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How to Report A Discord Server? [Complete Guide]

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Report A Discord Server: Welcome to Discord Arena! We Discuss a lot of amazing facts about Discord on our websites. Likewise, today we are going to see one of the most important topics. Are you excited to know about the subject? If so, keep reading this article to the end it will give you one of the best solutions for your Discord server problem. Before going to the topic, let me know something.

Do you ever face any troubles with the Discord server? At that time how to avoid those problems? Actually, online communication platforms are taking a most important role in our life. But, sometimes it may create any issues or some uncomfortable situations in our life. Likewise, Discord is one of the best as well as popular communication platforms.

Also, it will allow you to create a new Discord server and join any servers without any restrictions. But, we cannot assure that all the servers are providing good content only. In this case, you should take a good decision to escape from those unwanted and harmful servers. This article will help you to report a particular Discord server that is harmful to people.

With reporting option, you can easily avoid those toxic servers as well as you can stop spreading those toxic content to other Discord users. If you want to report any Discord server, make use of the below-given guidance.

How to Report A Discord Server?

Sometimes, you may face any difficulties due to Discord Servers. In this case, you want to leave from the particular server. Leaving is one of the options to escape from the issue.

If you want to leave from the Discord Server, then you can use this guide How to Leave A Discord Server?

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As well, reporting is another option that helps to stop spreading the toxic content to others. 

Discord Rules and Guidelines

Every online platform has a set of Rules and Guidelines. Likewise, Discord also has some rules and restrictions. You can only report the server when the server is break its rules. Otherwise, you want to report a certain server because of your personal reasons that are impossible. So, before going to report the server, you should make sure they follow Discord’s rules or not. Here, we list out some actions which are present in Discord’s rules. Those reasons only help you to ban the Discord server. They are


Report A Discord Server

How to Report A Discord Server?

  • Hate Messages
  • Animal cruelty
  • Violent content
  • Spam
  • Threats
  • Harassment, bullying, etc

There are a lot of reasons are available for you. Choose the right one and report the certain Discord server.

Send a Report to Discord Support

Reporting is a simple method but not completely. You have to do some extra world to report the Discord server such as online report form, submit screenshots, and so on. Follow the below-given steps to report the Server.

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to fill in all the right as well as valid information on your report form. In the first column, fill Trust & Safety.

Step 2:

Then, provide your Email address. It will be used to collect more information from you or inform you about their decision.

Step 3:

You have to provide valid and exact reasons for reporting the server. You should specify the correct reason like harassment, abuse, spam, and much more. Enter the reason that you face. If the reason is acceptable and it violates Discord rules, it will be taken as a valid reason. 

Step 4:

For example, if you choose the abuse or harassment option, then you will get another menu with some extra options. 

Step 5:

Otherwise, you want to report the server because of sales hacks and promotions, you should mention it correctly. You have to choose malware, cheats, cracked accounts, or hacks, they will help you to report the server.

Step 6:

Then, in the next column, you have to enter what way you were forced to do something. You can choose malware, cracked account, multiplayer games, or a market for stolen. 

Step 7:

Certainly, you have to attach the live message link in the next column. You should submit the evidence of why you reported the Discord server. To mention the direct link of your message, follow the below-given steps. 

  • Go to the Discord server and select the message which you want to attach with the report form.
  • Right-click the message.
  • Then, you will get the pop-up.
  • On the pop-up, select the Copy Message Link.

Step 8:

After that, go to your report form and paste the message link on the exact column without mistake.

Step 9:

Under the link column, there is a space bar is available. On the Space bar, you have to enter the subject as simply as possible.

Step 10:

Then, you can see the Description column. On that column, you have to submit the valid reason for reporting the Discord server or the message. And what you face because of the message correctly.

Step 11:

Lastly, you can see the attachment area which allows you to attach more images for your report. In some cases, you may have any other messages from the certain Discord server, you can attach them here. 

Step 12:

Just convert your link to the .txt or .docx file form and upload them. Also, it will allow you to post some screenshots from the Discord server.

Step 13:

Finally, click on the Submit button to send a report form to the Discord support team.

But, you have to wait for one or two weeks for the reply from Discord. Because they verify your report is true or not.

Report Server on Third-Party Websites

Sometimes, Discord does not give a positive response even you send an accurate official report. In this case, you can use third-party websites. There is numerous Discord dedicated third-party websites are available which helps you to report the server.

Some of them are Discords, Discord servers,, and so on. Here, we list out a small number of websites only, you can use any Discord reliable third party websites to report the server.

Commonly, Discord Third-party websites are used to rate the servers and rank them based on the user’s point of view. You can use this opportunity to report about the server that you want to ban.

For instance, if you use the website, you can post a legitimate review and give only one star for the particular Discord Server. It will help other users to get an idea about the server.

If you cannot report the server through the Discord Support team, then this is the one and only as well as an effective way to reduce the traffic for the particular Discord server.


Now, we come to the ending of the article which taught you all the simple tricks to report a Discord Server. Discord is one of the good as well as best platforms to connect with your friends. But, not for all time. Sometimes, you may face any worst experience with any Disc0rd servers.

In this case, you can use the above-given guidance to escape from the Discord server and stop spreading the poisonous things to other Discord people. We hope this article will help you to report the toxic Discord server and make Discord more user-friendly.

But, remember, you can only report the Discord server when they overstep the Discord rules and guidelines. You never can report the Discord Server because of your personal reasons.

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