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How to Install Sky Go on Firestick? [Updated Sep 2022]

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Welcome to the Firestick Guide. Today we are gonna discuss Sky Go App and the Procedure to Download and Install Sky Go on Firestick in a simple method. Actually, there are lots of procedures available on the internet for installing apps on Firestick. Here, we are gonna see about the Best and Easiest method to Install the Sky GO app on Firestick.

Mostly, People love using the firestick because of its user compatibility and compactness. Mostly, Firestick supports all the applications on it including Third-party apps. The third-party apps can also be installed on Firestick in an APK format. Amazon Firestick has its own AppStore even though it lacks some of the applications. So, the user has to get it from a third-party website to install it.

What is Sky Go App?

Sky Go is an amazing application to watch live TV and On Demand Shows. Actually, it provides content from all the categories like Sports, Movies, News, Live TV, and much more. Mostly, it covers all the categories and also provides On-Demand Content for the users.

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However, Sky Go provides free subscription packages to SKY box customers. But if you are not having Skybox then you have to subscribe to their packages. Users can subscribe to the SKY Go package according to their needs like sports, movies, Entertainment.

Sky Go App Features

  • Download your favorite movies, TV Shows to your device to watch later.
  • Parental Control Available: User can keep their content family-friendly.
  • It has On-demand support, which allows us to watch missed shows.
  • Allows activating 5 different devices in an account.
  • Streaming quality adjusts according to your internet speed.
  • user can set a reminder for a live TV Shows, Match, or more.
  • Channels will pop-up to show you what are all upcoming shows & movies on SKY GO.
  • SKY Go app recommends the featured content which is frequently watched all over the world.

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How to Install Sky Go on Firestick?

Time needed: 1 minute.

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Follow the steps below to Install the Sky Go app on Firestick. This procedure supports all the versions of Firestick like Firestick cube, Firestick 4K, and more.

  1. Power on the Firestick

    Power on the Firestick and make sure that you have connected to the Wifi Network.

  2. Open Search

    On the Topbar you can find the Search option. Just move on using the Firestick remote and open it.

  3. Type Sky Go

    Type Sky Go by selecting the letter using Firestick remote and clicking on search.

  4. Select Sky Go App

    Below appears a list of applications that select the Sky Go App and open it.

  5. Click on Get it

    In the Sky Go app dashboard, you can find an option as Get it. Click on Get it.

  6. Installation Done.

    Automatically it will begin downloading and installing the Sky Go app on Firestick. Once it has been done you can find the apps on your apps section.

How to Install SKY Go App on Firestick?

Amazon Firestick is a user-friendly device and allows to download of third-party apps on it. So, there are many possible methods to download and Install Sky Go on FireTV. Let’s Discuss it one by one in the upcoming headings below.

Sky Go on Firestick

How to Install Sky Go on Firestick?

The most recommended method of downloading apps is using the Downloader app & Es File Explorer.

Before proceeding to the sideloading, you have to make some changes to your settings to download third-party apps.


Step 1:

Turn On Firestick

Step 2:

Open Settings on the top menu.

Step 3:

In Settings, you can find My Fire TV/Device.

Step 4:

Open Developer Option.

Step 5:

Select Apps from Unknown Sources from the list.

Step 6:

Click on Turn ON on the Pop-Up notification.

Step 7:

Then, Get back to the Home Page.

That’s it. Now, you can choose one of the sideloading methods to install the latest version SKY GO on Firestick.

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How to Sideload Sky Go App on Firestick Using Downloader App?

Most of the users love to download SKY Go APK for Fire TV. Because they might have jailbroken Firestick. For that user, We have made a method to Sideload the Sky Go app by using SKY GO URL for Firestick.

To the Sideload Sky Go app, you will be in need of a Downloader App on Firestick. Make Sure that you have installed it from the Amazon App store.

#1. Open Downloader App on Firestick.

#2. In Dashboard, you can find a box to enter a URL. Type the URL as Given Below.

Sky Go URL for Fire stick:

#3. Click on Go.

#4. It will begin downloading the SKY Go App from that URL.

#5. Once the download completes, a window pops up on the screen.

#6. In that, Click on Install.

#7. Installation begins and completes in a minute.

#8. Click on Done.

Now, you can find the SKY GO app in the Firestick apps section. After installing, you can use the SKY Go as a normal application and Sign in using your username and password.

How to Download Sky Go on Firestick using Es File Explorer?

Users having Es file explorer can directly move on the installation steps below. If you are not having the app to Install Es File Explorer on Firestick.

Step 1:

Open Es File Explorer App on Firestick

Step 2:

At the bottom menu, you can find the “+” tab.

Step 3:

A small dialogue box pop-ups on the screen. In order to enter the Pathname.

Step 4:

Type the pathname as given below.

SKY GO URL for firestick:

Step 5:

Click on Download Now

Step 6:

It will be downloading the SKY GO file to firestick.

Step 7:

Once the download completes, click on Open File.

Step 8:

A new notification appears on the screen with an option to install.

Step 9:

Click on Install.

Step 10:

Installation begins and completes within a minute.

Step 11:

Click on Done.

That’s it. Successfully installed SKY GO on my fire stick. Now you can find the SKY GO app on your Apps section.

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How to Install Sky Go on Firestick using Aptoide TV?

Aptoide TV is like a Play Store that has all the applications in it. But it has all the illegal apps in it so it is not recommended for installing the apps on Firestick. Check here to install Aptoide TV on Firestick.

Step 1:

Open Aptoide TV on your firestick.

Step 2:

On the top, you can find a search tab.

Step 3:

In that Type, SKY GO app.

Step 4:

Now, You can see the SKY go in the search results. tap on it to Open.

