How to Install and Watch Starz on Firestick? [2023]

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Starz on Firestick: Firestick has become one of the inevitable streaming devices at this point. We can easily say that it is the best cord-cutter for your cable services. With a single device, you can access a lot of channels and streaming apps.

In that sense, today we have brought you about the Starz app to install on your Firestick. Obviously, you can install most of the apps from the Amazon Store. In the same way, is it possible to install the Starz app on your Firestick? Most of the Firestick users have been dwelling on this question.

Because the Starz app provides one of the amazing streaming experiences with an affordable subscription cost. Certainly, you can stream HD videos with the addition of new content added weekly. If that sounds more interesting then, continue reading the complete article to get the app on your Firestick.

What is Starz?

In simple words, Starz is an American-based Satellite and cable television network. More than the content, the service has been known for its unbelievable subscription plans. Aside from that, Starz is one of the amazing streaming services that you should consider for Firestick.

With the Starz app, you can stream blockbuster movies, TV shows, series, Originals, and much more in full HD quality. Moving on to device compatibility, the Starz app is available on smartphones, Amazon Firestick devices, Apple TV, tablets, and much more.

Chiefly, with the option to download movies, you can watch your favorite movies anywhere anytime. Speaking about the subscription plans, the Starz app provides one of the most affordable subscription packages.

  • $10/month without ads


With the above-mentioned highlights, below-given are some of the main features that you get while installing the app.

  • 1080p Full HD Quality streaming
  • Addition of new and interesting content every week
  • Just start from the point where you have stopped
  • Download your favorite movies to watch while traveling or when you are out on the internet
  • User-friendly interface

How to Install Starz on Firestick?

Starz on Firestick
How to Install Starz on Firestick?

Certainly, the best part with the Starz app is that you don’t need to bear any ads while streaming. Even though the Starz app has been launched at a competitive price, it doesn’t include any ads.

The additional advantage for Firestick users is that the Starz app is available on the Amazon Store. So you can download the app without any hassle. Use the below-given steps to install the Starz app on your Firestick.

Step 1:

Firstly Turn On your Firestick and make sure it has an active internet connection.

Internet connection to your device
Internet connection to your device

Step 2:

Move on to the Home Screen of your Firestick device.

Firestick home page
Firestick home page

Step 3:

Tap on the Finder icon placed at the top left corner and search for the Starz app using the on-screen keyboard.

Search for the needed app on your device
Search for the needed app on your device

Step 4:

Select the app from the search results and click on the Get option to download the app.

Step 5:

Once the app is downloaded, open the app and log in with your account credentials.

Log in
Log in

Step 6:

Then, click on the Sign In option to get the Verification Code.

Step 7:

Now using a PC or laptop, visit the official activation page of Starz.

Open the Chrome Browser on your PC
Open the Chrome Browser on your PC

Step 8:

Choose your Service provider and enter the Verification Code.

Type the Activation Code
Type the Activation Code

Step 9:

Finally hit the Submit button to complete the activation process.

Click activate option
Click activate option


Is Starz available on Firestick?

Yes, surprisingly, the Starz app is available for download in the Amazon Store. Without using any sideloading methods Firestick users can easily install the app on their devices.

Is it free to stream Starz on Firestick?

No, you have to choose one of their subscription plans to get access to the app content.


Yeah, we have reached the final part of our article. I hope this article would be useful and satisfactory in installing the Starz app on your Firestick. The best part is the subscription package of the Starz app. It is offering the next level of premium content with the most affordable price range.

In that sense, the Starz app is one of the best streaming services for Firestick users. The most simple method to install the app has been given in the above post. Make use of that, and start enjoying your favorite content on Firestick.

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