Stremio on Roku | How to Install Stremio for Roku TV in a Minute? [2022]

Most of the users looking to Install and Watch Stremio on Roku. But it is hard to find out on the internet and with simple procedures. So, has made small and simple steps to get Stremio Roku in a minute. By doing this procedure you can easily watch all your favorites shows on your Roku.

What is Stremio?

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Stremio is a simple video streaming application that is available for all the devices. Allows the user to watch all the favorite shows, movies, and much more from a single application. All you have to do is install Stremio on your device.

Most of the device does not support the Stremio application due to the piracy content in it. So, you have to cast the Stremio app to that device for watching your favorite shows.

Is Stremio Safe?

In technical words, it is not safe to use your device without a VPN. Because some of the countries have strictly banned piracy content applications. So, if you are using the Stremio App on your device and you may be charged for piracy content violations. So, make sure that you are using a VPN on your device.

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How to Install and watch Stremio on Roku TV?

However, the Stremio app is not available on the Roku Device. So, you have to Screen Mirror Stremio to Roku. Here, you can get to know How to Screen mirrors from Android and Windows PC. Just follow the steps below to do it.

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Install Stemio on Roku
Stemio on Roku

How to Cast Stremio on Roku from Windows?

Make sure that Windows PC and Roku TV are at the same Wi-Fi Network.

Turn On your Roku by connecting it to the TV.

Open Settings

Scroll down and Select System

In the System option, you can find a Screen Mirroring option. Tap on it to Open. Click on Screen Mirroring Mode

Then, Select Prompt

Open Windows PC and open settings

In that click on Devices.

Select Add Bluetooth or other devices.

Select Wireless display.

It will look for the active devices and select Roku Device.

Click on Done.

A notification appears on the Roku device. Click on Allow.

Open Stremio App and start watching all your favorite movies on Roku.

How to Cast Stremio Roku from Android Device?

  1. Turn On your Roku by connecting it to the TV.
  2. Open Settings
  3. Scroll down and select System
  4. In the System option, you can find a Screen Mirroring option. Tap on it to Open.
  5. Click on Screen Mirroring Mode
  6. Then, Select Prompt
  7. Make sure that the Android device and Roku are at same Wifi Network.
  8. Now, Download and Install Stremio on Android devices.
  9. Open Stremio App.
  10. On the top left corner, you can find the Cast icon. Tap on it.
  11. It will search for the device and click on the Roku device.
  12. Click on Accept to Continue.

Now, you can find that your Android device is mirrored to your Roku TV. Enjoy watching all your favorite shows, Movies on your Roku device.

Stremio Alternatives for Roku

Check out the Best Stremio Alternatives for Roku. This is perfect works along with Roku devices. There are many other Alternatives available for Stremio for different devices.

  1. Plex
  2. Jellyfin
  3. PseudoTV

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Final Words

Stremio is an amazing application to watch your favorite movies Tv shows and much more in a single application. But sad news for the users is Stremio is not available at the Roku channel store. you have to Screen Mirror the Stremio app from other devices. So, check out this guide to screen mirror Stremio to Roku TV.

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