What Channel is SEC Network on Dish? [2023]

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College sports, have you all come across this word? While we were studying in college, we enjoyed college sports. For instance, suppose anyone takes leave from college but wants to know about live activities in college. For that purpose, here is the channel that provides college sports SEC Network. Now, everyone will ask the questions, where is the channel, and what service is needed to access this channel? For all such questions, I have an answer. Absolutely, you will find this channel on Dish. But we didn’t know the channel number of SEC Network. Check this article to find the channel number of SEC Network on Dish.

A Crisp of SEC Network

Absolutely, we need a channel to watch the Alabama game. I think SEC Network is the only channel to watch all the college sports events. SEC Network is a sports network belonging to ESPN and a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications. This channel telecasts live events and records events from college sports that happen around the conference’s school members of the Southeastern Conference(SEC). This network channel started in 2014 and has headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its sister channels are ESPN, ESPNU, ACC Network, and Longhorn Network.

At first, the SEC Network channel is one of the parts of ESPN, and later, it functions separately. After that, it focuses on the university members, who share the television market with the northern part of South Carolina. Probably, this channel’s video format is 720p(HD TV). Seemingly, this channel has become more popular than other college sports channels. Of course, this channel also offers many programs favorable for all sports lovers. However, this channel has 70 million subscribers than other dedicated sports channels. With these subscribers, this network creates a most-wanted channel. SEC Network is available not only in the United States and also in Mexico.

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A Short Note on Dish

As soon as possible, we are here to catch the data regarding the service, Dish. The Dish streaming service is one of the satellite communications systems and started in 1980 as Echostar and in 1996 as Dish Network. DIgital Sky Highway is often denoted as Dish. The founders of this service are Jim DeFranco, Charlie Ergen, and Cantey Ergen, and its headquarters is in Meridian, Colorado, U.S., and serve the areas of America. Dish provides many offers which are favorable for the subscribers. Until 2016, this company offered services to 13.7 million television and 580,000 broadband subscribers.

The generous offers are Direct-broadcast satellite, pay television, pay-per-view, and over-the-top media services. And also, its leading service is to offer wireless services on Dish and Mobile. Unfortunately, due to some agreement problems, Dish Network removed some regional sports networks, namely, AT&T SportsNet Southwest, YES Network, Spectrum SportsNet, etc. Nevertheless, the offers we get from the Dish Network are incredible and have many subscribers.

At first, we talk about DishNET, one of the satellite broadband services offering internet service for rural areas where the cable is unavailable. Indeed, Smart home technology was provided by Dish from the brand of OnTech Smart Services in 2019, and it is available in 11 metropolitan areas. Dish also introduces an updated version of Hopper, including the Hooper with Sling and Hooper 3. This device has 4K support and 16 tuners. In addition, this device supports a voice-activated remote, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. Dish Anywhere is possible for all Dish subscribers as an application that contains 80,000 movies and shows. Everyone can enjoy all the benefits of Dish from anywhere and anytime using the Dish app.

Subscription Package of Dish

Dish’s primary goal is to provide satellite television service. For that purpose, it offers subscription packages. The Dish Network has four subscription packages. Let’s see about the package in detail.

America’s Top 120: The cost of the pack is $69.99 for a month with 190 channels.

America’s Top 120+: It costs $84.99/month. This plan has 190+ channels.

America’s Top 200: The plan costs $94.99/month with 240+ channels.

America’s Top 250: This plan has 290+ channels at the cost of $104.99 for a month.

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What Channel is SEC Network on Dish?

Till now, we have been searching for the answer to the question, What channel number is SEC Network on Dish? So, here is the solution for you all. In this context, we will learn about the channel number of the SEC Network on Dish. Let’s see.

SEC Network on Dish
What Channel is SEC Network on Dish?

Streaming Service: Dish

Channel Name: SEC Network

Channel Number: 404/408

As soon as possible, grab your remote and navigate the channel on your television. Not only that, but also you can enjoy all the college sports on SEC Network through Dish Network. Additionally, the Auburn and Alabama football matches games are on SEC Network through the service Dish.

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Popular Shows on SEC Network

Indeed, the success of the channel depends on the programs offered by the channel. Like that, SEC Network also provides the most popular shows from the conference. In addition, this channel has 21 live sports events happening around the forum. And also, a year, they telecast about 45 football games, 100 men’s basketball games, 60 women’s basketball games, and 75 baseball games. The existing programs of this channel include studio and analysis programs and other programs produced by the members of the SEC member’s institutions. The Paul Finebaum Show, SEC Nation, College GameDay, SEC Inside, and more significant shows of SEC Network. Let’s see some shows in detail.

The Moment with Laura Rutledge

This is one of the talk shows. The host of this show is Laura Rutledge. She interacts with famous sports personalities, and it is a 30 minutes episode. During the show’s middle, some special guests appear and surprise the guests. Then, the conversation goes into detail to recapture sports memories and life experiences.

The Paul Finebaum Show

This is an interactive show with the callers who have been following the host, Paul Finebaum, for many years. Simultaneously, this show airs on ESPN radio. In this show, the host talks with callers about their opinions and deep knowledge of the SEC and airs live from SEC Network’s studio from Monday to Thursday.


Hereby, I declare that we came to know the content of what channel SEC Network is on Dish. Absolutely, SEC Network is found on the channel lineup of Dish. And also, SEC Network offers many college sports shows, including live and recorded events. And also, we came to know about the service, Dish. It is the best channel provider and also offers the SEC Network channel. Additionally, the subscription packages of Dish are also provided in this content. So, before finding the channel, check your television has a subscription service. That’s about the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch SEC Network using ESPN?

Yes, it is possible to watch SEC Network using ESPN by using the ESPN app and the official website of ESPN. Before that, log in to the ESPN app and finish all the credentials. 

What channel is the Alabama football game tonight?

Alabama football game is available on SEC Network through the service Dish. You can use channel number 404/408 to stream the Alabama game on SEC Network.

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