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What Channel is the Sky Sports Box Office on Virgin Media?[2022]

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In this fast-developing environment, everyone engages themselves in a particular activity. Some people like to watch movies and listen to music likewise some people have the habit of following sports events. For that purpose, they need a separate sports Channel to watch all seasons of sports events. I am going to suggest the best sports channel, the Sky Sports Box Office. If you utilize the Virgin Media service, this article is only for you because this article is about the Sky Sports Box Office on Virgin Media.

What is the Sky Sports Box Office?

The seasonal games are available for a particular period of time. At that time itself, the viewers like to watch the games. So here I am going to share about the Channel the Sky Sports Box Office, which has only seasonal programs. This Channel is available in the pay-per-view system in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Sky Sports Fox Office Channel has three divisions viz Sky Cinema Box Office, Sky Sports Box Office, and Sky 3D Box Office, from these three Channels, Sky Sports Box Office is only available. It first started on march 16, 1994, and belongs to the Sky group.

At first, this Channel telecasted boxing events for a small amount of purchase £14.95, which they ordered through telephone. The events can be purchased by pressing the Box Office on your sky remote, selecting the event, confirm it with the PIN if they are given. The order is finished Online through Sky Box Office. Many live events like boxing, rugby, soccer, WWE championships, etc., can be seen through the PPV system on Sky Sports Box Office.

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What is Virgin Media?

Virgin Media is a telecommunication system belonging to the United Kingdom. Virgin Media offers services on the internet, television, and telephone, and it is owned by  Virgin Media and shared between Liberty Global and Telefónica. They provide services through fiber optic cable networks in the United Kingdom. Virgin provides a small business on the internet and telecommunications. Virgin Mobile offers Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), a contract with EE’s carrier network, which has four million subscribers. In addition, Virgin offers telephone service, it allows the free home phone to mobile call without no charge for a particular period of time.

This service offers a cable television service from Virgin media. It is the UK’S second-largest pay television service with 3.6 million subscribers, and at this time, 55% of U.S households used Virgin TV. And additionally, it ranks U.K’s largest provider of on-demand title videos. Virgin TV has 300 television and radio channels with a mixture of subscription-based, premium subscription, and pay-per-view Channels. By the end of 2012, this service has 4.8 million cable customers, 3.79 million television services,4.2 million broadband services, and 4.1 million telephone services.

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Subscription package of Virgin Media

Virgin television users need a subscription package to watch their favorite channels. This package has three types of plans, namely Big Bundle, Bigger Bundle, and Ultimate Volt Bundle.

Big Bundle: This plan includes 100+ Channels with the inclusion of Talk Weekends and more. It cost £33/month.

Bigger Bundle: The cost of the plan is £45/month with the addition of 190+ TV Channels.

Ultimate Volt Bundle: This is a premium plan for £85/month with 230+ TV Channels.

From the above-mentioned three plans, you can activate any one of the plans for your use. And also you can watch your favorite sports Channels. And in the future, if the plan gets changed, check the plan before using it.

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What Channel is the Sky Sports Box Office on Virgin Media?

Now, it’s time to open the answer. Rightly Sky Sports Box Office is available on Virgin Media. Now, you can enjoy the live sports events on Virgin. The present live event of boxing between Usyk and Joshua 2, able to watch on Sky Sports Box Office through Virgin Media.

Sky Sports Box Office on Virgin Media

What Channel is the Sky Sports Box Office on Virgin Media?

Streaming Service: Virgin Media

Channel Name: Sky Sports Box Office

Channel Number: 492

Through this channel number of Sky Sports Box Office, you can enjoy all live sports events on Virgin Media. As I said already, you can watch your favorite boxing shows using the pay-per-view option.

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Finally, this is the time to conclude the section. Sky Sports Box Office is one of the channels to watch the live event through pay per view system. The high-definition quality videos are available with Virgin Media. The Virgin users also used pay per view system to watch live events. The only thing all the consumers should do is first purchase the event from the sports website, then only you can enjoy the live events. I think this article will guide you to watch Sky Sports Box Office on Virgin Media.


Is it possible to watch Sky Sports Box Office on Virgin Media?

Yes, it is possible to watch Sky Sports Box Office on Virgin Media. You can enjoy all your sports channels on Virgin.

Can you watch Sky Sports Box Office on Sky?

Sky Sports Box Office cannot be watched on Sky. At first, you should purchase the Sports Box Office, and then only you can watch the Channel.

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