowl game on NBC by viewing channel number 5.

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