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What Channel is the Seahawks Game on Dish? [2022]

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Football is easy if you’re crazy as hell; with this beautiful thought, let’s begin the article. Football is not an easy game, and it has many difficulties faced by football players. This article will discuss the Seahawks game, one of the NFL teams. If you are using the Xfinity service means, this article is only for you. It is about the Seahawks game on Dish. Are you like to watch Seahawks VS Broncos in Dish? Do you know the channel number to watch the game? No means, leave it. I will help you with this article.

Who are the Seattle Seahawks?

Are you eagerly waiting to know about the team? Let’s start. The Seattle Seahawks are a favorite American football team. They joined in National Football League (NFL)as club members from the American Football Conference(AFC) west division in 2002. The team first played its home games at Lumen Field in Seattle and played before at the Kingdome (1976–1999) and Husky Stadium (1994 and 2000–2001). Pete Carroll is the current coach of the team. Seahawks fans set a record twice the Guinness World Record for the loudest noise of the crowd when they played against the San Francisco 49ers in 2013 with a record 136.6 decibels for the first time. And then the second record was 137.6 dB on Monday Night Football fight against New Orleans Saints.

Even though this team is from the Pacific Northwest region of North America, they attract people from the states of the U.S, viz Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Utah. As well as fans from the Canadian states of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. This team has won ten division titles and also three conference championships. The Seahawks are the only team that played for the NFL and AFC. This team appeared in Super Bowl three times with one win and two losses. They met success when they fought against the Denver Broncos in the championship at Super Bowl XLVIII. Unfortunately, they lost the game with the Pittsburgh Steelers at Super Bowl XL and New England Patriots at Super Bowl XLIX.

Current Roster

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Many players are actively playing for the team’s success. Each player has a role while playing the game. According to that, I have some notable players’ names with their positions on the team. Let’s see the player’s name list.

Quarterbacks: Jacob Eason, Drew Lock, Geno Smith

Defensive backs: Jamal Adams, Justin Coleman, Jameson Houston

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Linebackers: Tanner Muse, Alton Robinson, Darrell Taylor

Offensive linemen: Stone Forsythe, Phil Haynes, Abraham Lucas

Defensive linemen: Shelby Harris, Quinton Jefferson, Al Woods

Tight ends: Noah Fant, Tyler Mabry, Colby Parkinson

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What is Dish?

Here is a piece of information about the service, Dish. The dish is one of the cable service providers and owns direct-broadcast satellite provider Dish and over-the-top IPTV service, Sling TV. In addition, they provide wireless mobile service and Dish wireless. They first started their service as Boost Mobile, prepaid service, and postpaid service in the future. In addition, Dish introduced a scheme called DishNet, a satellite broadband service that provides internet connection in rural areas.

Dish also introduced DISHWorld, a subscription-based over-the-top IPTV service, and it is used on Roku devices with over 50 international channels through broadband streaming. All these options are available as an application also for the scheme Dish Anywhere. It combines the Sling broadcast technology and internet for the consumers wherever they are. In addition, they also paired with DISH on demand which has 80,000 movies and shows. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, HBO and Cinemax are unavailable on Dish until 2018. But these channels are available on Dish from 2021.

Subscription package of Dish

Dish’s main aim is to provide cable television service comparable with other satellite TV providers. According to the choice of the consumers, they can choose from the series of bundles and pay more money for more channels. Dish offers subscription packages for consumers. It has four types of subscription plans. Let’s see about the plans in detail.

America’s Top 120: The cost of the plan is $69.99/month, with 190 channels, inclusion of ESPN, CMT, Disney Channel, some local channels, and more. It also has 28,000 video-on-demand titles.

America’s Top 120+: It costs $84.99/month with 190+ channels, including SEC Network, Big Ten Network, local channels, and more. It also has 28,000 free video-on-demand titles.

America’s Top 200: This plan has 240+ Channels with MLB Network, NBA Network, NHL Network, and the Golf Channel, and additionally top channels like Hallmark, Disney XD, A&E and Sundance, and more at $94.99/month.

America’s Top 200+: The plan costs $104.99/month. It has Turner Classic Movies, STARZ Encore channels, The Movie Channel, and many more. Top channels like Smithsonian, Bloomberg, Nicktoons, and Great American Country also exist.

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What Channel is the Seahawks Game on Dish?

I think every one of us is waiting for this topic. Because this is the vital section to know about the channel number of different Channels. Are you like to watch the live game of Seahawks VS Falcons on Dish? Read this part, and you will get the answer.

Seahawks game on Dish

What Channel is the Seahawks game on Dish?

Streaming service: Dish

Channel Name Channel Number
ESPN 140
CBS Sports 158
Fox Sports 150
NBC 70
NFL Network 154

From the table mentioned above, we know about the number of different sports channels. Now, watching the live game of Seahawks VS Falcons on Dish is possible. Not only that, but we can also watch all the NFL games.

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This is the time to conclude the section. From this article, we can watch all our favorite NFL games on Dish. The Seahawks are one of the most wanted teams, and it is celebrated by most people. And also, Dish provides necessary offers, which is required for most customers. So we can gain more data regarding the game and from the service, Dish. Now, we can watch the live game of Seahawks VS Broncos on Dish. Thank you, readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Channel number is ESPN on Dish?

ESPN channel is available on Dish. It is present on channel number 140. Using this Channel number, you can watch the live games of the NFL.

Can you watch the Seahawks game on Dish?

Yes, we can watch the Seahawks game on Dish. In addition, many sports channels are available on Dish to watch live events, past activities, and highlights on Dish.

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