Why is Rogers Not Working? Cause of Outage and Problem Overview

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Rogers Not Working: On a fine afternoon, I went shopping to buy some groceries. Unfortunately, I have forgotten my wallet, and with trust in digital money, I started moving further. Indeed, that was an unfortunate day as none of us could pay for things using digital money. Seemingly, the reason is that the cashless payments have stopped working due to an outage in the significant broadband service of that country.

Moreover, ‘Rogers’ is the respective service provider in Canada. In detail words, Rogers Communications is one of the biggest Canadian telecommunication and media companies. In addition, they are the providers of major broadband services like wireless communications, internet, telephony, and cable television. Seemingly, they provide the most basic and vital elements that we need and use in our daily life.

So what was the reason for the Rogers outage? Why is Rogers not working still now? Well, I, too, had similar questions in my thoughts, and after research, here I have attached the reasons for the Rogers Outage. 

Why is Rogers Not Working?

As I have said earlier, Rogers is one of the primary and significant telecom providers in Canada. Unfortunately, a small technical or software issue caused the network outage, leading to massive issues nationwide. Seemingly, that affected large sectors, including banks, transport, and much more government access for millions of people.

Rogers Not Working
Why is Rogers Not Working?

Furtherly, Rogers internet, Roger Phone, Roger Wifi, everything stopped working due to an outage. And this outage has been happening for the second time in the last 15 months. Even though people had signals on their phones, everyone started crowding the cafes and libraries for the internet. 

In addition, you can refer to the Dowdetector website for current outages with Rogers. This may help you find the average uptime and downtime of the respective website. 

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An Alternate Solution to Rogers

Still, people have the question of why Roger’s service is not working today. Seemingly, the regular outage issue had made people think, Should I stay with Rogers? In addition, debt is not working, and every cafe or hotel owner has started demanding cash or credit.

The reason why the issue is still prevailing is that Rogers is the major and the only available option for the Canadian people. Even though Rogers has sorted out the maintenance update issue and fixed the router malfunction issue, people have started demanding new telecom services. 

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