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How to Reset MXQ Pro Android Box?

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Reset MXQ Pro: With the help of an HDMI cable, you can convert non-smart TV to a Smart Tv using the MXP Pro. Generally, MXP Pro is the Android TV box streaming device. Also, you can do all that you do on a tablet or Android Smartphone with the help of this device.

Generally, you can watch download apps from Google play store, youtube videos, play games, and much more. It is powered by an Amlogic S805 CPU and Quad-Core ARM Mali GPU. Also, it is a cost-efficient Android Box. It lets you stream shows and movies in Full HD or 4K quality.

How to reset MXQ Pro?

One of the most common issues includes tuck while turning on, performance glitch, freezing, etc. You need to restart the MXQPro that is Android Box to fix all these issues.

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#1. Factory Reset MXQ Pro Android Box

#2. Hard Reset button MXQ Pro Android Box

Reset MXQ Pro Android Box

How to Reset MXQ Pro Android Box?

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How to Factory Reset MXQ Pro Android Box?

It is easy to reset if you have access to the MXQ Pro user interface. You have to back up all the data because it can delete all the files after resetting it. Here are few easy steps to reset the MXQ Pro Android Box.

Step 1:

Firstly, plug in the MXQpro Android box using the HDMI Port into the smart TV.

Step 2:

Then, click the settings menu.

Step 3:

Under preferences select the more settings option.

Step 4:

Then, select Storage & reset or Backup & Reset by going to the personal column.

Step 5:

Select Storage & reset or Backup & Reset menu. Then, on the following screen click the option Full Reset.

Step 6:

Finally, to reset select erase everything or verify option, when you get the prompt.

How to Hard Reset button MXQ Pro Android Box?

You can perform a hard reset if it does not work properly or lost the interface access of MXQ. Also, it may include slow response, stuck on the home screen, freezing issues, and more. Generally, you need a toothpick or something similar to it or a USB keyboard or TV remote.

Step 1:

Firstly, from the power source start off by unplugging the MXQ Pro Android Box.

Step 2:

Then, to press and hold it gently, on the AV Port or SPDIF, place the toothpick or similar items available in the back of the Android Box.

Step 3:

Then, to the Power source connect MXQ Pro, while holding the reset button.

Step 4:

Until you see the logo on your Smart Tv continue Holding. Generally, it may take a while.

Step 5:

Then, using the Smart Tv Remote select wipe data or factory reset option.

Step 6:

Select the “Delete all user data” and wait for a while to complete its process.

Step 7:

Then, once the process is completed to restart MXQ Pro select the option reboot system now.

Step 8:

Finally, you can reset the MXQpro Android Box.


How do I reset my MXQPro Android Box?

You can do that when you have some issues. If it doesn’t work properly or lost the interface access in MXQ Pro you have to reset it. The procedure to reset MXQPro Android Box using a Factory reset option and Hard Reset button are given in this article. You can follow them to reset it.

Where is the reset button on MXQPro Android Box?

It is located back of the MXQPro Android Box near the plugging option there will be AV Hole or SPDIF. You can follow the procedure in the Article to restart the MXQPro Android Box using the AV Port or SPDIF.


In Conclusion, you can follow the steps in the article to restart the MXQPro Android Box by Factory Reset MXQPro Android Box and Hard Reset button MXQPro Android Box methods. This article will be more detailed and helpful for you to restart them.

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