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What Channel is Sky Sports on Virgin Media? [Updated 2022]

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In this write-up, we will see about Sky Sports on Virgin Media. Sky Sports is a channel dedicated to covering Sports programs and other leagues. Virgin Media is the first of all four broadband services in the UK. On Sky Sports, you can enjoy all the sports programs and news about sports.

This channel will satisfy all your needs regardless of which sport you are following. And this channel is suitable for all age groups. Virgin Media is famous for its never-ending content and crystal clear picture quality. So let us dive into the content to know more about this channel.

What Channel is Sky Sports on Virgin Media?

Sky Sports on Virgin Media
What Channel is Sky Sports on Virgin Media?

Sky Sports is a pay Tv channel. Luckily you can get this channel on Virgin Media by subscribing to its package. The addition of this channel to your lineup will help you be updated with all the news about sports and other important things related to main events. In addition, you can enjoy the shows like live-action programs, News, European Rugby, NFL, US Open, WWE, etc. The only doubt is how you can get this channel on Virgin Media.

The way to get this channel is to get a subscription to Virgin Media. And the packages are affordable to everyone. The plan is based on one monthly plan in that you can get all the Sports channels. There are eleven channels totally in Sky Sports, and there are separate channels for different games. The only thing that takes your sunshine of happiness is the variation of channel numbers because there are hundreds of channels on Virgin Media. So we prepared a list of channels that help you find your favorite channel so quickly.

Channel Name Channel Number
Sky Sports 403
Sky Sports on Virgin Media
  • Dream Team
  • Sports Line
  • Cricket AM
  • Black British Golfers
  • Monday Night Football
  • Good Morning Sports Fans
  • Saturday Night Football
  • Soccer Saturday
  • Time of Our Lives
  • Football First
  • Soccer AM
  • Super Sunday
  • Sunday Supplement
  • Goals on Sunday
  • NFL on Sky Sports
  • You’re on Sky Sports


Where can I watch Sky Sports?

Sky Go is the best way to watch Sky Sports on your Android or ios devices.


The above information about the channel will give more clarity about the channel. In addition, this channel will keep you engaged with it. If you are a sports fan, it is a needed channel in your lineup. To know more about this channel, just read this article to the end without skipping.

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