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What is Service Host SysMain? | How to fix Sysmain taking high disk usage?

The article is going to define all your Problems which you faced on your computer. Basically, everyone is facing different types of issues with the system. Because we are all always using the internet and network management. For this reason, the systems will corrupt with some issues. Among these problems, the article is to express the main issue of having Service Host SysMain on the computers. So, you are going to know about all the information about Service Host SysMain and how to solve the issues easily. Let’s get into the topic.

What is Service Host SysMain?

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The Service Host SysMain is a kind of high disk usage in Windows 10. This issue happens when you are aware of, your system works slow, lagging of games, showing high disk, the high usage of CPU. These all are the major notifications that your system is taking up with this issue. It’s an unresponsive process. But, sometimes it may resolve itself. The main problem of this process is creating a 100% high disk issue.

This a popular legitimate Windows 10 Source. It is known to fast up the applications at the same time it creates more problems like high CPU usage and high disk usage. The other name of this issue is Superfetch in Windows Vista. Here, both are similar. But after a year, Windows 10 is renamed as Service Host SysMain.

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How can I disable Service Host SysMain from using all Disk?

This is a kind of issue which affects your work and your computer. So, you have to stop or disable it as soon as possible. Here are some steps to stop this Service Host SysMain. Do follow the methods.

Service Host Sysmain
Service Host Sysmain

Method 1: Stop SysMain Service

The initial process is to stop this SysMain service, you have to follow the upcoming steps from Windows.

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Step1: Enter the Windows Key + R

Step2: You have to type as msc and then select the OK option to see the services.

Step3: Here, you find the SysMain.

Step4: You have to right-click this SysMain and then Choose the Properties.

Step5: Now, select the “Stop” button.

Step6: Finally, choose the “Save Changes” option.

Now, you have to open the Task Manager option and then check the disk usage system. If there, everything is fine, you can use your system as usual. Even if you are facing the same troubles, do follow some other methods.

Use the Command Prompt

The next method is using the Command Prompt option. This is another method to stop this Service Host SysMain issue. Keep an eye on the upcoming steps.

Step1: First of all click “Windows“.

Step2: You have to type as “cmd“.

Step3: Select the Open Run as Administrator to open the Command Prompt.

Step4: Now, you have to type some notes.

That is sc stop “SysMain” & sc config “SysMain” start=disabled

Step5: Finally, you can find some changes on Service Config Success.

Then, you have to open the Task Manager option and then check your changes and then use your system.

Use the Registry Editor

The final method is using the Registry Editor option. To stop your issue of this Service Host SysMain, do follow the steps.

Step1: Initially, click the “Windows key + R”.

Step2: Now, enter the “Regedit” and then select the “OK” option.

Step3: You have to navigate with the following location of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SysMain

Step4: Now, you have to navigate it quickly to copy and paste it to your website.

Step5: Then, you have to right-click it and then Start and choose the option of “Modify“.

Step6: There, you can see the “Open Data“. You have to enter as “4“.

Step7: Finally, select the “OK” option to save the changes.

Now, you have to check again the Task Manager and then find your high disk usage is resolved or not.

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Method 2: Check your hard drive

The next tool is to check your hard drive. It means, most of the users are using the ancestral mechanical hard drive with an updation of SSD. This traditional and the new drive makes many differences to your system. So, you have to keep the modern caddy to install the SSD on your old PC or laptop. If you are using trending systems, you have to use this M.2 slot to install an NVMe SSD.

From these options, you have some other leads of the best 250GB and 500GB SSDs link to use your Computer or Laptop. The major problem of this Service Host SysMain is having the background issue and the Slow Network problem. For that, this SSD will surely get rid of this problem and reduce the high disk usage and change it soon.

Method 3: Update Windows

The final method is to overcome this obstacle of Service Host SysMain, you have to update the windows regularly. For that, you should know some proper steps. The steps are,

Step1: First of all, click the Start option and Select the “Settings” option.

Step2: You have to find the “Update & Security” option.

Step3: Then, you have to wait for the installation and updates.

Finally, after the update, you may find some relief to your mind as well as your computer. So, keep updating your device and check whether your system is getting affected by the issue of Service Host SysMain.


Is Service Host SysMain is a Virus?

The answer is No. Because it’s just an issue and also the legitimate service of Windows. So, you can come out from this issue as soon as possible with the above methods.

Is it safe to disable or stop SysMain?

The disable or stop the SysMain is the best idea and best option to overcome your issues. So, the answer is Yes! It is a very safe and secure and also protective process. Without this service, your system will work as usual.

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Final Verdict

To conclude this article with all the sort note of the above information. Yes! This content has all the effective details about the Service Host SysMain. It also provides the meaning of this issue and offers some interesting methods to overcome this issue. So dear system users, you can use this article when you are in need. This is going to be very useful for your future endurance and as well as in your hard times.

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