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How to Fix the SkyUI Error Code 5 – Step by Step Guide to Fix it easily

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In this article, I will suggest to you the methods to solve the Skyui error code 5. You will get to know the causes of the problem too. Follow the step-by-step tutorial in order to solve the issue.

You all must be aware of Skyrim. If you know about Skyrim there is the possibility that you have knowledge about SkyUI. SkyUI is the user interface that is used for Skyrim. This is used to operate various advanced systems.

Skyrim has millions of users as their gaming contains many mods. But this game too has some flaws like SkyUI error code 5. Now let’s look now what is SkyUI error code 5 and the causes for this issue.

What is SkyUI error code 5?

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Sky UI is one of the Mods which helps you to get to the next level of gaming experience with your PC. Also, it offers a lot of features to its users. Some features of the Sky UI are listed out here.

  • With Sky UI, you will get the easy user interface, gamepad support as well as efficient keyboard navigation.
  • Also, it supports multi-languages like Japanese, Czech, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and English. 
  • In addition, you can customize all its features as per your wish. For instance, you can directly access the Active effects without using the magic menu.

But, sometimes, you may face some issues accessing the Sky UI on your device. 

It is a common issue that happens to many. All you have to do is know the reasons for the error. Nowadays people are complaining about this issue highly. Let’s have a look at the causes.

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How to fix the SkyUI error code 5
How to fix the SkyUI error code 5

What are the reasons for SkyUI error code 5?

This error happens when you install maps and various mods. This makes your files corrupted. In order to rescue your files, you have to uninstall the mod that causing the trouble. There are several reasons for this fix. I have mentioned it below

  • When there is a lack of master Document
  • Port Mod of 60 FPS

Lack of Master Document

If you don’t possess a master document you will eventually get into these issues often. It makes your SkyUI low. So always have a master document for yourself. It is the main reason for the error.

60 FPS Mod

The 60 fps mod becomes 30 fps. This causes major problems like maps and various things. These are the major cause for the error and you have to rectify this to have smooth gaming.

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What are the methods to fix the SkyUI error code 5?

There are two methods to fix the skyUI error code 5.

  • Turning off MCM
  • The Mod reinstallation

#1. Turning off MCM

By turning off the MCM you can hold the error messages. Follow the steps to turn off the MCM Menu.

  • On the Skyrim directory Select Data Folder.
  • You can see the Interface, select it.
  • On the path, you can find any kind of errors there.
  • Cancel the file and create a backup.
  • Then enter the backup. you can also have the option to delete it but try to submit the backup.

Mod Re-installation

SkyUI re-installation may help in solving the issue. Follow the steps to re-install

  • Search for 60 Fps Mod in Skyrim and select it
  • Now make it a zip file
  • After launching the Mod, re-install the SkyUI.
  • You are all set with your re-installation process.

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How do I fix the SKSE error?

  • Search for the directory and select SKSE64.
  • On the compatibility make sure it is an admin.
  • Save the recent activity.

What is SKSE?

It is a script modulator of the Skyrim mod. To gain the advantages frequently update.

Is SKSE is safe?

Well yeah, SKSE is a very safe tool. All you have to do is update the tool frequently to gain advantages and smooth performance.


The above-discussed error is the most complaint thing by the gamers. I have suggested the methods to fix the error. Kindly follow the steps and have smooth gaming. Make sure you possess regular updates. I hope this article got the problem solved.

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