Smartwatch with a Notch: Facebook’s Meta to compete with Apple

Hello people!! As a tech enthusiast, I and some of my fellows have been hearing a single word from this dawn and that is ‘Meta’. Certainly, that is what brings you too here. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has announced that they are changing their company’s name to “Meta”. It is going to be the official parent name of their company. With deep structural analysis, you can view that the company’s name is reflecting what they call ‘Metaverse’.

The respective name symbolizes the strategy for a mixed reality platform that groups all of the company’s apps in one place. As a result, you can access all the products of the parent company in one place or a single device possibly. Correspondingly, a photo of Meta’s new smartwatch has been spreading virally on the network. And we could see the device with a built-in camera in it.

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The leaked image of the new smartwatch is found inside the company’s app that they use to manage Ray-Ban Stories. With that, a pair of smart glasses that can record and upload content to Facebook and Instagram. Moving on to the leaked image of Meta’s new smartwatch, it may have a square-shaped display with soft corners and thin bezels. But what sounds more interesting is the built-in camera on a smartwatch that too in a notch type.

Yes, a notch on a smartwatch that we usually see in smartphones. The hardware specifications of the watch are unknown at this point. According to the rumors by Bloomberg, the smartwatch will have detachable straps and some video conferencing apps. With the availability of a built-in camera, it is expected to have video conferencing facilities.

It is one of the major upgrades that we do not have in the latest smartwatches of Apple & Samsung. As of the current report, we can expect Meta to launch its smartwatch in the following year 2022. But the decision is not still clear as of reports got from the confident sources. By providing support to both iOS & Android, Meta is planning to compete directly with Apple. 

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