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How to Install and Watch Sky Sports on PS5? [Updated 2022]

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Sky Sports on PS5: At this point, there are many streaming services available with the advancements in technology.

You can make use of these streaming services with an active internet connection and a compatible streaming device. In that way, this article provides you with the methods to install Sky Sports on PS5.

So if you are an existing user of PS5 console and wondering the best sports streaming service, then this article is for you people.

In addition to the standalone app, Sky Sports’ contents are also accessible through the Now TV app.

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Indeed, you can get in touch with your favorite sports anytime, anywhere of your wish. If you are ready, let’s get into the article. 

Sky Sports – An Overview

In simple words, Sky Sports is a Britain based online streaming service that is available to access in the U.K and Ireland. Seemingly the Sky Sports service is being operated by Sky Group.

Coming to the main point Sky Sports app is an all-in-one app to get access to your favorite sports content.

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Indeed, the desired app includes various sports like football, rugby, golf, tennis, soccer, formula 1, boxing, cricket, and tennis.

In addition, you can watch updates and highlights of the English Football League, Sky bet championship, and much more.

Furtherly, the people in the U.K and Ireland can only access live and on-demand content included in the Sky Sports app. 

How to Install Sky Sports on PS5?

Unfortunately, the Sky Sports app has no support on the PS5 console. So it is not possible to install the app directly on your device.

Fortunately, the Sky Sports app is accessible through the Now TV app. Indeed, the Now TV app is available on the PS5 app store.

So, with the following steps, you can stream the Sky Sports content by installing the Now TV app on your PS5 console. Let’s head over to the primary procedure.

Sky Sports on PS5

How to Install Sky Sports on PS5?

Step 1:

Initially, Power On your PS5 console and ensure that it is connected to an active internet source.

Step 2:

Open the Media section from the home screen.

Step 3:

From there, you can access the built-in PlayStation app store.

Step 4:

Click on the Search bar and hunt for the Now TV app.

Step 5:

Choose the app and click on the Get button.

Step 6:

Once the app is installed, launch the app and sign in with your Now TV account credentials.

Step 7:

Using the Now TV app, you can access the Sky Sports app and 11 more additional sports channels.


Is Sky Sports available on PS5?

No. The official Sky Sports app is not available on PS5. Alternatively, you can use the Now TV app and its subscription to stream Sky Sports content on your PS5 console.

Does the Sky Sports app support casting?

Yes, the Sky Sports app has a built-in casting feature. Using this, you can easily cast the app content from an Android/iOS device to your streaming device. 


I hope that the above-given methods will be helpful to you in installing SkySports on PS5. Seemingly, Sky Sports is one of the best sports streaming services that you can choose for your PS5 console.

But the thing is that you will need a Now TV subscription to access the content. By purchasing a sports package, you can access 11 sports channels, including Sky Sports.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, you can also try using the casting methods if you can’t install Now TV on your device. 

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