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How to Fix Roku Error Code 014? [Working Fixes]

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Roku Error Code 014: Hello People! Are you facing some errors on the Roku? If you are a person who is using a Roku streaming service full of errors like Error Code 14 and want to recover from it, the article is only for you to help easily. Yes, this is a simple article that is going to be very easy and provide quick and understanding steps to resolve your issues. Read the article and get all your solutions in an easy way. Here we go to know all the essential Information of Roku Error Code 014. 

What is Roku Error Code 014?

To get tons of entertainment and amusing factors for your entertainment, you can easily pick the best way of Roku streaming source. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to get your wonderful content on your feet. But, sometimes Roku faces some occasional errors on its device. It will show some unwanted errors on your screen.

Among them, Roku Error Code 014 plays a vital role. The main cause of this Error Code 014 is the internet connection. Sometimes the improper network connection leads you to face this Error Code of 014 on Roku. It happens because of the WiFi connection and also the Ethernet Network. Some reasons behind the Error Code 014. There are, 

  • An improper or wrong WiFi password
  • Wireless Signal connection
  • Unidentified or corrupted Network Settings 
  • Roku device has some unwanted bug
  • ISP connectivity problem
  • Antivirus Software
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So, these all are major reasons behind this Roku Error Code 014. If you are facing any of these categories, you will have the solution in the following methods. 

How to Fix Roku Error Code 014?

Roku Error Code 014

How to Fix Roku Error Code 014

To fix the network error and internet connection on Roku devices, you need to follow some important instructions and methods. Here are the easy methods to resolve your issue.  

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Method 1: Verify your Wi-Fi password is Correct

The initial way to resolve your error code 014, you can first verify your WiFi password is correct or not. This is one of the first ways to re-correct it from your device. Sometimes, the incorrect WiFi password leads to didn’t connect your network connection properly. So, first, you have to check and verify your WiFi password WiFi and then start connecting to your Roku device. 

Method 2: Place your Router Closer to your Roku device

If you can connect your WiFi network to the Roku device, because of the network problem, the internet connection won’t be connected to the device. For that, you need to place your router very close to the Roku device. You should keep boosting your network connection continuously to get unlimited data. For this connection, you can use the Ethernet cable and then connect the internet connection to the Roku device. 

Method 3: Check and Verify the Network Settings

The other Roku Error Code 014 issue is the problem in Network Settings. You need to visit the Network Settings option and then check whether the WiFi connection, the password, and some other details should be right. You have to keep checking and reassuring your network settings to know all the essential details of the Roku device. Then only, you can escape from the Roku Error of 014 code. 

Method 4: Disable Firewall and Antivirus

To get all the wonderful content on a Roku device, you may use the third-party applications, firewall, or other VPN categories, you will face these kinds of errors on Roku. To avoid these firewall and VPN categories, you need to disable them. This is the only process to avoid the 014 error. 

Method 5: Restart your Router and Roku Device

You know already the reason behind this error code is bug and internet connection. It happens for a while and the issue will be solved after a few minutes. If you are not able to recover from this problem, you can immediately restart or reboot your router and Roku device. It will take care of your system in an easy way. Finally, you can begin to use the Roku device without any errors. 

Final Verdict

Finally, the article comes to an end. It comprises all the essential details of Roku, the problems on the device, the main error code of 014, the reason behind this error code, the resolving methods, and so on.

To know all these facts and Information, you need to visit this article and read it thoroughly. You can easily resolve your issue and start streaming your favorable and unlimited content on Roku without any errors.

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