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What Channel is the Seahawks game on Xfinity? [2022]

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Let’s start the section with a thought ‘The most difficult thing in Football is score a goal,’ so achieving a goal is one of the tasks in playing Football. Readers, have you got any idea what the article is about? This article is about the Seahawks game, one of the teams in the NFL. We need a service provider to watch the games. The best service with the best video quality is Xfinity, which has more consumers. So readers, in this article, we are going to analyze the different Channels to watch the Seahawks game on Xfinity. 

Who are the Seattle Seahawks?

First, start with the team, the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are the American football team in Seattle. They joined the National Football League(NFL) as a club member from the American Football Conference(AFC), West, in 2002. The Seattle played their games at Lumen Field in Seattle till 2002; before that, they played at the Kingdome (1976–1999) and Husky Stadium (1994 and 2000–2001). Pete Carroll is currently coaching the team. The Seahawks fans are known as ’12th Man’, ’12th Fan’, or ’12s’. Their fans set the Guinness World Record for the loudest noise crowd at sporting event two twice at 136.6 decibels when they fought against the San Francisco 49ers in 2013, on the second time, recorded at 137.6 dB on the game of Monday Night Football with the New Orleans Saints.

It is the only NFL team from the North America Pacific Northwest region. The Seahawks attract more areas of the U.S.A states, namely, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Utah. In addition, they also attract Canadian regions viz, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Seattle has won ten division titles and three conference championships. And it is the only team played for both NFL and AFC. They appeared in Super Bowl three times and won the Super Bowl XLVIII when they fought against the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, they met failures two times when they fought against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Super Bowl XL and with the New England Patriots at Super Bowl XLIX.

Current Roster

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In this section, we will see about the current player’s list. The role of the players in the team is also provided here. Some significant players’ names and positions in the team are provided here. Let’s see.

Quarterbacks: Jacob Eason, Drew Lock, Geno Smith

Running backs: Nick Bellore, Travis Homer, Ronnie Rivers

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Wide receivers: Marquise Goodwin, Cade Johnson, DK Metcalf

Tight ends: Noah Fant, Tyler Mabry, Colby Parkinson

Offensive linemen: Gabe Jackson, Damien Lewis, Dakoda Shepley 

Defensive linemen: Quinton Jefferson, Bryan Mone, Myles Adams

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About Xfinity

Next, we are going to see about the service, Xfinity. Xfinity is a telecommunication system that belongs to Comcast Cable Communications, LLC. They provide services on cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services. Xfinity was first started in 2010 under the name Comcast. Xfinity internet subscribers operate the public hotspot known as Xfinity Wifi. It consists of a mixture of public hotspots in public locations and businesses. Xfinity Voice was a landline telephone service in 2005 in selected areas and 2006 to all Comcast areas. It is the largest telephone provider in the U.S and also provides 9.34 million residential telephone lines.

Comcast introduced Xfinity Mobiles, a mobile virtual network operator service on Verizon internet, and it was later sold to Comcast subscribers, which use the Xfinity mobile hotspots. Xfinity Mobile reached 1 million subscribers on 2018, and they are planning for 5G data in the future. For more information, they are the sponsors of the NASCAR Xfinity Series and the premier sponsor of the NASCAR Cup Series. At last, about Xfinity television, Comcast’s cable television service started in 2007 with 24.8 million customers. They faced many struggles during the starting periods, leading to losing customers. After the increase in Comcast’s subscription plans, they have 89,000 video subscribers. They have the highest gain from 2007.

Subscription package of Xfinity

Xfinity television viewers need a subscription package to watch their favorite Channels. It has three types of plans according to the use of the consumers they can subscribe to. Here, I will share the packages of Xfinity.

Basic: It has the primary 10+ Channels at $20/month. In addition, this plan offers a free Peacock premium.

Popular TV: The cost of the plan is $49.99/month. This plan offers 125+ Channels and also cable Channels. In addition, this pack has a free Peacock premium.

Ultimate TV: It costs $59.99/month with 185+ Channels and cable Channels. This pack also offers a free Peacock premium.

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What Channel is the Seahawks game on Xfinity?

Readers, are you indeed watching the game Seahawks VS Broncos on Xfinity? Did you search for the Channel number of different Channels to watch their game? Please don’t get angry, and I will offer for you. In this section, I will provide a Channel list with its numbers to watch on Xfinity. Let’s see.

Seahawks game on Xfinity

What Channel is the Seahawks game on Xfinity?

Streaming Service: Xfinity

Channel Name Channel Number
Fox Sports 48
NFL Network 180
CBS Sports 735
NBC Sports 71

From the above table, we can watch the NFL games on different sports channels. Also, watch the game Seahawks VS Broncos on Xfinity. We can learn about the various sports channels and the numbers to watch on Xfinity.

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We are in the end part of the section. The game of Seahawks VS Falcons is watched from the above details on Xfinity. I think this article will satisfy the readers, and you will know more information about the Seahawks and the Xfinity service. Watching all NFL games is only possible through the abovementioned channels on Xfinity. It provides telephone, television, and internet services, which helps most people prefer Xfinity. This article taught us about the Channel to watch Seattle Seahawks games on Xfinity. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Channel number is Fox Sports on Xfinity?

Fox Sports channel is available on Xfinity. It is present on a number 48. Using this number, we can access the Channel and watch the game.

Is it possible to watch the Seahawks game on Xfinity?

Yes, it is possible to watch the Seahawks game on Xfinity. In addition, many sports Channels are available, namely Fox Sports, ESPN, NFL Network, CBS Sports, and NBC Sports on Xfinity.

What is the cheapest package of Xfinity?

The cheapest package of Xfinity is basic. It has the primary 10+ Channels at $20/month. In addition, this plan offers a free Peacock premium.

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