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How to Share Screen on FaceTime iOS 15? [Updated 2022]

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Share Screen on FaceTime iOS 15: Hello guys, we are here with the latest and interesting article for you. Since the rollout of the latest iOS15 update iPhone users is having several queries regarding its features. As my desk was full lastly I decided to pass on my article to get a remedy for you people.

Indeed a lot of queries, the main query in the lot was about the screen sharing feature in iOS 15. In this article, you will definitely get a permanent solution on how to Share Screen on FaceTime iOS15.

Undoubtedly, the Apple company always has an edge over smartphone technology next to Samsung. Now, with its new model iPhone and the latest OS i.e iOS 15, Apple has become the major talk product among tech enthusiasts.

Coming to the point, one of the main features in the iOS 15 update is screen sharing. Let’s get to know more about it in the following article. 

Is it Possible to Share Screen using FaceTime on iOS 15?

Well, with the beta version of iOS 15, you can share your screen on a Facetime call. Emphatically only to a certain extent. As the iOS 15 update is still in progress, we can’t enjoy its full-fledged features.

Certainly, we have to wait until the rollout of the stable iOS15 update for handy usage. Because things with the beta version may get change anytime.

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But anyway thanks to the new screen sharing feature and the new redesigned FaceTime app on iOS 15. Basically, it allows you to connect with your friends, family and you can showcase the possible things on your iPhone. 

How to Share Screen on FaceTime iOS15?

How to Share Screen on FaceTime iOS15?

How to Share Screen using Facetime on iOS 15?

Unfortunately, the iOS15 update is still in progress. But with the beta version, we have got certain ideas about the redesigned FaceTime app and its features. Following are the steps to share your screen using the FaceTime app on the latest iOS15 update.

Step 1:

First, Launch the FaceTime app on your iPhone that is running on the latest OS.

Step 2:

Tap on the ‘Create Link’ option. It will generate a meeting link for you.

Step 3:

Now, click on the (i) button and choose the ‘Share Link’ option.

Step 4:

You can share the meeting link via any of the messaging apps that you have.

Step 5:

Alternatively, you can also tap on the ‘New FaceTime’ option near the Create Link option.

Step 6:

Then, choose your friends, family members whom you wish to have in the meeting.

Step 7:

After selecting the participants, click on the ‘FaceTime’ option to start the meeting.

Step 8:

During the meeting, tap on the ‘Screen Share’ option at the top right corner in the new control panel.

Step 9:

Then, click on the ‘ShareMyScreen’ option.

Step 10:

The screen sharing feature will start with a countdown of 3,2,1. 

Now, navigate to the app or site that you wish to share with your family and friends. The participants in the meeting can view whatever you stream on your iPhone. This is how you can share your screen on the latest FaceTime app. 


That’s it, guys. Many people have been asking this question since the rollout of the iOS15 update. So we have decided to investigate and finally have given you the possible solutions from our side. The reason why the screen share feature in FaceTime is not working is due to the beta version of iOS 15.

With the rollout of the stable version let’s hope to get resolved of these issues as soon as possible. Let’s hope to have the refined SharePlay feature in the stable update in the future. 

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