8 Tips to Consider While Streaming Videos Using Netflix

Nowadays, streaming platforms are in demand and have become the primary source of entertainment for watching shows, movies, and other media series. Some of the popular services include Netflix, Amazon, and Prime Video, to name a few.

If you are using any of the media streaming platforms for watching content, several tweaks will help you get the most out of it. You can enjoy music in high-definition or change the subtitles in your regional language to get more from your subscription. 

8 Tips to Consider While Streaming Videos Using Netflix
8 Tips to Consider While Streaming Videos Using Netflix
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The article enlists some tips and suggestions that make streaming content more enjoyable for you.

Enable Cookies for Better Experience

Netflix accesses cookies to give you a better streaming experience based on the kind of videos you watch. Cookies allow media streaming platforms to match titles and suggest recommendations, provided that you enable cookies on your computer.

If you are watching Netflix on macOS and wondering how to enable cookies on macbook, it’s easy. You can do it by navigating to Safari and selecting Preferences from the menu bar. While you are enabling cookies to streamline your Netflix experience, make sure to select the option that prevents third-party cookies.

Watch Videos in HD 

Viewing content in high-definition or ultra-high-definition will give you an amazing watching experience. You need to navigate to Netflix’s playback settings menu and tweak the settings as per your preference.

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Before you modify settings, make sure to check that your Netflix subscription allows for viewing videos in HD. If your plan allows, just type in “4K” or “HDR” in the search bar and watch crystal-clear videos on your Ultra HD TV.

Save Mobile Data

Being a regular user, you must have by now become familiar with the fact that these platforms consume a lot of data. Hence, if you are using Netflix on your mobile, make sure to turn off mobile data and use WiFi instead. Else, you will reach the stipulated limit soon 

You can upgrade your WiFi plan to make sure you have enough bandwidth and speed for binge-watching your favorite series. Netflix videos usually consume around 1GB per 20 minutes, so don’t forget to select “WiFi Only” before you stream media.

Rate Recommendations 

Netflix does a brilliant job of displaying recommended videos based on your watching history and other preferences. You can fine-tune your Netflix recommendations by rating the videos simply by clicking the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon.

You can create multiple profiles on your account so that you get more personalized recommendations based on your specific preferences. Create an account for sharing with roommates when watching videos together while keeping one for your personal picks.  

Select the best ISP for Streaming

8 Tips to Consider While Streaming Videos Using Netflix
8 Tips to Consider While Streaming Videos Using Netflix

You do not necessarily know how your internet service provider is handling resource-heavy websites like video streaming sites. Netflix integrates the ISP speed index that rates internet service providers based on how well they handle data.

The worldwide list helps you pick the right ISP serving your area. If you wish to check and analyze your internet speed while using Netflix, visit fast.com and check out the offers provided by your service provider. Also, make sure to secure your account through two-factor authentication. 

Select Between Subs and Dubs 

Netflix offers a wide variety of shows, movies, series, and other media for endless entertainment. You can select subtitles in your local language for better understanding. To toggle between alternate language tracks and subtitles, navigate to “Audio & Subtitles.”

Netflix also offers the “audio description” option to make content accessible for visually impaired viewers. To view films in regional languages, you can search them by subtitles, audio description, and language track options. 

Regulate Speed & Try New Features

Playback Speed Dial in Netflix is a popular feature that allows the audience to view content 1.5 times faster than its actual speed. It also enables the viewers to watch content as low as half the speed. So, next time when you are binge-watching and want to finish the episode in a few minutes, try out this feature.  

Netflix, being one of the popular media streaming platforms, rolls out new features regularly. These features aim at enhancing your video streaming experience. So, if you want to test these features before they come to live, sign into the “Test Participation” program from your account page.

Learn Netflix Shortcuts

Netflix platform has a lot of shortcuts that help you circumvent extra steps to enjoy videos quickly. Some of these shortcuts are available herein.

  • Shift + Left arrow key rewinds the video
  • Shift + Right arrow key will fast-forward the video
  • PgUp key Plays while the PgDn key Pauses the video
  • Up and Down arrow keys adjust the volume levels
  • Press F for full-screen and Esc to exit the full-screen mode
  • Hit Spacebar and Enter keys work as Pause and Play buttons
  • Left and Right arrow keys enable you to skip forward or back 20 seconds

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