Step 5:

Tap on the application. It takes you to its dashboard. Click on Install.

Step 6:

It will begin downloading and installing the SKY go on your Amazon Firestick.

Step 7:

Once it completes, it takes you to the SKY Go dashboard.

Installation Completes. Get back to the home screen and there you can find the SKY Go app.

How to Download and Install SKY GO on Firestick using Apps2Fire?

Apps2Fire is a rare method to install an app on firestick wirelessly using an IP Address. So, You must know the IP address of Firestick to use the application. Check here to know the procedure of the IP Address on Firestick.

Step 1:

Download Apps2fire on your android.

Step 2:

Download SKY Go on your Android device.

Step 3:

Now open the Apps2Fire app.

Step 4:

Click on Setup.

Step 5:

Enter your Firestick IP Address.

Step 6:

Click on Save.

Step 7:

Now, click on Local Apps.

Step 8:

There you can find the Now TV app. Click on Download.

Step 9:

It will begin installing an app on firestick wirelessly.

Step 10:

Once the installation completes, you can find the SKY Go app on Firestick.

Step 11:

At last, you can access the Sky Go app on your Firestick streaming device without any restrictions. 

How to Cast Sky Go to Firestick?

On the other hand, you can use the screen mirroring method to get back Sky Go shows. Using the Screen Mirroring option is one of the best and simple ways to enjoy all your desired Sky Go content on your Firestick streaming device. To screen mirror your Android or iOS device to the TV, you can use the below-given procedure.

Before going to the procedure part, kindly connect your smartphone and Firestick streaming device with the same and stable internet connection, which helps you to stream all your favorites without any restrictions.

Step 1:

Firstly, turn on your Firestick device and connect it with the same wifi connection as your Smartphone.

Step 2:

Then, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your Smartphone.

Step 3:

Search for the Sky Go app on the respective app store and install it on your device.

Step 4:

After the successful installation, launch the app and log in to your count using the right credentials.

Step 5:

Now, select your favorite Sky Go content from the app on your Smartphone.

Step 6:

Go to the Control Panel and click on the Screen Mirroring/ AirPlay option to cast your device to the TV.

Step 7:

You will get the available list of devices; select your Firestick device name from the list.

Step 8:

Once you select the device correctly, you can see your smartphone screen on the Firestick device.

Step 9:

Finally, you can stream your favorite Sky Go shows on the Big screen without any restrictions. 

How to Fix Sky Go Not Working on Firestick?

Even though the Sky Go app is not available on Firestick, we have discussed some of the possible workarounds to get the app on your device.

But there may be some instances where your Sky Go app may crash due to some technical glitches. Use the below-given fixes to resolve the issue within a minute. 

  • Using the Sky Go app for a long time can make the app very buggy on your device. Seemingly this is due to the app data that are stored in the background. Clearing the app cache can fix the not working issue.
  • The problem in the APK file can also be a reason. Indeed, the bugs in the APK file while sideloading can make the app crash immediately. 
  • So, uninstall the existing Sky Go app and the APK file. Instead, download the latest Sky Go APK file from a reliable website for a seamless streaming experience. 
  • Finally, the alternate option to fix the issue is factory resetting your Amazon Firestick. Seemingly, this method will reset all the sideloaded options and reset your device to the default settings. So, make sure you have a backup of the important data on the device. 

Final Words

Most likely everyone loves using Sky go app on Firestick for its lovely content. So, we made all possible solutions to download and install sky go on Fire TV with a SKY Go URL for Firestick. Just follow the steps provided in this guide and if you found an issue or doubt leave a comment below.

Some of the users have a problem like Sky Go not working on Firestick or Sky Go won’t open on Firestick. For that user, we have made a solution guide to recover from it. I hope that solution work for you and enjoy watching SKY Go on Firestick. For more applications on Firestick Visit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sky go available on Amazon Firestick?

Yes, the Sky Go app is available on the Amazon App store and can be installed in a minute. Before installing make sure that you have already had a log-in account for the Sky Go. So, you can easily log in to the sky go on Firestick.

How to Sign Up Sky Go on Firestick?

1. Open Up Sky website.
2. There you can find Sign in option on the Top Right Corner.
3. Open Sign in. It will take to a new window.
4. Below the login page, you can find the Sign Up option.
5. Click on Sign Up and enter all your details.
6. Click on Create Sky ID.
7. That’s it. Now you have an account on Sky and used to login on to Firestick.

Can you get sky go on firestick?

Yes, It is possible to get SKY Go on Firestick in a minute. Most Probably there are many methods available like side loading or to get from the Amazon App store. We recommend getting the Sky Go app on Firestick from the Amazon App store.

How to download Sky Go APK on firestick?

To download SKY go App, you will be in need of the SKY GO URL for Firestick. By using the URL you can download SKY Go on Firestick using the Downloader App.

Can I watch sky go on Firestick?

Yes, You can watch Sky Go on Firestick by subscribing to their packages. Download Sky Go App on Fire TV and Login Using your Username & password. Then, you can enjoy watching all your favorite channels.

Is Sky Go free for Sky customers?

Yes, it is completely free for existing Sky customers to use the Sky Go app on their streaming devices. Just by signing in your Sky account credentials, you are ready to go with it.

Can you Cast the Sky Go app to TV?

No, you can’t directly use the cast option directly from the Sky Go app. The Sky go app lacks the built-in cast feature. So that you have to choose a third-party casting app to cast the Sky Go content to your smart TV.

Why is Sky Go not working on Firestick?

Yes, it may happen often. There could be various reasons, some of them are, cached data and pending updates. It is advised to keep your Sky Go app up to date to get rid of these issues.

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