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Is it possible to Spam a Number? How to Spam a phone number with calls?

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Hello friends! This article deals with the matter that every mobile phone user-facing day by day. Can you guess? Well, this post is regarding spam calls & spam numbers. Whenever we receive a spam call, we ignore the call or put it in the block list. How will you react when you are in a critical situation and someone pranking you using spam numbers. It will irritate you. Right? Have you ever thought to take revenge on who prank you? You can even spam a number to take vengeance over them. Are you wondering to know some tricks for spamming a number? Here is the way to spam.

What does spam mean?

Spam is a kind of messaging service that sends unsolicited messages. It is widely used for the purpose of marketing ads to plenty of mobile phone users. Unsolicited messages are nothing but irrelevant messages.

It aims to promote fake messages and commercial ads via messages & automated voice calls. Probably, each SIM card user gets a minimum of 3 to 5 robocalls every day. If you look at your mail inbox, there also you will get lots of spam mails. So, all of them are intentioned to promote or market their commercial business via spam.

Overview of Spam reports

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Don’t feel annoyed by receiving fake calls. Some technology exists to identify spam numbers. If you ever used Truecaller to determine the name of an unknown number, you would aware of spam reports.

As per the status of spam reporting apps, there are more than 45 million spam numbers pinpointed. It is to mention that the spam calls are reported by the community. We know that many people are receiving spam calls and unsolicited SMS. At that time, the user can able to report the number as spam.

Once the user reports the number and they can add it to the spam directory. From this, they can avoid some nuisance. It may include,

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  • Fraudulent activity & crank calls
  • Unsolicited commercial calls
  • Fake marketing messages
  • Automated Robocalls
  • Mobile number scam
  • Crime or criminal activity & abusive calls
  • Enacting like financial organization or technical support provider

Can I spam a number? – How?

Yes, You can! Spamming is not only about fake marketings. Anyone can make prank calls in terms of taking revenge or simply want to play with prank calls. For that also, we have some tech tricks under our fingertips.

Yeah! With the application, you can send a vast amount of texts & calls to the phone number that you wish to prank. Isn’t so interesting? Let me answer for you how to spam a number.

How to Spam a number
How to Spam a number

Want to push anonymous messages to your funny peeps? BlowupThePhone is the best pranking website that serves you without cost. Pranking becomes a trend with these kinds of websites.

If you are looking for the BlowupThePhone app version,  it is also available for android and iOS devices. Through this app, you can blow up someone’s phone with funny, romantic, and pranking messages.

The funny part is you can set up how fast or how frequently the message should blow up their phone. Along with that, you can set up the count of calls/SMS that has to be sent to the number.

You can customize the texts that you wish to send. Indeed, the message templates are too funny. It sends the calls from different called IDs. So, the receiver doesn’t have an idea of who is sending all these texts.

I hope you can guess the purpose of this website. With this website, you can send chucklesome prank calls to your peeps.

Anyone can send funny calls via this website to whom you want to play. But, it does not have any spoofing caller IDs.

Instead, you can use someone’s phone number to make calls. Otherwise, it is an excellent pranking website that you must try.

Being anonymous is pretty cool with this website. The receiver never identifies that you are the culprit behind this prank. is one of the funniest prank sites that entertains you a lot.

Additionally, it has the hilarious category of wind-ups that you must try out with your family & friends. You can listen to the call and start scream or shout. The victim never predicts your voice.

Furthermore, It performs too realistic and behaves like real men responding. Anyone can register on this website and pick out the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) instructions.  


How do I stop/block Spam calls?

Default- Spam blocking on Android:

If you are an Android user, you have the solution in your hand. Yes! Android OS provides the spam blocking feature that integrates with the list of spam assembled on Google. Once you enable this, you do not even get the ringing from spam numbers.

How to block spam calls on Android?

To enable the built-in feature of spam blocking, open the premade app.

  • Firstly, go to the settings
  • From there, click on the Caller ID.
  • Next, tap on the
  • And then, turn on the filter spam calls.
  • At last, your phone will access the database of Google to identify the spam numbers.

What are the third-party apps used to stop spam number?

  • Truecaller – It is one of the famous third-party apps rolling out on both Android and iPhone devices. You can access it free of cost. It helps to create a phone directory and lets you know the spam numbers immediately.
  • Robo killer, Hiya, and Nomorobo are some of the third-party apps to discover spam contacts.

Bottom Line

Have you learned the ways to spam a number? It is too funny when you play with your friends. At the same time, it is too annoying when unknown contacts try to brainwash you. So, aware of them and make use of spam reporting service to find out the fake id behind the number. By the way, our content will help you spam a number and block the spam contacts easily.

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