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What Channel is Reelz on Verizon Fios? [2022]

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Reelz on Verizon Fios: Hello, Readers. Now I have a handful of information about one of the best streaming channels and streaming providers. Everyone wants to stream their desired content on the Big screen. That is more satisfaction compared to streaming on mobile screens. Our satisfaction is not only based on the screen size but also on our favorite content. Quality of streaming service is also vital in streaming. These above requests are satisfied in Verizon Fios. Because Fios TV telecasts the most number of channels at an affordable cost with an unlimited package. Reelz is one of the well-known streaming channels on Fios TV because of its exciting programs.

The below article is mainly focused on information about Reelz and Verizon Fios. In addition, this article includes some subscription plans for Verizon Fios and popular shows on Reelz. The primary portion is to convert the exact channel number on Reelz on Verizon Fios. So, please don’t skip any word in this article; if you miss any word from the article, you will lose some must-known content because this entire article fills with official information.

About Reelz

Reelz, formerly known as Reelz Channel, was launched on September 26, 2006. Reelz is an American digital cable and satellite television network, and the owner of the Reelz streaming channel is Hubbard Broadcasting, and the headquarters is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is broadcast all over the USA, and previously it focus mainly on entertainment programs. Presently, it is focusing on reality shows, series, films, original, acquired films, and documentaries about celebrities.

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Some Current programs of Reelz are Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…, Behind Closed Doors with Natalie Morales, Hollywood 911, Hollywood Scandals, How to Survive a Murder, and Kicked Out of Hollywood. In addition, Reelz telecast many interesting Acquired programs like The Amityville Horror Murders, Cops, Cops Reloaded, Women on Death Row, and World’s Most Evil Killers. It also broadcasted award functions like the 1st Critics’ Choice Television Awards and Miss USA 2015.

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The Crisp of Verizon Fios

Verizon Communications is the Parent of Verizon Fios and offers bundled internet access, telephone, and television service providers. Verizon Fios operates over a fiber optic network within the United States. The foundation period of Fios is September 22, 2005, and the developer was Keller, Texas, US. The home office of Verizon Fios is located in New York City, America. Verizon Fios uses 100% fiber networks to deliver the channels without any lag.

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Verizon Fios offers three types of subscription plans to its subscriber currently. And the good news is Verizon Fios offers a Trial plan to its new users. Following are the three best plans for Fios TV:

Your Fios TV120 channels with a subscription cost of $70/month.

More Fios TV300 channels with a subscription cost of $90/month.

The Most Fios TV 425 channels with a subscription cost of $110/month.

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What Channel is Reelz on Verizon Fios?

This is the essential portion of this article. This portion of this article includes the most wanted information that you search for in this article. Reelz telecasts many exciting programs, shows, movies, acquired films, documentaries, etc. Reelz is especially famous for its reality shows. That’s why we called Reelz. It mainly focuses on telecasting reality shows. Watching its content on the big screen is a good experience for the viewers. So, this is the reason for creating this article. Verizon Fios is one of the most subscribed television networks because of its features and the number of channels at an affordable price. So, don’t worry about streaming Reelz on Verizon Fios. Watching Reelz on Fios TV is a feasible thing. The primary part of this article included an exact channel number of Reelz on Verizon Fios. Below is the accurate information that you search for in this article.

Reelz on Verizon Fios

What Channel is Reelz on Verizon Fios?

Streaming Service – Verizon Fios

Streaming Channel – Reelz

Channel Number – 692 HD

Popular Shows on Reelz

This section helps you find the best shows of Reelz and additional information. Below are the best shows from the Reelz channel that had the most views. Read the below section to know the popular shows of Reelz, and if you didn’t watch them yet, please watch these great shows on Reelz.


Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… is narrated by Steven Mackintosh, Iain Glen, and Eric Meyers. Reelz is the original network of Autopsy. The theme of Autopsy reveals the truth behind the deaths of celebrities. The original network of Autopsy: The Last Hours is the Reelz network, and it has 13 seasons. It is one of the most crime-thrilling concepts.

Live PD

Live PD is a reality  Docuseries hosted by Dan Abrams. The theme of this program is police officers, in the course of their patrols live, broadcasting select encounters with the nation. It has four seasons and 298 episodes. Some related shows of Live PD are Live PD: Police Patrol, Live PD: Rewind, Live PD: Roll Call, and Live PD: Wanted.


King is a Canadien Police Drama created by Bernard Zukerman and Greg Spottiswood. It has two seasons and 21 episodes. Reelz is one of the original networks of the King series. It is a type of Police procedural series.

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Now we are in the ending part of this article. I wish to end this article with basic information about Reelz and Verizon Fios. Reelz is one of the well-known streaming channels in the United States that telecast many reality shows, original shows, acquired films, series, and documentaries. Verizon Fios is one of the most subscribed television networks because of its features, and it is a pure fiber optics network. An important note of this article is to convey the channel number of Reelz on Verizon Fios. Reelz broadcast many exciting shows, that’s why we include some most famous shows from Reelz in this article. Now we have to wind up this article, and I will post much exciting content in the upcoming days on our website.

Frequently Asked Question

What channels are on Your Verizon Fios TV?

Your Fios included ABC, CBS, CW, Telemundo, NBC, FOX, MyNet, and Univision. The subscription cost of Your Fios TV is $70 per month, with more than 125 channels. In this package, you can choose your favorite Five channels with this subscription cost.

What kind of equipment does Verizon need?

If you want to feel the best experience with Verizon, these are the equipment you need: Router, set-top boxes, any wiring, and a remote.

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