How to Fix Sony TV Blinking Red Light Issues?

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Sony TV Blinking Red Light: In this modern world, there are a lot of smart devices to entertain us. In this case, Smart TVs take priority. At the same time, numerous Smart TV brands are available in the market, among those today, we are going to see one of the top TV brands where you can get the theatre experience without leaving your couch. 

Yeah! Your guess is right, it is a Sony Smart TV. With Sony TV, you can get plenty of features like installing your favorite apps without any restrictions, the Best sound quality, high-quality resolution, and so on. But, this article is not going to speak about its features.

Sometimes, Sony TV also causes problems like not working, green light flashing, red light blinking, or no light issues. But, it is too normal, you can easily fix these issues with the proper guide. Likewise, in this article, we are going to discuss the Sony TV Blinking Red Light issues. 

If you face this red light issue with your Sony Smart TV, then without delay, let’s jump into the write-up to learn the simple techniques to resolve the Sony TV Blinking Red Light issues. 

How to Fix Sony TV Blinking Red Light Issues?

In this portion, we are going to see the simplest as well as most effective methods to revoke your Sony Smart TV from the Red light trouble. There are numerous reasons why your Smart TV shows a red light, like connection issues, software updates, malfunctions, and so on.

Sony TV Blinking Red Light
How to Fix Sony TV Blinking Red Light Issues?

But you need not worry, whatever the reason is, you can easily fix it with the upcoming guide. Here we are going to show you various methods to resolve your Sony Smart TV issue. So, make use of each technique to revoke your TV from the red light issue. 

Restart Sony TV


The first step is to restart your Sony Smart TV. In most cases, due to temporary bugs or technical glitches, you may face red light flashing issues. In this order, restarting will help you to fix the Sony TV Blinking Red Light issue. To Restart Sony TV, kindly follow the below-mentioned method.

  • Firstly, turn off your Sony Smart TV.
  • Then, unplug your Smart TV cable from the Power outlet.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • After cooling down, plug back into the power source and turn on your Sony Smart TV.
  • Finally, you can access your Sony Smart TV without any hassle.

If you have a projection TV or projector, you have to wait for 5 minutes, then plug in back to the power. 

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Connect with Outlet

If you are still facing the red light issue with your Sony Smart TV, then follow the upcoming guide. Here we are going to see the power supply for your TV. In some cases, we use the surge protector or power strip to connect our Smart TV to power.

In this case, due to the power strip issues, you may face a Sony TV Blinking Red Light issue. To avoid these issues, kindly use the wall outlet to power your Smart TV. Here is a simple guide to changing your power outlet for your Smart TV.

  • Make sure your smart TV is connected to your power source or power strip.
  • If your TV is connected to the power strip, disconnect it.
  • After that, connect your Sony Smart TV to the wall outlet without any intermediates.
  • Once you connect it with direct power, then you can use your Smart TV uninterruptedly.

If your Smart TV is working properly after connecting it to the power outlet, then the problem is on your strip, not a TV.

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Check Cables

Check for cables
Check for cables

In some models, you will get the media box and separate Display. For those Smart TVs, you have to use the cables to pair them. Sometimes, those cables may cause the blinking red light issue because of the loose connections. This portion will explain to you the procedure to get back your smart TV to normal.

  • Firstly, ensure your Smart TV and Media box connect properly.
  • Unplug all the cables from your Sony Smart TV.
  • Plug it back into your TV using the correct ports.
  • After that, remove all the cables from your Media box.
  • Then, plug them back into the Media box properly.
  • After these steps, you can turn on your Sony TV and access it endlessly.

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Update Sony TV


On the other hand, updating your Sony Smart TV is one of the effective ways to resolve the Sony TV Blinking Red Light trouble. Mostly, outdated software will cause not working or red light issues.

So that you keep your smart device up to date much as possible. Here is the step-by-step procedure to update your Sony Smart TV, make use of it, and get the best streaming experience with Sony Smart TV.

  • Firstly, power your Sony Smart TV and connect it to the wifi connection.
  • Then, head to the Settings tab and select the Customer Support option.
  • Now, select the Product Support option on your Smart TV.
  • After that, highlight the Software Update option and choose the Network option.
  • Click on the OK or Yes button to get the latest Software. 
  • Finally, you can access all the new features on your Sony Smart TV without any restrictions. 

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Reset Sony TV


Reset is one of the methods which helps you to fix all kinds of technical issues. But, in this process, you will lose all your device data.

Reset will erase all the data as well as glitches and bugs from your device. Also, you can get the default settings option with reset. The upcoming guide will help you to reset your Sony Smart TV using the simplest method. 

  • Firstly, power your Sony Smart TV and head to the Home Screen.
  • Then, navigate to the Settings section and select the Storage & reset option.
  • Now, choose the Factory Data Reset option under the Storage & Reset option.
  • After that, highlight the Erase everything option on your Smart TV.
  • Hit the Yes button to confirm the reset process.
  • Once the reset process is complete, your device will restart, and you can access it without any restrictions.

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Replace TV

If you fail to fix the Sony TV Blinking Red Light issue, it may be because of an internal component. Also, it may need repair. You can visit the Sony Support page to clear all your doubts. On the other hand, you can go for the Replacement option if you have a warranty card.


The article mentioned above shows you different methods to fix the Sony TV Blinking Red Light issue. Try each method until you resolve the red light issue. Still, if you are facing trouble with your Sony TV, the best choice is to replace it or contact customer service.

We hope this article will explain the simplest way to escape from your Smart TV red light issue. You can get more interesting techy facts and tricks to fix your smart devices in an easy manner with our guide. Check out our website under the How to the category to learn more about fixing methods.