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7 Ways to Manage, Customize & Secure Your Netflix Account

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Do you think you are getting the most out of your Netflix subscription? Think again. Other than watching movies and TV soaps, you can change the way you used to explore content on the popular streaming website. 

From adjusting the subtitle’s appearance to removing video titles from history, there’s a lot that you can do. Let’s learn some tips and hacks to try on Netflix.

7 Ways to Manage, Customize & Secure Your Netflix Account

Hide Titles From Viewing History

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When you hide the titles from Netflix viewing history, they won’t appear in search suggestions when you browse for other content. They are not used as recommendations and will be erased from the Continue Watching section. 

To hide the titles, go to your Netflix Account page, open Profile & Parental Control, and click on Viewing Activity. When you are on the Activity page, highlight the title of the episode you wish to hide, and click the hide icon. Select Hide All if you wish to hide all the viewing history. 

Change Language on Netflix

You can change the text to appear in your native language on Netflix. The procedure to change the language depends on the device you are using. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Netflix app, tap on the profile icon or More, select Manage Profiles, select a profile, click on Display Language and select a language from the options. 

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To change the language on the computer, sign in to Tap Accounts, select a profile, click on Language, tap on Display Language and select the one you want Netflix to display. 

Click on Save to let Netflix save the language. If the language doesn’t change, sign out of your Netflix profile and then sign in to see the changes. 

Set-Up Language for Audio & Subtitles

7 Ways to Manage, Customize & Secure Your Netflix Account

Similar to changing the app language, you can also set up the titles, audio, and subtitles to appear in your native language.

To change the audio and subtitles language on your phone, open the Netflix app, click on the profile icon, or tap More. Click on Manage Profiles, select a profile, select Audio & Subtitles Language and pick a language you wish to watch your movies in. 

To change the language for audio and subtitles from your computer, sign in to, and click on Account. Select a profile, tap Language, set up your preferred language from the Shows & Movies language, and click on Save. 

Please note that not all languages are available on Netflix, and it displays the most relevant options based on your language settings and locations. 

Fix Flickering Screen While Watching Movies

Some users experience flickering screens when they are watching a movie or TV show on Netflix, which is simply annoying. If the problem is associated with Netflix, restart the app as it might help fix the issue or try to disconnect and then reconnect to the WiFi. Sometimes, the problem occurs when the laptop or the monitor screen is at fault. See if all the cords are connected appropriately to the screen. 

If the flickering continues, restart your computer, or try to delete cache or temporary files and other system junk to fix the issue. 

Set Up Your Phone Number to Recover Password

Have you forgotten your Netflix password? Don’t worry; here’s a quick way to recover it instantly from within your Netflix account. You can add your phone number to the account to recover your password in case you forget it.  

To add or update your phone number in Netflix, go to your Account page, tap on Membership & Billing, click on Add phone number, or select Change phone number. You will get the instructions for identity confirmation, select your country and enter your phone number. 

You may be prompted to verify your phone number by entering the code you received via text message. 

Secure Your Netflix Account

You can secure your Netflix account by assigning a password to your profile. Make sure that the password you select is unique to your Netflix profile and has not been assigned to other accounts. 

The password must be 8 characters long and comprises numbers, letters, and special characters. 

Do not create easy-to-crack passwords such as your name, date of birth, or username for Netflix accounts. Most importantly, never share your password with anyone other than your parents, siblings, or flatmates.

Delete or Customize Your Profile

You can create multiple profiles for other family members under the main Netflix account so that they can view Netflix on Xbox or computer, or mobile. If any of the profiles are no longer required, delete them from the account. To delete or customize a profile, go to the Manage Profiles page from the browser or click on the profile icon or More in the mobile app. 

Click on Manage Profiles, select the profile you wish to delete or personalize, change the details, including name, language, and image, and click on Save to customize or tap Delete Profile to remove it.

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