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What Channel is SEC Network on Xfinity? [2022]

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Hey friends, this is the season of football games. Suppose you are waiting to stream Georgia football games in your living room. Unfortunately, I am too waiting for this game. But, friend, I have an idea to stream the game. Are you a user of Xfinity? Yes means I have a better choice. Rightly, the channel is SEC Network which is the perfect channel to enjoy college games. But is the channel available on Xfinity or not? What about the channel number? For all these inquiries, focus on this article about SEC Network on Xfinity.

A Glance at SEC Network

Friends, here is the reference for the channel Sec Network. SEC refers to Southeastern Conference and belongings to ESPN Inc., Hearst Communication, and the Walt Disney Company. SEC channel is the American sports network, and it telecasts national wide. However, ESPN Regional Television produces these channel programs and also shares them with its sister channels. The sister channels are ESPNU, Longhorn Network, ACC Network, and ESPN. Though these channels function in different areas.

Additionally, they also have its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Network channel only covers the sports from the conference. Indeed, they aim to offer programs from the content of the most competitive conferences in the country. Although they provide the highest quality and the most innovative programs, so join with the channels like Big Ten Network and Pac 12 Network. Additionally, they are the television cable providers and telecast the single college athletes from the conference.

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For more information, the SEC network has a streaming-only service known as SEC Network Plus, which is available on the ESPN app and WatchESPN on And also, many games from the conference are not streamed on the main channel but are available on SEC Network Extra. I hope this channel network has many subscribers to stream football games. Of course, SEC Network has 70 million subscribers, more than other dedicated sports channels.

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Definition of Xfinity

Readers, have you ever used the word Xfinity in your daily activities? If not means don’t feel sad because here is the short information on Xfinity. Comcast Communications has provided many services in the name of Xfinity since 2010. Xfinity is a telecommunication company that supplies business in the internet, telephone, cable television, and other wireless services. For more information, the CEO of this company is  Dave Watson, the chairman is Brian L. Roberts, and CFO is Catherine Avgiris. Ultimately, Comcast business won the Most Innovative Tech Company award four times.

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So, readers, here are the services of Comcast. The subscribers of Xfinity Internet are known as Xfinity WiFi. It is a combination of hotspots installed in public locations and businesses. Comcast Digital Voice refers to Xfinity Voice, telephone service available in limited markets since 2005. As soon as possible, they reached 10.7 million subscribers. And also, Comcast has Xfinity Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator service from Verizon mobile network. In 2018, it had one million subscribers. Additionally, in 2020, Xfinity Mobile plans to offer 5G data.

Subscription Package of Xfinity

Comcast has cable television which was first started in 2007 with about 24.8 million customers, and at the end of 2013, it had 21.7 million cable customers. Additionally, Comcast offers cable subscription packages. Xfinity TV packages may vary according to the region. It has five types of plans available for subscribers. What are the subscription packages of Xfinity? Let’s see the answer.

Choice Limited TV: This subscription plan has 10+ channels at $30 per month. This plan has ABC, NBC, Fox, and so on. 

Limited Basic TV: This plan also has 10+ channels at the cost of $18.95 for a month. This plan has access to on-demand movies and shows.

Xfinity Xtra: This subscription plan has 125+ channels and thousands of TV shows and movies from the Xfinity Stream app. The cost of the plan is $65.27 for a month.

Digital Preferred: This plan has 220+ channels and also access to many sports networks. The cost of the subscription plan is $79.99 for a month. This plan is mainly for sports lovers.

Digital Premier: This plan has 185+ channels, sports channels, and other channels like HBO Max, Showtime, etc. It costs $99.99/month.

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What Channel is SEC Network on Xfinity?

Of course, this is the vital section of this article. The SEC Network channel offers many college sports to all types of subscribers, and also Xfinity serves us with many benefits. Whether the SEC Network channel is available or not on Xfinity? Let’s check here to know the channel number. 

SEC Network on Xfinity

What Channel is SEC Network on Xfinity?

Streaming Service: Xfinity

Channel Name: SEC Network

Channel Number: 745

By using this channel number, you can enjoy Georgia Football games. Additionally, this channel number is available in a few regions: Sarasota,  Manatee, Venice, Venice South, and North Port. In these regions, Xfinity subscribers can access the SEC Network channel and enjoy all football games from the conference.

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Popular Shows on SEC Network

This channel is dedicated to providing college sports from the Southeastern Conference, which includes live and recorded events, news, analysis programs, and other content programs. And also, this channel telecasts many shows in favor of sports lovers and all age groups. Additionally, they telecast different games like football, basketball, baseball, etc. Here are the significant programs of SEC Network.

Survivor: Starkville

This is one of the reality shows which gives the audience a new experience. The participants from different regions are dropped at the Starkville city limits. They should face all the challenges and provide a stimulating effect to the nation.

Shrub Mark Square Pants

This is one of the cartoon programs for Georgia Football games. The head coach Mark Richt takes one of the players to the stadium to have a conversation. The audience calls this show a disturbing program. However, this is a humorous show and entertaining audience.

Concluding Points

As soon as possible, we are here to learn about What channel SEC Network is on Xfinity? I think we get accurate information about the channel and the service. However, SEC Network provides a platform to stream college sports, especially Georgia football games. And also, Xfinity has an SEC Network channel, but the channel number varies depending on the region. Therefore, let’s enjoy sports on SEC Network on Xfinity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel number is SEC Network on Xfinity in Atlanta?

SEC Network is a popular sports channel network. This channel is available in many regions, but channel numbers vary. The SEC Network channel is available on Xfinity; its channel numbers are 792(SD) and 1738(HD). So, the audience from Atlanta also enjoys football games.

How much is SEC Network on Xfinity?

SEC Network is available on Xfinity. But, this channel requires a small subscription. Suppose you are available on the SEC footprints, the cost is $1.40 per subscriber, and outside means, $0.25 for a month. So, the price of SEC Network for a year is either $16.80 or $3 to get the SEC Network channel.

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